Top Scuba Dive Shops in Costa Rica

Ready to check out the best shops in Costa Rica for scuba diving, snorkeling, shore diving, free diving or other ocean activities? Zentacle has 20 dive shops where you can rent equipment, book dives, and get guided tours. Discover hand-curated maps, along with reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. No matter what you're looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best ocean activities in Costa Rica to suit your needs.
Costa Rica dive site map
MCEC Innoceana

#1 - MCEC Innoceana

MCEC Innoceana is a retail dive shop located in Ojochal, Costa Rica. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
ConnectOcean Aquatic Academy

#2 - ConnectOcean Aquatic Academy


ConnectOcean Aquatic Academy is located on the waterfront at Las Catalinas, Costa Rica.

The dive center is part of the ConnectOcean Group, a social and environmental enterprise aiming to raise commitment to ocean conservation and stewardship. Diving and snorkelling excursions are combined with citizen science and marine ecology education. 

Diving in the Guanacaste region offers near perfect conditions year-round. Look forward to the chance to see turtles, sharks, rays and all manner of reef fish. Whale sightings are possible between January and April. 

The team offer a full range of swimming instruction programs as well as Adaptive Adventure Activities for the disabled.

Iguana Divers

#3 - Iguana Divers

Iguana Divers is a resort dive shop located in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Rich Coast Diving Co.

#4 - Rich Coast Diving Co.

Rich Coast Diving is the only 5* CDC center in Costa Rica. We have many Costa Rican instructors as well as some from different parts of the world. This team works together to make sure you will have a vacation of a life time :) Each and every diver will be part of our team and feel at home from the moment you enter our shop!We are 100% AWARE and donate part of every course fee to Project Aware. We teach all PADI courses and have a great variety of Specialties, including the Shark specialty. We are big on TEC diving and offer several PADI TEC courses, including Sidemount diving.Internships offered at various levels and 4 IDC's per year to GO PRO!
Scubaequip Dive Center

#5 - Scubaequip Dive Center


We are a diving center located in Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica. We specialize in the sale and repair of equipment, diving courses and underwater photography. We also organize diving trips to different locations inside and outside of Costa Rica.

Rockdivers Costa Rica

#6 - Rockdivers Costa Rica

Every time you enter the water, every time you step aboard, and every time you contact us, we will make it remarkable. Rockdivers Costa Rica offers an exclusive experience for all levels of divers, globetrotters, and those who come to unwind! Rockdivers Costa Rica makes YOUR vacation or staycation, a priority because we understand the difference it will make it! The fleet at Rockdivers Costa Rica dedicates every day to the waters of the Papagayo, exploring known dive sites and searching for new ones. Your time with us is a priority, we make sure you get the most out of your tank, and that your safety is never compromised! Whether you are an adept diver, or it’s your first time back rolling off the boat, we all have the same desire to be a few atmospheres under!
Mundo Acuatico

#7 - Mundo Acuatico

Mundo Acuatico is a retail dive shop located in San Jose, Costa Rica. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Costa Rica Dive and Surf

#8 - Costa Rica Dive and Surf


Costa Rica Dive and Surf, was the first Dive Center to explore the pristine reef system protected by the Marino Ballena National Park. The Park safeguards the vital central portion of Central America’s largest and most unspoiled Pacific reef.

In addition to the Marino Ballena National Park, we are also one of the few dive centers lucky enough to be allowed access to Caño Island National Biological Reserve, a spectacular island 40 miles off the coast and protected by the Costa Rican government for over 25 years.

With these two amazing locations on our doorstep and hands down the best diving, surfing and SUP sites in the country nearby, we began a journey that has been filled with amazing success supporting our growth as eco-centric people running an eco-centric business.

Thanks to the support of great friends, local people, clients from around the globe, and Mother Earth, we are living the dream and our primary goal is for you to experience as much of that dream as we can in whatever time we have with you.

