Top Scuba Dive Shops in Fiji

Ready to check out the best shops in Fiji for scuba diving, snorkeling, shore diving, free diving or other ocean activities? Zentacle has 33 dive shops where you can rent equipment, book dives, and get guided tours. Discover hand-curated maps, along with reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. No matter what you're looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best ocean activities in Fiji to suit your needs.
Fiji dive site map
Coral Coast Divers

#1 - Coral Coast Divers


PADI 5 STAR IDC Dive Resort located in Pacific Harbour

All PADI courses from Open Water Diver to Instructor level

Daily dive trips to Beqa lagoon & the Coral Coast

Shark diving at The Colosseum our own Marine Protected Area in Beqa lagoon

RA Divers Fiji

#2 - RA Divers Fiji

RA Divers Fiji is a resort dive shop located in Rakiraki, Fiji Islands. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Ocean Ventures Fiji

#3 - Ocean Ventures Fiji


Ocean Ventures Fiji is a PADI Dive Center located in Natewa Bay, Fiji's newest diving paradise located 40 minutes outside of Savusavu.

We aim to provide a unique experience immersed in nature on some of the most pristine hard and soft coral reefs to be found anywhere in the world. Natewa Bay is one of the little-known gems in Fiji, being slightly off the beaten track, but with vibrant reefs offering easy conditions for divers of all experience levels, and an abundance of marine life.  

We are experienced PADI diving instructors dedicated to conservation, safety and education. We offer PADI courses from PADI Open Water to PADI Divemaster, with a large number of Specialty courses including our very own PADI South Pacific Coral Reef Ecology Specialty, exclusive to Ocean Ventures Fiji.

Small group sizes, with a maximum of four divers per instructor and a maximum of 8 divers on our custom-built dive boat, ensure a personalized service and that our guests truly have the reefs to themselves.

Ocean Ventures Fiji also conducts educational programs for school students to introduce coral reef ecology and marine conservation to the next generation of ocean advocates.

Dive & Watersports Tokoriki (Fiji) Pte Ltd

#4 - Dive & Watersports Tokoriki (Fiji) Pte Ltd

Dive & Watersports Tokoriki (Fiji) Pte Ltd is a resort dive shop located in Tokoriki Island, Fiji Islands. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Tokoriki Diving

#5 - Tokoriki Diving


Tokoriki Diving is a long established, owner operated, PADI 5 Star Dive Centre based at Tokoriki Island Resort.  Your guest experience is one that combines our team's local knowledge and expertise, with beautiful dive sites and our real passion for conservation.  With an emphasis on quality equipment, custom designed boats, and dive safety, our team deserves it's accolade as being one of the best in Fiji.

Dive Academy Fiji

#6 - Dive Academy Fiji


Dive Academy Fiji is a 5 Star PADI Freediving Center.

Truly personalised diving with the shortest boat rides to the sites on the word-famous Rainbow Reef with the Great White Wall and the only PADI Freediving Center in the area. PADI Courses from Discover Scuba Dive to PADI Assistant Instructor with the highest range of specialties in the area.

We take only four dive guests on the boat and tailor the schedule to your bucket list, experience level and local conditions. The diving at the Rainbow Reef heavily depends on the tide schedule. As we come back on shore between dives, we organise the timing so that you can get the best out of your dives. During the season, you can book an excursion to Manta Reef and help identifying or naming unidentified individuals. 

Dive Academy Fiji engages in marine conservation with their own coral farm and supports the local community with scholarships and free of charge Discovery Dives. 

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Paradise Taveuni Dive

#7 - Paradise Taveuni Dive

Paradise Taveuni is the only resort on the island offering diving on pristine Vuna Reef and legendary Rainbow Reef. With over 40 dive sites to offer, you won’t visit the same site twice, unless you want to. Every day, divers from all over the world choose Paradise Taveuni to experience the extraordinary formations of hard and soft corals and an abundance of fish life including: Anemone fish, Maori Wrasse, Lionfish, Reef Sharks, Rays, Turtles and much, much more. With a variety of deep wall drop off’s and shallow drift dives; there is something here for every diver. Whether you are just learning, or have been diving your whole life, Paradise will offer you plenty of opportunities to explore the amazing underwater life of Fiji.
Coconut Beach Resort

#8 - Coconut Beach Resort

Coconut Beach Resort is a resort dive shop located in Yasawa Island, Fiji Islands. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Papageno Resort (Fiji) Ltd

#9 - Papageno Resort (Fiji) Ltd

Papageno Resort (Fiji) Ltd is a resort dive shop located in Kadavu Island, Fiji Islands. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Diveaway Fiji Ltd

#10 - Diveaway Fiji Ltd

Diveaway Fiji operates from the beautiful Coral Coast of Viti Levu, Fijis main island.

