Top Scuba Dive Shops in France

Ready to check out the best shops in France for scuba diving, snorkeling, shore diving, free diving or other ocean activities? Zentacle has 52 dive shops where you can rent equipment, book dives, and get guided tours. Discover hand-curated maps, along with reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. No matter what you're looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best ocean activities in France to suit your needs.
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Into the Blue

#1 - Into the Blue

Into the Blue is a retail dive shop located in Chindrieux, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
PALM Plongèe

#2 - PALM Plongèe


Structure of the city center aiming to make the practice of diving accessible to the majority, we extend the activity to the coast and the neighboring lakes to make you discover their wealth.

La Case Marine Dive Center

#3 - La Case Marine Dive Center

La Case Marine Dive Center is a cdc and retail dive shop located in Banyuls-Sur-Mer Cedex, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
United Divers France

#4 - United Divers France

United Divers France is a resort dive shop located in Veretz, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Centre de Plongée Castille

#5 - Centre de Plongée Castille

Centre de Plongée Castille is a resort dive shop located in Calvi, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Centre de Plongée l'Hippocampe

#6 - Centre de Plongée l'Hippocampe


Dédié au sport, à la détente et aux loisirs, l’Hippocampe se veut un lieu de vie et d’animation ouvert à tous les habitants du territoire, ainsi qu’aux touristes et aux vacanciers. Et c’est aussi un lieu d’apprentissage et de perfectionnement de la natation pour tous les scolaires, et d’accueil pour les clubs sportifs, qui y développeront leurs activités.

Eureka Plongee

#7 - Eureka Plongee

Eureka Plongee is a retail dive shop located in Cap d’Agde, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Plongeurs Du Monde

#8 - Plongeurs Du Monde

Plongeurs Du Monde is a resort dive shop located in Tours, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Saphir Plongée

#9 - Saphir Plongée


Start diving from home with Padi elearning courses and continue with us the practice all over the French Riviera (or/then choose the destination of your dreams) to do your diving course, in French AND English

Additional Information

A personalized follow-up is reserved for each new diver, from the beginning of his theoretical training to the practical courses. The course can be started from home with the e-Learning courses for the theoretical part, in order to save time at the vacation spot to only enjoy the part in the water!

At any time you benefit from personalized advice to succeed in your diving course, in French or in English.


Independent monitor, IDC Staff Instructor and state graduate DEJEPS, affiliated center Padi Educational Facility, does not have a classic physical center but works in partnership with diving centers: fewer boats in navigation, less waste generated, less pollution ! Aware spirit!

General Organization:

The organization of the practical lessons and the schedule belongs to Saphir Plongée, depending on availability and weather conditions.

In high summer season Open water lessons generally start on Monday afternoon, as do the DSDs.

We advise you to contact sapphire diving on this subject in order to match your own availability in order to organize the activity as well as possible:

Upscale Experience

#10 - Upscale Experience

Upscale Experience is a cdc and retail dive shop located in Saint Tropez, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Eau'Rizon Divers

#11 - Eau'Rizon Divers

Eau'Rizon Divers is a retail dive shop located in Issy Les Moulineaux, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .

#12 -

(139), PADI 5* IDC, leader du cours de plongée à Paris. 4 fosses de plongée 0/20 m, lacs aménagés, service navette, tarifs dégressifs, etc. Débutant à moniteur, votre aventure commence ICI.

Isanthea Paris

#13 - Isanthea Paris


The ISANTHEA Paris Diving School (CDC PADI center) offers you a Diving Training - Freediving Freediving - Mermaid - Tec: à la Carte from beginner to OWSI, IDC staff, Master Instructor.

Teaching is provided by a team of PADI certified instructors and a Course Director who is permanently in the Center.

Security, friendly atmosphere and a warm welcome.

We train you all year round in French and English.

Team of instructors at your disposal, to dive in swimming pool, in pit 5m 10m 20m and in natural environment in lake 30 minutes from Paris.

Formation Plongee De Luxe

#14 - Formation Plongee De Luxe

Formation Plongee De Luxe is a retail dive shop located in Puteaux, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Esprit Plongee

#15 - Esprit Plongee

To recommend without hesitation! If you are looking for a club for excellent quality training, in a friendly and friendly atmosphere, it's Esprit Plongée! "
Isula Plongée

#16 - Isula Plongée

In our center, the welcome is warm, the atmosphere friendly, and we dive in safety in the crystal clear waters of the exceptional setting of the Sanguinaires Islands. Well integrated with a hotel feet in the water, a few meters from the seaside, we do not have great distances to travel before arriving at the boats, and we can dive in almost all weathers on infrequent dives.
Planet Ocean

#17 - Planet Ocean


20 kilometers south of Biarritz, the diving center is located opposite the bay of Txingudi (Chingoudi in French) in Hendaye, in the premises of the Water Sport Center (global design center for the DECATHLON brand) of which PlanetOcean is a technical partner. and Subea brand ambassador.