Our mission moving forward, after 15 years of running strong and now with Dive Centers in both Dominical and Uvita, is to retain our place as the best dive and surf school in the country, and stake our claim as one to the premier tour operators in Costa Rica, offering a much wider range of experiences for our clients.

Continually raising the bar as far as safety, equipment, vessels and staff, you will find no other company within Costa Rica with as high standards, respect for the local people, and love of the environment. In addition, as a brand, we plan on expanding to other areas within Costa Rica, as well as Central America.

Pacific Coast Dive Center

#9 - Pacific Coast Dive Center

The waters of our ocean are known worldwide for their outstanding dive sites. The Dive Center is located on the Northern Pacific coast, the most interesting and beautiful of Costa Rica for scuba diving. Our school belongs to the largest recreational diving organization in the world, PADI with more than 135,000 professionals, all committed to making diving a safe and enjoyable experience. Pacific Coast Dive Center is staffed by a team of PADI professionals who will accompany you in this exciting adventure. Our staff speak English and Spanish.
Costa Rica Adventure Divers

#10 - Costa Rica Adventure Divers


We are a 5 Star PADI Dive Center with the longest tradition in the South Pacific.

Located at Drake Bay, we offer a friendly and professional environment, and caring customer service to thousands of lovers of the sea, divers, students and snorkelers. We offer top quality scuba diving, PADI diving courses and daily snorkel and scuba diving tours to Caño Island.

Rocket Frog Divers

#11 - Rocket Frog Divers

Scuba Diving Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica With Rocket Frog Divers Scuba diving in Playa Flamingo is best done with Rocket Frog Divers. Rocket Frog Divers is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre which has been operating in Costa Rica since 2011. With the opening of the dive shop in Flamingo, we are now offering two fantastic scuba diving locations on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica for our customers to enjoy. The Best Scuba Diving in Costa Rica We are happy to be able offer our customers scuba diving in three of the best areas in Costa Rica. Our location is very close to the Catalina Islands. The Catalina’s are known for large schools of fish and most impressively are often visited by Pacific Giant Manta. We also organize regular trips to the Bat Islands. The Bat Islands is a protected marine area, which allows for an abundance of marine life and is best known for the encounters with Bull Sharks at Big Scare. Finally, diving in the Gulf de Papagayo always offers something new to see. Whether it is schools of eagle rays, octopus, clown shrimp, or some reef sharks the Papagayo has it for you. Please read more about each of these areas below.
Dive Costa Rica

#12 - Dive Costa Rica


Dive Costa Rica, at 1:30 minutes from San José.

Oceanica Divers

#13 - Oceanica Divers

Oceanica Divers is a retail dive shop located in Heredia, Costa Rica. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Deep Blue Diving

#14 - Deep Blue Diving


Deep Blue Diving, the first PADI Gold Palm Resort in Playas del Coco, is ready to fulfill a wide range of your diving pleasures. Since 1998, we have been introducing divers to the beautiful underwater world of Costa Rica. We, and our professional staff, provide the best service and the personal touch to your diving experience. We are happy to have so many great dive sites around Playas del Coco and they are just a short boat ride away. Most of the Papagayo dive sites accommodate all levels of experience from beginners to advanced divers. For more advanced diving we offer diving tours to Catalina Islands and Islas Murciélagos (Bat Islands). Let us take you scuba diving in Costa Rica!

Aguila de Osa Rainforest and Marine Adventure Lodg

#15 - Aguila de Osa Rainforest and Marine Adventure Lodg


Aguila De Osa Dive Center is a PADI Dive Resort set in the epicenter of Costa Rica's natural beauty.

Experience Costa Rica’s finest Pacific coastal diving in the clear, cobalt blue waters surrounding Caño Island Biological Reserve. You will see colorful corals, interesting rock formations and vibrant schools of tropical fish! 

The dive center will provide all equipment and take beginner, intermediate, and advanced divers aboard thier 30-foot Island Hopper on a voyage of spectacular ocean adventures. Rental equipment includes oasis regulators, scuba pro BCD and Oneil or Henderson wetsuits. 

