Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Jervis Bay

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Bowen Island

#1 - Bowen Island

Australia, NSW, Jervis Bay

Bowen Island is a 0-star rated scuba dive and snorkel destination in Australia, NSW, Jervis Bay which is accessible from shore based on 0 ratings.
Stoney Creek

#2 - Stoney Creek

Australia, NSW, Jervis Bay

Very nice dive with very interesting species, including spiders! This deep dive (56m) is off shore of the Stoney Creek inlet on the coast. It can only be dived by boat and due to depth, experienced divers need only apply.
The Igor

#3 - The Igor

Australia, NSW, Jervis Bay

Seek GPS info from local dive shops in Jervis Bay. This dive very close to shore, best accessed by boat, is a square 20ft by 20ft pinnacle rising from the sandy ocean floor (30m) to within 6m of the surface and has a flat top. It's is really curious to be able to spiral the whole pinnacle all the way to the surface with various small species following your progress. Large pelagic fish visit the site at different times as does the lone seal form time to time. The rocky shoreline can also be dive on this dive as vis is usually great (15m+), but is typically a barren area.