Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Gazimağusa

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Antenna steps

#1 - Antenna steps


This is an extremely easy dive site and relatively shallow. To the right hand side moray eels and turtles have been seen during the summer months. To the left hand side a variant of small and large fish (for Cyprus) have been seen as well as moray eels. At the end of the rock formations is a small cave which has a hole wide enough for a diver to fit through at the top. The sandy plain to the east of the dive site is at 6m so it can be utilised for diver training This is an easy site to find Head towards Cape Grecko once you have reached the pennisula follow the road in the direction of the 4 large antennas. After you have gone down the hill and have reached the plain of the antennas look to your left for a wooden picnic seat that has steps to its left hand side and you are there!

#2 - Caves


The dive site has 2 very good caves, one of which has the narrow exit that looks almost exactly the same as Map of Cyprus. Amazing! From the shore 5 km away from Protaras toward Ayia Napa (south-west).