Besides Caño Island, there are 3 coastal diving locations. Here you can find lobsters, black corals, snappers and rooster fish.

Rocket Frog Divers

#16 - Rocket Frog Divers

Rocket Frog Divers is a new alternative in Guanacaste area. Costumer service is a primary goal, so we do our best to have great gear and the best boat in the area. Our boat was designed and built for diving in 2010, is running by twin 300 yamaha engines. Our crew is very experienced in diving. Plus we have the best part of Costa Rica, to show to the WORLD. White tip sharks, sting rays, spotted eagle rays and so much marine life is waiting here for you... Give us a chance to show you our beautiful Pacific Ocean... Let the adventure start... Let´s go make some bubbles...
Pirate Cove

#17 - Pirate Cove

Have you ever been to one of those shark-feeding dives in the Bahamas where you all kneel in the sand and watch some mesh-suited guy feeding the fish? Well, if you're tired of aquarium diving and want to see the big fish this is the place for you!

At Caño Island you will encounter both pelagic (open ocean) and Pacific reef fish.

Many species are the same as in the Galapagos Islands. If you like sharks you will see 2-meter long white tipped reef sharks, bull sharks and very occasionally hammerheads.

Depending on the time of year we see humpbacks, Orcas and pilot whales. Dolphins include Pacific spotted, bottlenose and spinners.

It is not uncommon to see manta rays leaping from the water and hundreds of lesser devil rays regularly pass by.

There are too many other fish to list here but many divers especially enjoy meeting the free-swimming moray eels, which are often 2-meters long.

Punta Uva Dive Center

#18 - Punta Uva Dive Center

Whether you do a PADI scuba diving course with us, exploring dives, or a snorkeling adventure, your day will be unforgettable. Punta Uva Dive Center is set up in where for many is the most beautiful beach on the Caribbean coast. Rated as one of the Top 5 Beaches in the world by Travel & Leisure Magazine. Our Beach Front Dive Shop is a few barefoot steps away from the turquoise warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Our two-story house is an ideal spot for underwater & nature lovers. Amidst the green rainforest, the only sounds you will hear are those of the sea, birds and howler monkeys. The plethora of life found here is just amazing. You will easily spot sloths, monkeys, toucans, the majestic morpho butterfly, and the giant green iguana to name just a few. Someone said it’s paradise itself. Our PADI training facility was planned as a unique educational atmosphere. It has a lounge area for viewing audiovisual material and a hammock area to chill out while reading. Enjoy and explore the magic ambience of Punta Uva’s perfect beach by trekking along a 30 minute breathtaking jungle path or visit “Punta Uva Lounge.” It is the perfect spot to hang around & eat delicious sea food or homemade burgers, while enjoying a Daiquiri, Sex On The Beach, or a cold beer during the marvellous sunset. Costa Rica's Caribbean Sea coast offers a wonderful underwater adventure: Punta Uva Beach, located at the very heart of the Gandoca Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge. This stunning fringing reef (a growing reef close to the shore) offers a unique marine biodiversity, packed with fish and living coral, only 4 minutes away from our beach front Dive Shop! Sea rods, sea fans, elk horn coral, brain coral, fire coral, not to mention the beautiful tropical fish like the parrot fish, angel fish, scorpion fish, barracuda, butterfly fish, trunk fish, spotted eagle ray, green moray, and thousands more, including the evasive nurse shark and black tip Shark. Very often you will see spiny lobster, octopus –at night- , crabs, and the whole invertebrate family; nudibranchs, Spanish dancers, and more. If it is your first time into the underwater kingdom and you are starting with your scuba lessons it is hard to imagine a more spectacular environment. Shore dives with sand patches are a must for beginner divers and open water scuba lessons. If you are an experienced diver get ready for the adventure: the underwater journey,
Turismo Curu

#19 - Turismo Curu

Turismo Curu is a resort dive shop located in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Okeanos Aggressor II

#20 - Okeanos Aggressor II

Okeanos Aggressor II is a resort dive shop located in Augusta, Georgia, United States. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .