Top Scuba Dive Shops in Dubai

Ready to check out the best shops in Dubai for scuba diving, snorkeling, shore diving, free diving or other ocean activities? Zentacle has 9 dive shops where you can rent equipment, book dives, and get guided tours. Discover hand-curated maps, along with reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. No matter what you're looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best ocean activities in Dubai to suit your needs.
Mermaid Diving Center

#1 - Mermaid Diving Center


Dive Atlantis

#2 - Dive Atlantis

Dive Atlantis is a resort dive shop located in Jumeriah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Al Boom Diving

#3 - Al Boom Diving

Dive into adventure with Al Boom Diving, the leading diving and watersports specialist in the U.A.E. Al Boom Diving was established in 1995 and has become a household name with a reputation for excellent service. Discover our five star operations in pristine diving locations from the stunning reefs in the Indian Ocean in Al Aqah, Fujairah, to the majestic fjords of the Musandam. We also offer diving in the spectacular Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. What makes us unique is undoubtedly our team of friendly, talented and professional people from all over the world. Our multi-lingual instructors ensure that diving is fun and safe. Our staff have a down to earth warmth which has earned them a reputation for being authentic, and as many gu
Royal Diving Center

#4 - Royal Diving Center

Get up close to gorgeous coral reefs and colorful fish as you snorkel or dive at this popular attraction, offering diving instruction for novices and adventurous dives for pros.
Extreme Dubai

#5 - Extreme Dubai

As Promoters Of Adventure And Under -Water Fascinations, Extreme Water Sports Dive Center Offers Support To Those Who Have Skill And Talent In Extending The Horizons Of Underwater Explorations. We Are One Of The Organizers Of The Guinness World Record Of The Largest Puzzle Under -Water Photography And Always Seek For Novel Ideas. We Do Trips To Scuba Diving Spots Of Fujairah, Musandam, Oman And
Orca Diving Center

#6 - Orca Diving Center


Our team collectively has over 10 years of experience and have clocked 3,000 dives and more per instructor. Our enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge from diving in UAE, Egypt, Thailand, and Libya, are passed over to our divers each day as we train the full PADI diver training program from Beginner to Advanced levels.
Bel Remaitha Club

#7 - Bel Remaitha Club

Bel Remaitha Club is a cdc, freediver and retail dive shop located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Al Boom Diving - Dubai Mall Aquarium

#8 - Al Boom Diving - Dubai Mall Aquarium

A purposely built shark aquarium, with a capacity of 10 million litres of salt water, the Dubai Mall Aquarium is home to over 33,000 creatures from 140 species. The aquarium is the largest suspended aquarium in the world and houses one of the most diverse collections around. There are over 400 sharks and rays in the tank, including the world’s biggest collection of Sand Tiger sharks. Other shark species include black-tip and white-tip reef sharks, zebra sharks, wobbegongs, grey reefs and nurse sharks. There are also many ray species in the aquarium including cow-nose rays, fan-tails, eagle rays, leopard rays, shave-nose rays and bowmouth guitarfish.
Bermuda Diving Center

#9 - Bermuda Diving Center


Bermuda diving center was established in the beginning of 2017 from a creative and young ideas to level up the beauty and fun of scuba diving. approaching divers and non divers community to spread the soul of underwater feeling and experience.

By providing new methods and attractive ways, Bermuda successfully delivered the knowledge and science of diving both professionally and technically. This makes scuba diving fun in a friendly environment.

Our services are offered in new and luxurious ways that attract people from all walks of life, age groups and genders.

Bermuda diving center is located at al wasl road in Dubai. The dive center and all stuff are registered under PADI. we have special classrooms using high end technologies and multimedia devices for theory sessions. Along the classrooms we have a deep inhouse swimming pool for course skills and practices.

Our dive center presents a wide range of scuba diving and free dive equipment for basic and advanced level divers. The inhouse maintenance team are highly trained to fix and repair equipment.

Our Compressor refilling system is one of the most advance, safe and fast system in Dubai, being able to refill 30 tanks in 15 minutes. We Welcome our visitors to join and enjoy our scuba diving services.