Operations: Our boats run out from our base at the Fiji Hideaway Resort & Spa; with a diveshop at the Outrigger on the Lagoon. Diveaway Fiji is the dive shop of choice for many of the boutique resorts and backpackers dotted along the Coral Coast. As a small, friendly dive operation, we enjoy sharing our beautiful dive sites with divers from complete beginners through to the very experienced. Dive groups are deliberately kept small and as there are no other operators on our dive sites there is never a crowd underwater to spoil your view – see fish not bubbles! Since we started diving here in 2003 we have discovered many great dive sites and a host of amazing marine life.

Dive locations: We have a variety of dive locations, from dramatic wall dives and coral covered reef slopes to adrenalin buzzing drift dives. Frequent encounters with turtles, sharks, eagle rays, barracudas and of course all those other fantastic tropical reef fish. Soft and hard coral grows prolifically and magnificent gorgonian fans host multicoloured crinoids and longnosed hawkfish – a photographers delight!

Easy access dive sites: At Taqage the furthest away is 10 minutes by boat and the closest has been recorded at 19 seconds! This enables us to offer the deeply civilised option of a morning two tank dive returning to the Fiji Hideaway Resort and Spa between the dives (depending on tides) for a restoring cup of tea or even a hint of breakfast. We are also usually back from the second dive by 12.00, giving you the rest of the day to do all those relaxing holiday things that you can’t do bobbing around on a boat.

We dive Monday to Saturday, usually 2 dives a day, with night dives on request.

Beqa Adventure Divers Ltd

#11 - Beqa Adventure Divers Ltd


Beqa Adventure Divers is a PADI dive resort specializing in shark diving.

This modern dive operation fuses Fijian hospitality with world class diving facilities. The dive center is located in an ideal spot from which to whisk you out to the incredible shark diving or beautiful reefs and mysterious wrecks of Beqa Lagoon in a matter of minutes.

The Beqa Adventure team love diving Beqa Lagoon, and even more so The Shark Dive! With secure storage facilities, hot showers, towels, refreshments and snacks provided, all you need to do is bring your equipment and a sense of fun and adventure!


Paradise Cove Resort

#12 - Paradise Cove Resort


Paradise Cove Dive Center is a PADI dive center offering training with highly experienced instructors and clear, calm waters. 

Paradise Cove dive guides have completed thousands of dives all over Fiji and discovered some new sites too, so whatever your level of experience, they have a dive expert on hand to ensure you have a truly memorable experience.

You'll find a full range of equipment, wetsuits, fins, masks, B.C.D’s etc, in the dive shop. Bring your own gear or use theirs, and be guided through the Yasawa Island’s crystal clear tropical blue waters, or take the plunge for the first time and do a one-off resort dive and "Discover Scuba".

With 35 different dive sites in the area from reefs, drop offs, pinnacles, swim through and two amazing wreck dives - all accessible straight from the resort in under 25 minutes.

Taveuni Dive

#13 - Taveuni Dive


Taveuni Dive is a 5* PADI dive center offering dives on Rainbow Reef and the famous Great White Wall.

Carl and Muriel Fox acquired Taveuni Dive in 2002 with the mission to provide the safest, most reliable access to the incredible locations around Taveuni, Fiji. They hire experienced, local divemasters to ensure you enjoy the wonders of the Rainbow Reef to the fullest. The team provide well-maintained, up-to-date equipment, along with excellent black-board briefings. Rainbow Reef can be reached in 15 minutes - the shortest commute on the island!

