Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Dubai

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Dubai dive site map
Jumeirah Beach

#1 - Jumeirah Beach

UAE, Persian Gulf, Dubai

Real safe diving for Children. Lots of small wild life to explore. Watch out for the Sea Urchins, they group together in packs of 10 to 50. Looks like a pin cushion. Small jellies spend the morning in the pool. By 10 they have all moved out to sea. Some viability issues, as they are dredging up the coast. Access From Beach (2A Street). Close to Dubai Zoo.
Sheikh Mohammed's Barge

#2 - Sheikh Mohammed's Barge

UAE, Persian Gulf, Dubai

The visibility is between 2-7 meter on good days (can reach 15m on exceptional days). The wreck isn't very interesting (its just a square barge brocken in two). There is usually a big school of barracuda around it, just wait for them. Without GPS it seems impossible to find it. There is a buoy marking the place though. By speedboat, it takes around 30 minutes from the Palm Jumeira. Sheikh Mohammed's Barge is also known as SMB.