Top Scuba Dive Shops in Baden-Württemberg

Ready to check out the best shops in Baden-Württemberg for scuba diving, snorkeling, shore diving, free diving or other ocean activities? Zentacle has 23 dive shops where you can rent equipment, book dives, and get guided tours. Discover hand-curated maps, along with reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. No matter what you're looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best ocean activities in Baden-Württemberg to suit your needs.
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Lion Divers

#1 - Lion Divers


We are your diving and snorkeling base in the Lake Constance / Upper Swabia / Ravensburg region.

Discover with us the fascinating and spectacular underwater world, whether Lake Constance, Rhine, Ticino or marine waters in Europe and Egypt. With us diving is not defined by the depth, but we focus on the joy of the beauty of the flora and fauna and the fun of diving!

Take your diving course at Lake Constance with us or take part in a guided dive at Lake Constance or the surrounding lakes and rivers!

We look forward to meeting you!

Tauchen lernen am Bodensee

#2 - Tauchen lernen am Bodensee


If you would like to learn about diving theory for the various diving training courses before you learn to dive, you can register here for the PADI diving courses OWD, AOWD, RESCUE and DIVEMASTER for e-learning for a registration fee at PADI! If you want, you can also get a code from me for a course deposit of 200 €, then you can register directly for e-learning without a PADI fee, so just let me know !! We will then do the water training by arrangement, as it suits you, here in the lido in beautiful Lake Constance, let us surprise you. Have fun learning the very important diving theory. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to help you. But if you prefer to learn the theory from a book, I can recommend the theory documents in book form and get such a theory training kit !!

Enroll in PADI E-Learning here:

PADI - Open Water Diver E-Learning:

PADI - Advanced Open Water Diver E-Learning:

PADI - Rescue Diver E-Learning:

PADI - Divemaster E-Learning:

Are you looking for a gift for your loved ones? - Give a TAUCH voucher !!

The GIFT VOUCHERS for an exciting PADI Discover Scuba Diving - EVENT (for young and old - for KID'S from 10 years) or my PADI - diving training are an ideal gift for special occasions for young and old . GIFT VOUCHER REQUESTS are fulfilled quickly and easily, simply inquire via the contact form or by telephone. More about this under diving training !! The costs for this are, for example, 65 € for my well-known TRIAL DIVING, the complete PADI Discover Scuba Diving program 95 € and each takes about 2 - 2 1/2 hours. These events are particularly suitable for kids from the age of 10 or for interested adults "underwater tasters". In the introductory dive 2 - 3 m max. depth, a participant can also take part from the age of 8 if they are suitable. Gift vouchers are a great gift idea and bring a lot of fun to the recipient.

Tauchsport Weber

#3 - Tauchsport Weber


The diving center Konstanz is located directly in Konstanz-Wollmatingen and offers you an extensive selection of diving equipment and PADI diving courses!


#4 - UWAN-Diving

UWAN-Diving is a resort dive shop located in Neckartailfingen, Germany. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
WAB Worldwide Aquatic Bubbles e.K.

#5 - WAB Worldwide Aquatic Bubbles e.K.

WAB Worldwide Aquatic Bubbles e.K. is a retail dive shop located in Mannheim, Germany. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Tauchsportschule Walzbachtal

#6 - Tauchsportschule Walzbachtal


Wide range of diving training, recreational diving, free diving and technical diving

Tauchschule Free-Dive

#7 - Tauchschule Free-Dive


PADI Dive center since 2002. Diving courses from Open Water Diver to Divemaster. Diving service. Sale and service of diving equipment from the brands Aqualung and Apex. TÜV testing of compressed air bottles. Test center for Aqualung diving computers. Filling breathing air bottles up to 300 bar Compressed air bottles for sports shooters and paintball. TÜV approval for compressed air bottles. TÜV Süd checks with us.