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

#14 - Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Far away on the remote island of Savusavu in Northern Fiji, J M Cousteau Diving offers unparalleled access to some of the world’s most pristine and biodiverse dive sites. Just 10-20 minutes from the amazing Namena Marine Reserve, look forward to coral reefs, walls and canyons home to turtles, reef sharks, masked banner fish, fairy basslets, scorpion fish and moray eels.  Take a trip 20km south to Namenalala Island and discover miles upon miles of uncharted reef. This is a great spot to marvel at tuna, Spanish mackerel, mantas and large sharks cruising up from the depths. As a cetacean migration pathway, get lucky and you’ll see dolphins and sperm, pilot, minke and humpback whales- a once in a lifetime experience! And who better to dive with than J M Cousteau Diving? The dive team have been hand-picked to ensure the highest level of professionalism, friendliness and competence, giving you the confidence to explore the unknown. With endless unmapped reef around the region, get involved and help the team name new dives sites! From exciting boat trips and drift dives through to tranquil snorkelling trips, this shop will ensure you find exactly what you’re after. Courses are offered all the way from a half day Discover Scuba Diving Experience all the way through to Nitrox, Underwater Naturalist, Deep or Night Diver specialities, your educational desires will surely be met. This resort and dive center was established by Jean-Michel, son of Jacques Cousteau, as a model of ecologically sustainable dive tourism.
Royal Davui Resort

#15 - Royal Davui Resort


The Dive Shop at Royal Davui Island Resort Fiji offers a unique underwater experience to guests, located in the heart of Fiji's Beqa Lagoon. With easy access to some of the world's most vibrant coral reefs, abundant marine life, and pristine environment, the Davui Dive Shop provides for an unforgettable dive experience.

Diving at Royal Davui Island Resort Fiji is a personalized and intimate experience, with a maximum of 6 divers per site. This small group size allows for a more relaxed and safe diving experience, with an emphasis on education and enjoyment.

The shop is fully equipped with all the gear you need, and is staffed by knowledgeable and experienced dive professionals. Guests can explore the lush underwater landscape with various dive packages, such as guided dives, snorkeling excursions, and PADI courses. Whether you're a seasoned diver or a first-time snorkeler, the Dive Shop at Royal Davui Island Resort Fiji is the ultimate destination for an unforgettable aquatic adventure.

Dive Namale

#16 - Dive Namale

Set amidst 525 acres of breathtaking tropical beauty in Fiji’s northern island of Vanua Levu, Namale Resort & Spa is redefining all-inclusive. Our intimate, adults-only boutique setting offers a truly unique and authentically Fijian experience where your every request is met, every want anticipated, and every expectation exceeded. Catering to some of the world’s most exclusive clientele from actors Edward Norton and Russell Crowe to fashion icon Donna Karan and NBA Coach Pat Riley, our world-class staff is devoted to providing you an exquisitely luxurious experience unparalleled by any other all-inclusive resort in Fiji.
KoroSun Dive

#17 - KoroSun Dive

KoroSun Dive is a resort dive shop located in Savusavu, Fiji Islands. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Octopus Resort

#18 - Octopus Resort


Octopus Dive Resort is a PADI dive center offering over 35 dive sites, a wide range of courses and fantastic visibility. 

Octopus Dive Resort visits plenty of dive sites in the area from reefs, walls, drop offs, swim through, pinnacles and two amazing wrecks. The sites are from three minutes to 25 minutes away and are all guided and from a boat, though shore dives can be arranged on request.

Octopus is famous for its amazing visibility and the stunning sea fans on our walls and drop offs. They have everything you could wish to see from sharks, turtles, lobster to tiny nudibranch, shrimp and crabs, and a huge variety of hard and soft coral, so you will see something different on every dive. 

A full range of PADI courses are offered, from the very first introduction dive or Open Water Course all the way up to and including Dive Master, as well as a large selection of specialty dives including Night, Wreck, Deep, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Photography, Drift and more.

Kokomo Island Fiji

#19 - Kokomo Island Fiji


Discover the underwater wonders of the Great Astrolabe Reef with Kokomo Private Island's 5-star PADI Dive Centre. Extending for over 100km (62 miles), the Great Astrolabe Reef is the ultimate playground for dive enthusiasts, offering unparalleled underwater adventures for our guests. Located on the north east of the Kadavu group of islands, Kokomo offers exclusivity to dive sites that are not frequented by other resorts. Come face to face with manta rays, reef sharks, turtles and more as you explore our underwater world.

Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

#20 - Blue Lagoon Beach Resort


The Blue Lagoon Dive Center is a 5* PADI dive center offering 35 dive sites and a chance to dive with sharks.

Discover outstanding reefs, walls, drop offs, swim throughs and pinnacles, as well as a spectacular Shark Encounter dive. The 35 sites are from three minutes to 25 minutes away and the guided dives are all done from a boat, though shore dives can be arranged on request. The center dives three times a day everyday at 9 am, 11  am and 3 pm, and equipment and guide are supplied.

