Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Cantabria

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Los Cañones

#1 - Los Cañones

Spain, Cantabrico

Up in the small seashore hill, an old fort stands. In the Napoleonic wars, Castro Urdiales was under siege, so people on the village, throw to the sea all their ammunition, including, guns cannons, cannon balls... The dive refers to this objects, scatered on the rocky sea floor, in a really easy dive, that youngsters and first time divers will love. Congers, octopuses and breams will make the dive more amusing, with the cannons all around, mimeting with the ecosystem. Only a thing; as it is so near the city, sometimes, "suspicious" changes on the water, will appear. Be careful with the rock walls. Castro. By boat: 10 minute trip from the marina.