Dive and Travel Company

#8 - Dive and Travel Company

Dive and Travel Company is a retail dive shop located in Gundelfingen, Germany. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Delfin Divers Tauchsportcenter

#9 - Delfin Divers Tauchsportcenter

Atemregler Revisonen aller gäniger Marken in Top Qualität. Trockentauchanzug-Service und Manschettenwechsel in kurzer Zeit. Bis bald, Euer Team von den Delfin Divers
Triton Tauchsportstudio

#10 - Triton Tauchsportstudio

Triton Tauchsportstudio is a cdc and retail dive shop located in Karlsruhe 1, Germany. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
DiveCenter Stuttgart

#11 - DiveCenter Stuttgart


Did you know that most people can only see a third of the world in their lives? Because 2/3 of the earth consists of water! With the DiveCenter Stuttgart you have the opportunity to discover and explore these areas. Dive with us into unforgettable worlds, take your first breaths underwater and experience the feeling of weightlessness. Learn to dive in beginner courses or expand your skills and abilities in advanced, exciting courses.

Of course, as an already certified diver you can take part in our excursions at any time.

We look forward to meeting you!

Blue Adventure Tauchschule Ulm

#12 - Blue Adventure Tauchschule Ulm

At Blue Adventure Ulm we offer you the whole range of diving training. When you try diving, you can simply try out whether you are enthusiastic about diving. In the beginner 's course you will learn everything you need for diving and you will be certified as a diver with an internationally valid certification card. For divers who haven't been diving for a long time (like we all did in Corona times, for example) there is a course to refresh your knowledge. This is particularly useful for ODW divers. If you want more, you can perfect your diving skills in various advanced courses, so-called specialties . If you want to practice diving professionally, you can complete your training at Blue Adventure 's pro courses . No course, but if you want to dive and want some company, come on a guided dive with Blue Adventure !
Aquamarin - Tauchschule

#13 - Aquamarin - Tauchschule

Dear Customers, Please Note Our Winter Opening Times Wed To Fri 3:00 P.m. – 6:00 P.m Sat 10:00 A.m. – 1:00 P.m Also By Appointment
Pool 33

#14 - Pool 33

Pool 33 is a retail dive shop located in Loffingen-Dittishausen, Germany. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Achim's Tauchoase

#15 - Achim's Tauchoase

Achim's Tauchoase is a cdc and retail dive shop located in Mannheim, Germany. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .

#16 -


Welcome to our PADI Travel Pages.

Since its founding in 1991, the diving center in Backnang has been the point of contact for divers in the entire Rems-Murr district, as well as the surrounding districts, and thus has many years of experience in this service sector.

  • Training at the highest level!
    For more than 25 years, our diving instructors have passed on their knowledge and enthusiasm for diving to their diving students with the highest level of professionalism. We place the highest demands on the quality of our training, because we want our students to be able to dive confidently and safely with maximum fun after the training.
  • Benefit from our experience!
    Our team has already trained more than 1,500 divers and has been honored with the special award "25 years of successful training with PADI" and the award for "excellent performance in PADI training 2015" for TOP 10 diving schools in southern Germany.
  • Dive with friends!
    Come to us as a guest and go back home as a good friend. Diving should be fun and offer you a varied balance to everyday life. Many of our customers like to come back on our diving trips and diving safaris again and again, because not only diving is in the foreground, but also the sociable and often fun togetherness before, after and between the surface breaks.
  • Reliable partner!
    You not only book the trip or the diving trip with us, but also the complete all-round service that goes with it. We take care of everything organizational, such as hotel bookings, diving permits, equipment requirements etc. The greatest reward for our work is the satisfied customer, who says goodbye to us with a smile on his face with the familiar words: "See you next time".

Book your next unforgettable adventure and experience in our PADI Travel Portal and be one of our dive buddies.

We are already looking forward to you!

Tauchring Reutlingen

#17 - Tauchring Reutlingen


The Diving School in Reutlingen

Our diving school Tauchring has been in existence since 1997 - as part of DC-Sport GmbH in Reutlingen. We have the experience of thousands of certifications (certification is the "driver's license" for divers) at all levels. Uwe Hipp has taken over the diving school management since 2017 and leads it together with his experienced team of diving instructors and divemasters.

Uwe Hipp had been a diving instructor in the Reutlingen diving ring for many years and is now in charge of it. Building on the tried and tested from almost 20 years of diving ring, a new episode begins with our new philosophy:

Solid training, the best support and optimal commitment!

  • We conduct every dive course with an experienced instructor, mostly assisted by a certified Divemaster.

  • We do not end a diving course without the student feeling safe and mastering the necessary skills.

  • We do not give any time constraints. We adapt to the needs and requirements of our students and train in the smallest possible groups.

  • We help with the purchase of equipment and with all questions relating to diving and give tips on travel, diving insurance , diving doctors, etc.

  • We take care of technically perfect diving equipment during the diving courses.

  • We have suitable training swimming pools with sanitary facilities and sufficient training facilities as well as drying room, classrooms with modern training technology, bistro and much more.

  • We are a team! We look forward to getting to know you personally - come and join our team as a diver!

Tauchschule Meersburg

#18 - Tauchschule Meersburg


Your diving center on Lake Constance - since 1982 Founded in 1982, the Meersburg diving school has developed into a well-known diving center on Lake Constance. Here you will find: Dive center in Meersburg on Lake Constance Dive center 3 daily accompanied dives in Lake Constance Various dive sites - something for every skill level (from sand heaps to steep walls) Own boat for diving trips Own parking lot directly at the entrance Own hotel with swimming pool, Lawn for sunbathing, pool terrace, ... directly in the diving center for comfortable accommodation Diving in Lake Constance AquaLung Partner Center Acceptance of regulators for revision Acceptance of diving bottles for TÜV

Die Taucher

#19 - Die Taucher

Our aim is to provide quality training in a safe, fun environment using SSI state of the art training materials. The SSI training philosophy is ""Comfort Through Repetition"" so students learn at their own pace in a relaxed atmosphere. Training is conducted using home study materials, skill development in the pool, followed by multiple choice knowledge test and skill demonstration in Open Water. Dive Horizons operates both as a diver training facility and as a club where members can exchange news and information. We plan trips to both UK and Overseas locations, so that students and club members can be assured of diving with people they are comfortable with and trust.
Delfin Divers Tauchsport

#20 - Delfin Divers Tauchsport

  • Large shop with a huge selection and great prices.

    Do you want to dive? Then you are right with us!

    We offer you diving and travel experience for almost 30 years. No matter if "still" non-divers, snorkelers, beginners or professionals, with us you have been "warmly welcomed"

    An overview of our services:

    • PADI DSD trial dive in the lake
    • Diving training from beginners to professionals
    • Own diving lake with diving center and shop in Rastatt-Plittersdorf
    • Dive center with shops in Neubulach and Rastatt-Plittersdorf
    • Mail order
    • Travel center (diving trips, family vacations and AIDA cruises)
    • Diving trips day trips, weekend trips and group trips
    • Services center for inspections and repairs of your diving equipment, bottles of TÜV
    • Air and Nitrox filling systems up to 300 bar
    • Rebreather training and rental
    • Equipment and bottle rental in all shops and at the lake
  • You can find more information under the rubrics of the main menu. Enjoy browsing!

     Delfin Divers Diving Center

Mailorder & Service GmbH

#21 - Mailorder & Service GmbH

(23) Mailorder & Service GmbH Beethovenstr. 9 78234 Engen Persönliche Beratung und Bestellung
Pro Marine GmbH

#22 - Pro Marine GmbH


Pro Marine - your dive shop on Lake Constance. We have been your partner and buddy in diving for more than 30 years!

At pro marine you enjoy first-class service from our competent staff and diving instructors and guides! We are looking forward to your visit.

Pinguin Diving

#23 - Pinguin Diving


small but nice