32% Nitrox at no extra charge, hot tea at the end of the dive, separate changing rooms, individual showers, no bottle carrying, the boat 15m away, an on-site restaurant...


Our educational approach is designed to put you at ease and allow you to enjoy every moment!
At PlanetOcean, you are in good hands!


We believe that each customer is unique, PlanetOcean offers you individualized support and makes a point of offering high quality services at fair prices.

With us, you are pampered!


There is no planet B and that also applies to the ocean! Its protection is at the heart of our philosophy.

PlanetOcean regularly organizes, among other things, waste collection activities on the beaches.


Our team is close-knit, a bit like a small family!

All our instructors have been trained at PlanetOcean.


Underwater activities involve risks.

This is why the safety of people and equipment is our priority.


Technical partner of Subea, Decathlon's underwater activities brand, we offer you quality equipment when you come.


People with disabilities can, with the greatest possible autonomy, move around, access premises and equipment, use equipment and services, find their way around and communicate.

Access concerns all types of disability (motor, visual, auditory, mental, etc.).

CIP Nice

#18 - CIP Nice

CIP Nice is a resort dive shop located in Nice, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Manta Club

#19 - Manta Club

Manta Club is a retail dive shop located in Bandol, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .

#20 - Odyssee

Once upon a time... a group of friends who decided to come together around the same passion: the discovery of the seabed and diving. So that discovery can always rhyme with pleasure, they decided that the exploration of the big blue would be done in all conviviality, friendship and in compliance with safety rules. Thus was born in Corsica in Ajaccio , a September 2001, Odyssey diving . Nowadays it is with the same state of mind that the entire Odyssey diving team will welcome you and share their passion with you. Whether you are a fan of training or an addict of exploration, embark on a guided tour of our site, discover our various services then join us to make your dives in the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Ajaccio an unforgettable memory.
Aquatile Plongee

#21 - Aquatile Plongee


Welcome to Aquatile Plongée!

The center is open all year round and offers a wide choice of activities for non divers and certified divers ranging from training for beginners to the highest level of instructor.

Divers and hikers will find their happiness by participating in half-day or full-day getaways! Always with the small care and in small committee Karine and François will make you discover exceptional diving sites by their bio diversity.

So see you very soon!


Ecole de plongée d'Ile Rousse

#22 - Ecole de plongée d'Ile Rousse

Ideally located in the fishing port of Ile Rousse in Corsica, access to the diving center is extremely easy. The nearby car park avoids any transport of equipment. Ile Rousse beach 100 meters away as well as a nautical center allow families to wait for divers while enjoying the pleasures of the sea ( boat rental , sailing , windsurfing , jet …). The typical market of Ile Rousse as well as all the other shops are 10 minutes away on foot. Find us easily!
Ocean VID

#23 - Ocean VID

Ocean VID is a resort dive shop located in Vitrolles, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Sarl Mare Schola

#24 - Sarl Mare Schola

Sarl Mare Schola is a retail dive shop located in St. Raphael, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Centre de Plongee Ketos

#25 - Centre de Plongee Ketos

Scuba diving center - Diving initiation and training from beginner to instructor - Wreck diving - Organic diving - Children's dive from 8 years old - Aquatic hike - Introductory dive - Languages spoken English and Spanish - Group diving
Côté Plongée

#26 - Côté Plongée

At our scuba diving school since 2000, we offer PADI and French training courses, as well as introductory dive and fun dives for divers from children to adults. The courses are organized à la carte for your convenience. VIP course is also available. For non-divers, we organize guided snorkeling. For the training course, we follow the teaching standard but also integrate your needs in the schedule. We propose a complete range of scuba diving courses for from beginners to professional divers. We provide international trainings such as PADI, ANMP/CEDIP, FFESSM/CMAS as well as many spécialities for your choice : underwater navigation, deep dive, underwater photography, marine biology, night dive and nitrox, etc Why not make a big jump from today and let our instructors guide you in the crystal clear Mediterranean water. Fun dives are organized in small groups. Thanks to our privilege location and our speedboat, all the dive sites are accessible within several minutes. In order to avoid you waiting after the dive and to increase the choice of dive sites, the boat is reserved for fun dives and the last stages of training courses 2 times a day.
VSM L'Oceana

#27 - VSM L'Oceana

VSM L'Oceana is a retail dive shop located in Arcachon, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Diamond Diving France SARL

