Top Scuba Dive Shops in Murcia

Ready to check out the best shops in Murcia for scuba diving, snorkeling, shore diving, free diving or other ocean activities? Zentacle has 5 dive shops where you can rent equipment, book dives, and get guided tours. Discover hand-curated maps, along with reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. No matter what you're looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best ocean activities in Murcia to suit your needs.
Murcia dive site map
CB Sureste

#1 - CB Sureste


The CBSB (Southeast-Bachisub Diving Center), is the oldest in the Bay of Mazarrón, we immerse ourselves in the surroundings of Cabo Tiñoso and in the Bay of Mazarrón . Directed by Alfonso Bachiller and Antonio Carrasco.

  • More than 30 dives compose our diving routes where spectacular lows, walls up to 60 meters deep, caves, wrecks that make it the diving area with the most variety of dive sites in the same area are combined

We teach diving courses of all levels:

  • Diving courses from 18 hours of training in introductory courses to advanced and master diving courses.
  • Specialty courses in: deep diving, technical, Salvage and Rescue, Oxygen administrator, photography, wreck and cave diving ...
  • You can also start with the most basic through diving baptisms where, accompanied by our instructors, you make a dive reaching a depth of 10 meters.

At dive baptisms we spend enough time on theory to get you safely to the water as soon as possible. The first contact will be made from the beach, when you feel sufficiently prepared you can repeat the baptism from the boat.

  • Excursions for divers : for those already qualified in diving our guides and boats are at your service between the months of March and December to take you to the most famous dive sites in the area.
  • Diving trips by boat with two dives and food in the virgin coves.
  • Boat trips for snorkeling.

At certain dates of the year we can coincide with the movements of cetaceans in the area.

ZOEA Aguilas

#2 - ZOEA Aguilas

Hire today and dive with discounts! Take advantage of our accommodation and diving pack by hiring them in advance! If you want to come on a date where you don't see any packs, ask us, they can be moved to any day of the week EVEN IF YOU DO NOT SEE OFFERS IN SOME DAYS YOU CAN ASK US FOR A BUDGET.
Caballito Salao

#3 - Caballito Salao


We are a family diving center, we work with small groups so you can enjoy diving without rushing or crowding.


#4 - Balkysub


Balkysub is Sustainable Diving. Enjoy your free time in a relaxed and fun environment. We don’t demand perfection in diving techniques, our priorities are safety in diving and respect for marine life, by your peers and responsible and safe diving practices.

From management to our team of professionals, we are very aware and care for maximum security measures . For 14 years and after more than 250,000 diving operations we have never had any incident or accident.

Balkysub "Soul of Diving" by our PADI Course Director, Founder & CEO. ” There are men who immerse in the oceans to discover, to understand and be part of  a universes of weightlessness , scenes of the most beautiful plays . Only those who understand so beautiful ecosystems respect and protect them. Join the Balkysub family , dive with us and have fun while getting involved in the conservation and protection of the oceans through our projects Sustainable Diving . safety is our main goal. Diving is a privilege reserved for the lucky.”

Facilities. Here you will find everything needed for diving: studying classroom, changing rooms and showers, drying cages and day care for your equipment, reception, and of course, our ship. Located in Cabo de Palos’ port, 20 meters away from the ship and surrounded by bar’s terraces, perfect to sunbathe.

Your stay with us. We plan activities through a schedule that we respect to the maximum. Punctuality is one of our hallmarks, we do not want you to waste your precious free time.

Diving & Courses. We go along with you to discover the submerged universe of our planet. From your first contact with scuba diving along with your PADI instructor,  you’ll enjoy your training , attention , safety, and most importantly…  LOTS OF FUN!

Now you are ready to start learning from the different PADI courses. Dive autonomously on every corner of our blue planet. We teach all PADI Courses from Begginers to Professional Levels.

Our family member says in TripAdvisor. We have Trip Advisor´s Excellence Certificate, yearly since 2014 . We are also Nº1 activity in Cabo de Palos. We are backed up by hundreds of user reviews.

Naranjito Buceo

#5 - Naranjito Buceo


Hello, I am Angel Gallego, owner of Naranjito Buceo.

When I started the center in 2004, I already had eight years of experience in our underwater world and the firm conviction that I wanted to dedicate myself to diving for the rest of my life. I could list the more than 50 degrees and explain the vast experience that all the Naranjito staff accumulates, but what really matters is what we offer you and how we want you to feel spending your time with us.

Every time you choose us you are investing your money, your time and your dreams ... And our obligation, in what we believe, is to accept that responsibility and offer you the best we have. For all of us it is a pride that you choose us and a challenge that, when you leave, you want to return.

For this reason, all of us who work in Naranjito are committed to offering careful attention but always with closeness and proximity. We want you to feel comfortable and well treated, but among friends, we want you to feel in YOUR diving center in Naranjito.

We cannot guarantee that we will do it 100% of the time, but we do always do our best. Come and we will show you.