Blue Lagoon Beach Resort is famous for its blue calm waters with common sightings of turtles, lobster, nudibranch and so much more, and the Shark Encounter dive is a unique experience where you can expect to see, black and white tip reef sharks, lemon sharks and bull sharks swimming around and enjoying their natural environment.

A full range of PADI courses is offered, from the very first introduction dive or Open Water Course all the way up to and including Dive Master. The center also offers a large selection of specialty dives including, Deep, Search and Recover and Shark Aware.


Salt Diver Taveuni

#21 - Salt Diver Taveuni

Salt Diver Taveuni is a resort dive shop located in Taveuni, Fiji Islands. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Captain Cook Cruises Fiji

#22 - Captain Cook Cruises Fiji

Captain Cook Cruises Offers Small-Ship Discovery Cruises, Day Tours And Cruising Restaurants In The Fiji Islands. From The Volcanic Yasawa Islands To The Remote Northern Fiji Islands, We Draw On Four Decades Of Cruising Knowledge To Create Individual Travel Experiences You Will Never Forget. Discover The Natural Beauty, Environmental Diversity, Culture And History Aboard Our Fleet Of Explorer-Style Small Ships. Our Unique Itineraries Take You To Places Where Mainstream Tourists Rarely Venture And Where You Can Meet The Locals. Our Day Tour And Dining Experiences Offer Tailored Packages For All Ages And Budgets. Captain Cook Cruises Is The Recipient Of Numerous Awards Including The Fiji Visitors Bureau 'Best Cruise Line', And The Fiji Tourism Awards 'Best Fiji Experience' In 2012. The Company Operates A Fleet Of 4 Vessels, And Offers A Choice Of Cruises Weekly Throughout Fiji. Our Vessels Have Hosted Some Of The World'S Most Prestigious Events And Dignitaries, And We Pride Ourselves On Our Attention To Detail And Customer Service. Captain Cook Cruises Cater For All Ages And Markets, Whether It Is Families Looking For The Ideal Fiji Family Holiday, Or Couples Looking For The Perfect Fiji Wedding, Fiji Honeymoon Or Just A Fiji Vacation.
Subsurface Musket Cove Resort

#23 - Subsurface Musket Cove Resort


Fiji’s No.1,
Multiple Award Winning
Scuba Diving Company

Surf Dive & Ski Momi

#24 - Surf Dive & Ski Momi

Surf Dive & Ski Momi is a resort dive shop located in Momi Bay, Nadi, Fiji Islands. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Matava - Fiji...Untouched

#25 - Matava - Fiji...Untouched


Matava Resort  is is a fully equipped 5 star dive center with access to some of the world's best scuba diving 

Dives take place exclusively on The World renowned Great Astrolabe Reef  and caters for all levels of diver from beginner to experienced.. 

As a PADI certified resort the crew at Matava  are a dedicated team of professionals with two custom built dive boats, built specifically to explore both the outer and inner reefs of the worlds fourth largest barrier reef.  The resort  offer's a full range of PADI dive certifications. .

Matava is an off grid eco tourism resort catering up for up to 26 guests , solar powered , spring fed water, organic farm to table dining .

Other activities include, surfing , fishing , yoga , hiking  

Tiliva Resort

#26 - Tiliva Resort

Tiliva Resort is unlike any resort in the Fiji Archipelago. With little noise, light, pollution or people to distract you, your vacation with us will be one of the most peaceful and relaxing that you will ever have. To see the Fiji that dreams are made of, Tiliva Resort is the answer. Tiliva Resort is situated on the pristine island of Kadavu. The resort grounds are situated on a primative archeological site, surrrounded by flora and fauna native to our island. Tiliva Resort is a Padi resort with local DiveMasters to provide the Ultimate experience. If fishing is what you are looking for Tiliva Resort will provide a local guide for a special fishing experience. Snorkeling and Kayaking are free at the resort. Guides and day tours are available for those who desire. Waterfall tours, Birding and Village tours are available for those that have interest.
Ratu Kini Dive Resort

#27 - Ratu Kini Dive Resort


Mana Island is close to Nadi, offers fantastic reef diving, clean and well serviced accommodation, local tropical foods in our Award winning Bar and Restaurant, outrageous beach parties, friendly, uniformed and educated staff and sunsets to die for!

We operate a fully equipped PADI Dive Resort (R-36364) managed by a Course Director. Our staff are all experienced professionals and are great fun to dive with. The nearby coral reefs and crystal clear waters make for some spectacular dive experiences. We dive the Supermarket, Gotham City, Plantation Pinnacle, Namotu Passage and other world famous dive sites, which are just minutes away.We also offer a full range of PADI Courses from beginner to professional level.

Garden Island Resort

#28 - Garden Island Resort


Garden Island Divers is a PADI 5* Dive Resort in the Soft Coral Capital of the World, Fiji.

Viewed as the premier dive operator in Fiji, the center proudly boasts an impeccable safety record, 5-star quality equipment and service and highly experienced dive staff, with an intimate knowledge of the local reefs.

Within 20 minutes comfortable ride on one of the three 30ft, speedy dive vessels, you will discover a number of world-famous dive sites around Beqa Lagoon including Pinnacle, Rainbow’s End, Nuku Reef and the Great White Wall.

The waters in this area are known for their mantas, sharks and mind-blowing, neon-coloured macro life.  With dive sites ranging from 5m to 90m, there is a massive variety of locations to suit beginners all the way through to experienced divers looking for a challenge. 

Subsurface Plantation Resort

#29 - Subsurface Plantation Resort

Fiji'S No.1, Multi Award Winning, Diving And Watersports Company. Solo Travellers, Groups Of Friends, And Every Member Of The Family Will Have Something To Do With Subsurface Fiji. We Offer Fantastic Padi 5 Star Scuba Diving In Water Averaging 27° C (82° F), Snorkelling, Jetskiing, Paraflying, Gamefishing, Island Hopping, Sleeping And Truly Lots, Lots More.
Waidroka Bay Resort

#30 - Waidroka Bay Resort


Fijis' warm, clear waters and abundance of reef life make the islands a magnet for divers and snorkelers. Visibility regularly exceeds 30m. In terms of visibility the drier months of April to November are more reliable, but in different seasons the diver will experience different things and diving is quite good year round. Many travelers take the opportunity to learn scuba diving while in Fiji.

Our special location close to world famous Beqa lagoon and the amazing variety of local reefs offer an exceptional diving experience. Coral Coast diving offers unexplored diving as well as many dive sites of world renown such as sites in and around Beqa Lagoon. However, there is no such thing as the ‘best’ diving site, especially in Fiji. Every dive site has something special or unique to see and dives range from safe and easy to wall dives in fast currents.

The main advantage of diving on the Coral Coast is the proximity of sites to the coast. The inside reefs can be reached by small boat, currents are usually moderate, and you will see good coral and reef fish. To see bigger pelagic fish and spectacular coral, we will take you to dive the outer reefs and passages. The reef surrounding Beqa is considered one of the world’s top diving locations. Beqa Lagoon, a 64-km barrier reef is famous for its dive sites which include Frigates Pass, a 48m wall dive with large pelagic fish including reef sharks; and Caesar’s Rocks with amazing coral heads and swim throughs.

Malin Fiji

#31 - Malin Fiji

BULA!  (It means "Hello" in Fijian) Fiji is made up of about 330 islands surrounded by the beautiful waters of the South Pacific. This country still has a lot of untouched nature. Pure white beaches, emerald green seas, A large coral reef that attracts divers from all over the world, And the many fish that live here... They are definitely worth a visit! ! Would you like to dive with us in the tropical island paradise of Fiji? Fiji is a treasure trove of diving points.
Deep Blue

#32 - Deep Blue


Deep Blue Diving & Watersports is a fantastic PADI 5 Star dive center located within the Matamanoa Island Resort.

Diving around Matamanoa is nothing short of spectacular, as it's situated in a marine sanctuary and surrounded by coral reefs that are buzzing with marine life.

Deep Blue offers a range of diving from a selection of 30 dive sites, including shallow reefs, pinnacles, wrecks, shark encounters, walls and drop-offs.

Dive sites range from 9 to 30 meters in depth, visibility is generally between 20 and 40 meters and water temperature ranges from 26 Celsius in winter (July/August) to 31 Celsius in summer (Jan/Feb).

Deep Blue Diving & Watersports is a PADI registered Freedive Centre.

GVI Fiji

#33 - GVI Fiji

You want to make a difference. Have an impact. You’re looking for a community that shares your purpose, passion, and sense of adventure. Welcome to GVI Planet.