#28 - Diamond Diving France SARL

Diamond Diving is a small dive centre and school based in Golfe Juan, Cote d'Azur, South of France between Antibes and Cannes. We are just half an hour away from Nice Airport. The owner, Alex, is a recently qualified Course Director which is indicative of how seriously we take the quality of our training. Noemie, co-owner is also an experienced Instructor with a hands on approach to making sure the clients are happy (a personal mission!). We have over twenty dive sites that we dive regularly, the furthest of which is a twenty minute journey on our RIB.We pride ourselves on small numbers, quality of service, training and exploration dives. And we like to have fun!
Port Frejus Plongee

#29 - Port Frejus Plongee


Located in Fréjus / Saint Raphaël, on the French Riviera, in the Var, Port Fréjus Plongée is open to individuals and groups almost all year round. Karin and his team of enthusiasts, qualified instructors, await you for the discovery of the Mediterranean seabed. The dive sites are diversified and multi-level, ranging between the Cap Roux nature reserve, Cap Anthéor, Cap Dramont, the Lion de Mer et de Terre, the Sardinals in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and the wreck of the Ruby. Port Fréjus Plongée is an FFESSM approved commercial structure (French federation of studies and underwater sports) as well as a PADI dive center. The team is at your disposal and at your service to share with you unforgettable diving memories, whether through a baptism, training, exploration, or snorkeling. The diving center is located 4 meters from the boats: you therefore have no effort to make to load and unload your equipment! You embark on the comfortable boat La Palanquée, with a capacity of 20 divers, or on Le Kapor, a semi-rigid welcoming 14 divers, opposite the store. Sales of equipment, initially for hire, are regularly organized. It is therefore possible to buy masks, fins, slippers, gloves and small equipment on site. Different accommodations are available 5 minutes walk.

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Plougasnou Plongee

#30 - Plougasnou Plongee


The Plougasnou Diving School welcomes you in a preserved maritime area of Brittany. The marriage of fresh and salty waters of the Bay of Morlaix nourishes an exceptional and unique underwater fauna and flora in Finistère. An ocean that keeps secrets around its many islets, its Château du Taureau and its legendary spur: La Pointe de Primel.
This ridge which once hosted peoples from the East, who left no traces or buildings on it, but a name: Armor, Armorique, Le Pays de la Mer ...

The premises are based on the port of Diben, comprising: a reception room, a classroom, a men's cloakroom, a women's cloakroom, equipment storage rooms and a dryer.
The landing slipway is located close to the premises, allowing easy boarding.
New, high-performance equipment is available for hire on site. Wetsuits, stabilization vests, full regulators.

EURL CPL - Centre de plongée du Léman - Aquaventur

#31 - EURL CPL - Centre de plongée du Léman - Aquaventur


Adventure in its purest form ...


We invite you to live an extraordinary adventure, an unforgettable experience!

Aquaventure, your ice diving center in Savoie and Haute Savoie.

Introductory scuba diving, group and individual ice diving, ICE DIVING SPECIALTY, trust the pros

Du Cote De Roussay

#32 - Du Cote De Roussay

Du Cote De Roussay is a retail dive shop located in Roussay, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Fadis Diving

#33 - Fadis Diving

Our diving equipment repair shop is called L'île aux divers (IAP). It is made up of technicians specialized in diving equipment and is located in Wissous in Essonne. Our technicians carry out suit repair services, the overhaul of your regulators as well as the requalification of your pressure equipment.
Plongee Nature

#34 - Plongee Nature

The Porto-Vecchio scuba diving is an activity open to all, we will find the formula to suit your desires. All the dives take place in the exceptional setting of the Cerbicales natural reserve: The Toro, the Vacca, the various dangers, the Pinella wreck .... Two departures take place every day thanks to our 8,70m Master who takes us to site in 15 minutes, comfort on board guaranteed.
Aventure Bleue

#35 - Aventure Bleue


Aventure Bleue is a PADI 5* dive center offering excellent quality rental gear, friendly staff and diving adventures around Europe's first national marine park. 

Enjoy a great selection of dive sites around the southern French border, home to giant groupers, schools of barracuda and some of the world's best wrecks. These wrecks include the Submarine Rubis, the Togo, Donator and more, all within reasonable depth suitable for recreational divers. 

The dive center is well-equipped with rental gear, fish ID and diving books, as well as warm water showers. With a very friendly yet professional atmosphere, this center is a no-brainer for divers seeking a warm welcome. 


