Homestead Crater

Utah, USA West
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Max Depth
60 ft

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Homestead Crater

An old hot spring provides a fun and inexpensive dive for beginners and advanced alike. It is a 55-foot tall, beehive-shaped limestone rock that nature has hollowed out and filled with 90' to 96' crystal-clear mineral water. The Homestead Crater is the only warm water scuba diving destination in the continental US and it attracts many diving enthusiasts and those wishing to get certified in a comfortable environment. The hole in the top of the dome lets in light while keeping in the heat. You can dive this year-round and it is a popular place for scuba classes and in-water certification. Homestead Crater is located in Midway, Utah, just outside Park City.
Jake Jurczak
Jake Jurczak
May 3, 2005, 12:00 AM
This place was great for a relaxing dive while taking a day off from skiing. This site was about 20 minutes from Park city, and right near my buddies house in Midway. The entry into the volcanic rock formation [BEEHIVE} was extremely cool. It looked as though it was tunneled out by the miners who settled in this area a 135 yrs ago. This tunnel leads to the water filled crater and a small dock protruding. The water was crystal clear, and lit up at various depths by a set of lights that added to the beauty of this cave. I saw several submerged platforms, which are used to conduct dive classes of all levels. Homestead is considered a novice to advanced dive with a max depth of 66 feet, but, if you're planning to train for cave diving, I suggest you check this place out for its cave simulation qualities. You can rent the gear for short money. My personal gear was back in Boston, and you'll probably drown wearing your ski equipment. SO… Pack your mask in the luggage for your next trip to GOD' s country. If you live near this site I probably know you, so Ill see you here in February and hopefully all of you. OH YEAH… NO FLYING for 12 hours after this one, go skiing instead and I'll see you on the slopes!
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Jason Marsell
Jason Marsell
Jan 24, 2005, 12:00 AM
My wife and I just returned completed our PADI Certification at the Homestead Crater. The water is toasty warm, and crystal blue. The visibility is great (35-40ft) until 10 or more people are diving - then it gets pretty murky. Advanced divers may not find a lot to do there; however those in training, or looking to do a Scuba Review will find it a great place to brush up on the basics. All in all, a really neat place to dive. I guess you could describe it like a 65ft deep hot springs, shaped like an hourglass. (FYI: If you are a skier, Park City is only 15 minutes away, and absolutely gorgeous)
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Nate Emmer
Nate Emmer
Jan 10, 2005, 12:00 AM
The Crater is not much to look at, but it does offer some good diving for open water training and altitude diving. It is usually quite warm which makes winter diving possible, but summer diving is like holding your breath in the hot tub. Overall not a bad place to spend the morning.
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