Lecques Aquanaut Center

#36 - Lecques Aquanaut Center

Lecques Aquanaut Center is a retail dive shop located in Saint Cyr sur Mer, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Plongee Passion La Ciotat

#37 - Plongee Passion La Ciotat

Plongee Passion La Ciotat is a retail dive shop located in La Ciotat, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
European Diving School

#38 - European Diving School




#39 - Poseidon

More than 20 different diving spots. Most of them accessible no matter your certification. Around 15 minutes only by boat to reach the diving sites. Most of them are located in the Villefranche bay. This bay has such a configuration that no matter the sea conditions, diving is always safe and visibility good. Our dives are all boat dives on the reef. You can then dive slowly along a wall or in a cavern -- sorry no wrecks in Nice's area.
  • Meeting daily: 9:00AM and 2:30PM
  • Reservation required
  • Open every day from May to October week-ends only in April and November.
  • Closed on Sunday afternoons.


  • Reservation
  • Medical certificate of no contra indication of scuba diving for certification courses and recreational divers.
  • Certification
Abyss Underwater World Explorers Nice

#40 - Abyss Underwater World Explorers Nice

From discovery to technical diving, for recreational divers and professionals, Abyss Underwater World Explorers and its instructors have been teaching the most popular diving programs in the world and meeting the standards of the best certification agencies for nearly 20 yea
L'Atelier de la Mer

#41 - L'Atelier de la Mer

Perfectly situated at the Port de la Pointe Rouge in Marseille, Atelier de la mer has developed a unique one-stop-shop concept with
  • at dive shop
  • at dive school
  • at a restaurant
  • accommodation
SARL Algajola Sport Nature

#42 - SARL Algajola Sport Nature


Our dive center is open daily from April to October.

Do not hesitate to contact us for information or to make reservations by email: or by phone: +33 (0) 680248247

We offer explorations (fun dives) in all the most beautiful sites in Balagne, PADI, CMAS and French training, first dives, and snorkeling trips.

Easy Dive Cannes

#43 - Easy Dive Cannes

Welcome To The Website Of Easy Dive, Dive Centers And Stores In Antibes Juan Les Pins And Cannes Easy Dive Are Two Of The Most Important Professional Diving Shops And Centers On The French Riviera. From Beginners To Instructors, Our Professional Instructors Holding State Certificates Are There To Help You Progress. Safely Without Ever Forgetting That The Practice Of Scuba Diving Is Above All A Hobby. You Will Find On This Site All The Necessary Elements To Discover Our Center And Prepare Your Stay, But Also To Inform You About The Standards Of Diving Practice In France (Formalities, Diplomas, Regulations, Etc.).
Nice Diving

#44 - Nice Diving


Single or in a group, explore Villefranche Bay which offers underwater caves and drops in over 30 sites. Open every day (except Sunday afternoon) from April to the 15th of December, Departure times on the boats from the port of Nice to diving spots at 9.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. Please just come 30 min before departure !

La Sirene Plongee

#45 - La Sirene Plongee

La Sirene Plongee is a resort dive shop located in Argeles Sur Mer, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Mio Palmo plongée

#46 - Mio Palmo plongée


Present in the Var since 1999

Mio Palmo invites you to dive in the Var from its two bases on the Port of Cavalaire and the Port of Hyères. We offer 2 tank dives every morning.

You will discover the magnificent rocky dives, very famous wreck dives and can go to the Port Cros National Park.

Our dive centers are comfortable, Aqualung partner center, we take special care to provide you with maintained and quality equipment.

On site, Nitrox, changing room and hot showers will be at your disposal.


#47 - Bordemer

Initiation. Vous n'avez jamais plongé ? Dès 8 ans, Bordemer vous donne un petit coup de palme et vous accompagne en douceur.

#48 - Nemausa

Nemausa is a retail dive shop located in Nimes, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .

#49 - Abyssea

Open all year round, ABYSSEA welcomes you and offers you a wide range of facilities with many pools and vast outdoor spaces: sports pool, indoor and outdoor balneo-ludic pools, slide, pentagliss, paddling pool and aquatic playground for practice swimming or your aquatic activities, maintain your form or share moments of leisure with family or friends.
Tek Dive Concept

#50 - Tek Dive Concept

Another important point of this constant flow adjustment, you can therefore by adjusting a flow according to the mixture used, switch your recycler to semi-closed mode. Nitrox in the 2 blocks, a medium pressure hose between the first two stages, a flow control associated with the Nitrox used, and wherever you are you can use your recycler. (Need to understand how a Semi Closed Recycler works)
Sarl Sous L'Eau

#51 - Sarl Sous L'Eau


5 * IDC Training Center all levels of DSD (baptism) training for instructors,

Beach and boat training, classroom,

Personalized training (No group lessons),

Diving First Aid Training (EFR),

Possibility of "pick-up" at your accommodation,


Eau'tre Vie

#52 - Eau'tre Vie

Eau'tre Vie is a retail dive shop located in Châtellerault, France. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .