Top Scuba Dive Shops in Greece

Ready to check out the best shops in Greece for scuba diving, snorkeling, shore diving, free diving or other ocean activities? Zentacle has 100 dive shops where you can rent equipment, book dives, and get guided tours. Discover hand-curated maps, along with reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. No matter what you're looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best ocean activities in Greece to suit your needs.
Greece dive site map
Chalki Dive Center

#1 - Chalki Dive Center


We are the only one PADI dive center on the wonderful Chalki island. Our first priority is to offer unique scuba diving experience to island's visitors. We offer lessons for beginners who have never tried diving, Fun diving for certified divers of all levels, all certifications courses of PADI and many specialty courses. Additionally, we organize daily private excursions to get to know the hidden beauties of the island, to swim at the secluded beaches and admire the crystal clear waters with the famous clarity either usiing scuba gear or just plain with a mask and fins.

Phoenix Dive Club

#2 - Phoenix Dive Club

The best way to learn diving is with a dive center you can trust completely. ​ Phoenix Dive Club was the first PADI dive center to be founded in Crete. For over 20 years we have been training diver to a high level and created enthusiasts in this sport. Our outstanding diver training follows PADI standards and we enjoy an excellent reputation all over the world. Our instructors love diving and each one of them started their career in our dive center. ​ Our dive courses are very personalized, easygoing, and professional. As a PADI 5 Star Gold Palm resort (one of the highest ranking for PADI dive centers) we can offer all PADI courses that are available. No matter, if you wish to broaden your knowledge about underwater plants or animals, or if you want to acquire new skills. We have the appropriate course for you
Kalymnos Diving Center

#3 - Kalymnos Diving Center

Kalymnos Diving Center is a 5 STAR PADI Dive Resort. With personalized care and attention we offer PADI training & certification for beginners, PADI Specialty and Advanced training for certified divers and guided boat Dives to the most spectacular dive sites of Kalymnos Island Greece! Our dive trips are done in small groups of upt to 6 divers.
Dive Med

#4 - Dive Med

It is evident Dive Med College management team has succeeded in reflecting their professionalism and are ever striving to improve the quality in every aspect to make Dive Med College surpass the already high standards of safety and quality.

After all these years of experience in diving education, we are among the biggest and most respected diving school in Greece. We have also introduced our school on an International level and are now ranking among the leading
diving educators of other European training facilities. We also take part in major diving exhibitions in Europe to reflect our professional image.

Dive Med College has been involved in teaching scuba diving in Greece since 1982 and was until few years ago still the only diving operation in Rhodes.

Our name reflects our international status. It is our aim to cater and train divers properly and efficiently. This is why we specially select an enthusiastic, friendly team of professional instructors to care for our clients and to open
up the world of diving to people with little or no experience.

Safety is always our first consideration and we employ approximately 40 to 50 highly trained staff, providing the highest possible service and safety conditions. No expense in spared where safety is concerned and cutting costs would never take precedence over safety aspects.

Dive Med College has a range of insurances covering their boats, passengers and divers. All of our equipment, including diving gear, compressors, boats, inflatables and vehicles are new, well maintained and extremely reliable.

Aqua Team EE

#5 - Aqua Team EE



More than 30 Dive Sites await for you to explore them.
At least 10 of them in less than 5 minutes from our base.

Small coves, reefs and shoals, caves, wrecks and walls full of lobsters, shrimps and crayfish. Each dive is at a different site so that you are never bored.
From deep to very deep , night dives or drift dives, as well as calm dives in small coves, far away from currents, in places full of marine life. Unique seascapes and crystal clear waters invite marine enthusiasts to a never ending, enjoyable adventure.

Pro Dive Lefkas O.E

#6 - Pro Dive Lefkas O.E

Pro Dive Lefkas O.E is a resort dive shop located in Nidri, Lefkada, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Kalafati Dive Center

#7 - Kalafati Dive Center

Diving on Mykonos Island means diving into the past and ancient history with each stroke of your fins. Amphorae and pots can be seen, traces of the ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. The Aegean Sea offers diverse underwater sceneries with canyons, rock walls and a incredible visibility of 30 – 40 meters. But also diving here offers wreck diving: old and new ships have sunk in this area. The “Peloponnesos”, in particular which sunk in 1926 onto one of the most beautifully colourful reefs with its plants and abundance of fish, is a rarity. Parts of the ship are found in the shallows and the well preserved tail in deeper waters. “Anna II” is a cargo ship which sunk in 1995. It can be reach in only 10 minutes by boat “Anna II” offers all the advantages of wreck diving: a reef with a lot of variety in a perfect depth of 20 – 30 meters and a wreck that is also very well preserved.
The Subsea Project

#8 - The Subsea Project

The Subsea Project is a retail dive shop located in Acharnes, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Intro Dive

#9 - Intro Dive

Our vision is to bring our clients into the 21st century through innovation, modern diving ways, state of the art diving equipment and safe diving boats. Intro Dive mission is to provide everyone from first-time participants to professional instructor for divers with the world’s best recreational, technical and sidemount diving equipment and training
Tech Diving Team

#10 - Tech Diving Team


Scuba diving center at Loutraki, Greece.

From April to November, we organize daily boat trips for Snorkelling, Free Diving & Scuba Diving at the Corinthian Gulf.

Flisvos Dive Center

#11 - Flisvos Dive Center

Flisvos Dive Center is a retail dive shop located in Flisvos, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Atlantis Dive Center

#12 - Atlantis Dive Center

Atlantis Dive Center covers all PADI programs . Discover below the course for beginners to professionals. Especially at Atlantis Dive Center Elastic program on demand and special Open Water Diver if the trainee wishes. Atlantis Dive Center's new success in Open Water hosting is being rewarded with many new Open Water divers. Offering the PADI Open Water Diver as a special and with a schedule chosen by the prospective diver is bringing many new divers into diving, as it turns out that the difficulties in business hours were keeping many people out of diving classes. INSURANCE COVER Atlantis Dive Center offers hands-on course insurance for DAN (Divers Alert Network) participants, the world's leading amateur scuba diving insurance organization. Classes are held throughout the year! School times are planned based on your schedule. Completion and time depends on the degree of understanding and performance of the required theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
Athens Divers Club

#13 - Athens Divers Club

Athens Divers Club is a retail and tecrec dive shop located in Athens, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
AXD Diving Center

#14 - AXD Diving Center

AXD Diving Center is a retail dive shop located in Alexandroupoli, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Volcano Bubbles Diving School

#15 - Volcano Bubbles Diving School


Volcano Bubbles Diving school is the dive center of Nisyros. We offer diving experiences and courses from beginner up to professional level.

Marathon Divers Club

#16 - Marathon Divers Club


To Divers Club-Marathon Bay School Is Autonomous And Free Diving And First Aid, Operating Since 1988 In The County Of Evian Gulf. The Headquarters Of Our Theoretical Courses Located In Nea Makri-L. Marathon 417. The Minutes Of Our Courses And All Water Activities Are Carefully Selected Locations In The Southern Gulf Of Evia. Strains Diversclub-Marathon Bay Divers Are Familiar With The Security Of Sports Diving, Lifeguards Are Trained And Operate Environmentally Conscious. The Divers Club - Marathon Bay Represents The Most Important Educational Institutions In The World Diving: Padi, Andi. Our School Is Affiliated To The Largest Insurance Agency Divers Dan (Divers Alert Network).

SEAvery OE

#17 - SEAvery OE


Seavery water sports and scuba diving club is located in Siviri in the first peninsula ( Kassandra ) of Halkidiki . We specialize in Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Windsurf, Water Ski, Wakeboard, Water tubes, Jet Ski, SUP and Canoe.

Caldera Diving

#18 - Caldera Diving

Caldera Diving is a retail dive shop located in Santorini, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Dolphin Diving Center

#19 - Dolphin Diving Center

Dolphin Diving Center is a resort dive shop located in Skiathos, Sporades, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Islanders Zante Diving

#20 - Islanders Zante Diving

Islanders Zante Diving is a resort dive shop located in Zakynthos, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Amaso Dive Center

#21 - Amaso Dive Center

Amaso Dive Center is a retail dive shop located in Ikaria, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Gorgona Divers

#22 - Gorgona Divers


PADI Dive Resort located on Thassos Island, from beginner to professional levels, we are prepared to offer the best training and safety while having great fun! With a strong background and experience based on many years diving and teaching in different environments (army, professional, recreational and technical diving) and students of all levels of training, Gorgona Divers invites all sea lovers to leave the ordinary and take the plunge into the marvels of the Thassos underwater world. With us you will learn about the science of diving, discover SCUBA diving and immerse yourself into the joy of the sea!

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Paxos Oasi Sub

#23 - Paxos Oasi Sub


Paxos Oasi Sub dive center welcoms you to Paxos island in Greece. Center offers exciting dives for both experienced divers and beginners. Being on an island offers you the comfort of diving directly from the boat and from the shore. The owner and instructor Angelos Moumouris is enthusiastic, ambitious and hard working, and his varied roles in the past give him a broadened outlook to his life and work. Hi work well with people and hi is quick to act under pressure, responding rapidly to changing situations, whether helping stressed divers underwater or dealing with stressed students on the surface.

Kalymnos Diving

#24 - Kalymnos Diving

Kalymnos Diving is a retail dive shop located in Kalymnos, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Kavala Diving Center

#25 - Kavala Diving Center

Kavala Diving Center is a retail dive shop located in Kavala, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .

#26 - Hydrovius


Established in 2000, Hydrovius  Diving Center is the only  Diving resort on Leros.

Over the last 17 years we have built a reputation of professionalism and customer service second to none.

The dive center is located directly at the sea side, about 1 km from capital town Agia Marina. The center has all the necessary certifications and safety measures. It is equipped with all required diving gear (also for rental), has showers/WC, cleaning basins and storage space, classroom for theory classes. 

Two dive boats are available. 

Heaps of history to discover.

Leros is known as the "Malta of the Aegean" and the "Mekka of wrecks"!!!


#27 - Cretandivers

Cretandivers is a retail dive shop located in Heraklion, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Ionian Dive Center

#28 - Ionian Dive Center

Over 70% Of The Earth'S Surface Is Covered With Water. The Allure And Mystery Of The Underwater World Has Inspired The Human Imagination Since Prehistory, From The Mythological Monsters Described By Seafaring People, To The Science Fiction Of Jules Verne And The Modern Underwater Adventures In Hollywood Films. Breath-Hold Diving, Dangerous Though It Can Be, Has Been Used To Collect Pearls, Sponges And Valuable Commodities From The Sea Floor For Many Generations Advances In Underwater Exploration Began Nearly Three Centuries Ago Using Diving Bells And Large Cumbersome Sealed Suits Using Pumped Air From The Surface. Only Very Recently Advances In Technology And Mechanics Have Allowed People To Visit This Domain Safely For Exploration Using Comfortable, Self-Contained Air Delivery Systems. Today, Scuba Diving Is Accessible To Almost Anyone With Only A Modest Investment In Equipment. Anywhere You Want To Dive You Can Usually Find A Dive Shop Near-At-Hand To Rent Tanks, Go On A Guided Dive With A Master Diver, Take A Chartered Boat Or Just Strap On The Tanks And Swim Out From The Shore Scuba Dining Is An Amazing Feeling And Is As Close As A Person Can Get To Being Weightless Without Going Into Space.
Aegina Divers - Scuba Brothers

#29 - Aegina Divers - Scuba Brothers

Aegina Divers - Scuba Brothers is a retail dive shop located in Aegina Island, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Sea World Scuba Diving Center Kos

#30 - Sea World Scuba Diving Center Kos


Welcome to Sea World Scuba Diving Center Kos at Kefalos bay. We invite you to dive in one of the most beautiful locations and beaches in Greece. Live a unique underwater life experience exploring the magnificent Kastri islet,  

Ocean Blue Diving School

#31 - Ocean Blue Diving School


The school is owned by husband & wife team Keven & Beverley Di Par who are both passionate about personal development and helping individuals to reach their full potential. The school is based within the grounds of our home in Saint António’s, Skiathos and we are open from early May through to late October. This is where we deliver some of our training courses either in our own purpose-built Scuba pool or within our private teaching areas. The school is also the perfect environment for those beginners or those who haven’t dived for a while to try diving or to refresh their diving skills in a private pool.

Our dive boat is a new 20216.5m Tomahawk RIB with a 150bhp engine. It has all the modern amenities and has been specifically designed for scuba diving comfortability.

Because our dive boat operates from a variety of locations around the island, we are able to depart from beaches close to where our guests are staying including the Port, Kolios, Megali Ammos and Ftelia.

We supply all divers with equipment that is well maintained and serviced

although if you have your own equipment, you can store your it at the school during your holiday.

Diving Store

#32 - Diving Store


Our diving store
 Diving Store was conceived by people who love to dive and love to share their deep passion with others. Our goal is to live according to our mantra ‘life is a beach’ and on the same time make diving accessible to everyone, offering high quality services in training new or experienced divers, as well as providing escort for certified divers on trips in Greece and abroad.
 How we do it?
 But it is very simple, we think as if we were you, the people who come into contact with Diving Store. We offer our future divers what we would like to get if we were them.
 We offer knowledge, safety, courtesy, good quality gear, comfortable boats, functional facilities and -last but not least- a nice and pleasant environment.
 So if you wonder which diving center to choose to explore the underwater world, humbly but surely, we will say that the best choice is Diving Store.

BlueIsland Divers

#33 - BlueIsland Divers


We offer both scuba and free diving. 

Scuba divers can train up to and including DiveMaster and Freedivers are able to complete the basic, freediver and Advanced freediver certifications.

We also have a number of wrecks, caverns and plenty of life. So there is never a shortage of thigs to see, once you are under the water.


#34 - Keadivers


Keadivers is a PADI Dive Center located on Kea island, part of the Cyclades complex of islands, just one hour by ferry trip from Athens mainland area.

This is a great destination for beginners as well as for experienced or even Tec divers. The region's warm, clear waters are ideal for teaching PADI courses. Certified divers can look forward to wall, drift dives and deep water exploration. 

Kea is famous for its numerous wreck. Among the best wreck dives in the Mediterranean, the famous 19th century paddle wheeled steamer Patris, in a depth between 28-40 m, is still in a very good condition and is located very close to our dive center. Swimming and snorkeling trips are also available for non-divers.

The operation boasts new and well-maintained equipment as well as top quality fast 9  meter RIBs.  

Please note: If you check in to the hotel after 15.30 the first day, you will not be able to dive this day. Remember also that you cannot dive for 12 hours before your return flight.

During July and August we operate mainly from our secondary base, in Koundouraki beach, at the south west partof the island ( due to favourable weather conditions) which is 30 minutes drive from the hotel. That means that it is recommended for the clients to book also a rental car for their transport on the island, considering that we (keadivers) are not able to provide such service. Otherwise they will need to take a taxi to move back and forth.


Nemo Scuba Diving Resort

#35 - Nemo Scuba Diving Resort


Once the diving season opens, Nemo scuba diving resort organizes discounted diving courses. They are held in Greece on the Halkidiki peninsula. You can explore crystal clear waters, see many underwater inhabitants, have a great time and a lot of good memories. All in the beautiful atmosphere of sunny, mythical Greece.


X-ta-sea Divers

#36 - X-ta-sea Divers

Our 1st dive base where we begin our dives is located on the well preserved beach of Small Santa Maria This place has the advantage of being in close proximity to the best dive sites on the island. It is located so that potential weather conditions do not affect the dives since we have many dive sites to choose from.
Diving Solutions Thessaloniki

#37 - Diving Solutions Thessaloniki


Anything about diving is here. Join us , Join the adventure with us. 

Heraklion Diving Center

#38 - Heraklion Diving Center


Our company was founded in 1977 by Andreas Panagiotidis, having as main sales sectors: boats, outboard engines, marine equipment, fishing & camping gear, SCUBA equipment.

In 2007 we started a diving school that operates in Heraklion, Crete, throughout the year and today the diving center in Hersonissos operates during the summer from April - October.

The dive center is hosted at a beautiful sea side location and where we welcome you to visit and meet us. We offer quality services in small groups and safety is our top priority.
We teach with respect to the sea and marine life and always promote an ecology mindset to our students and visitors.

Joins us for some unique diving experiences.

+30 6972930349 for Whatsapp

Dolphin Diving Center

#39 - Dolphin Diving Center

Welcome On The Dolphin Diving Center Website. My Name Is Manthos Fanaras And I Am The Owner Of The Diving School . I Took My First Underwater Breath In 1978 And Since Then I Have Gained A Lot Of Diving Experience All Over The World.After Years Of Effort I Finally Succeeded In Obtaining The Permission Of The Greek Ministry Of Culture To Scuba Dive Around This Island, In 1989.
Cool Experience

#40 - Cool Experience


My mission is to offer to anyone the amazing experience of diving while at the same time being a role model and make the protection of the environment a second nature for them.

My vision is for our future generations to be able to enjoy the amazing biodiversity that we enjoy as divers ideally in a less burdened environment than we are.

How will I make it possible?

By having a holistic approach to diving and integrating environmental protection in all aspects of training and services I offer.

Diver's Corner

#41 - Diver's Corner


Learning to dive is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Earning your PADI certification will forever change the way you see the world, both above and below the surface. As PADI Professionals we make underwater exploration and scuba diving adventures possible while maintaining the highest standards for diver training, safety and customer service.

Sea Action

#42 - Sea Action

Sea Action is a resort dive shop located in Chalkidiki, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .

#43 - Godivemykonos


Established dive center in Mykonos offering fun diving, discover scuba diving, private / personal diving services and scuba courses in Greece's crystal clear waters. 

Blue Lagoon Divers

#44 - Blue Lagoon Divers


Welcome to our friendly little, family run PADI dive center at the heart of Symi. The first and only dive center based here in Symi island, we can show you sights undiscovered for hundreds of years since the times of Symi Sponge fishermen in the classical dive suits with helmets.

On the island, we have dive sites with very high chances to turtles every dive, dolphin pods in the area and monk seals in the area.
On top of that, we have cavern dives, wrecks, walls, reefs and sunken villages all to explore in one of the first diving locations in the world. The island is saturated with diving history and we'll be glad to share it with you.

Seahorse Dive Center

#45 - Seahorse Dive Center

  • Seahorse is a PADI 5 STAR Instructor Development Center, operating all year round, seven days a week. 

The dive shop is based in Varkiza an Eastern beach suburb of Athens. 

We cater for all dive enthusiasts – from single divers looking for a dive buddy, through to large dive groups or clubs. 

Also, we run snorkel tours for those keen to experience the underwater world from a different perspective. 

We arrange day trips by boat and dive without getting too far away from Athens! From the dive shop it only takes two minutes to reach the jetty where is our boat for a diving excursion to nearby islands. The sites are varied and well protected, with breathtaking topography and an abundance of marine life. Walls, wrecks, caves are some of the kind of day or night diving, we offer!!! 

Our goal is to have fun but put safety and customer service top on the dive plan. 

Skiathos Diving Centre

#46 - Skiathos Diving Centre

SKIATHOS DIVING CENTER Dive in Skiathos for the great underwater visibility (up to 30 meters).for the Ideal under sea temperature (22-29 degrees celcium)to enjoy the natural enviromentas it is a safe and unforgettable experiencewith experienced and quilifie
Lesvos Scuba Oceanic Centre

#47 - Lesvos Scuba Oceanic Centre


Fully equipped Base. “Elite” Instructors. Best Service. Based together with Longgar beach bar. 15 km from Mytilene city.

Sea-Dream Divers

#48 - Sea-Dream Divers

Sea-Dream Divers is a resort dive shop located in Rethymno, Crete, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Blue Adventures Diving Ltd

#49 - Blue Adventures Diving Ltd

Blue Adventures Diving is a Five Star PADI Instructor Development Center offering recreational diving and courses for novice and experienced divers maintaining the highest possible standards of diver safety and education. Located at Chania on the beautiful island of Western Crete, Greece, our dive center and shop are situated in the center on the impressive Venetian harbour.

Established in 1993, Blue Adventures Diving has grown successfully throughout the years making it one of the top dive centers in the diving industry in Europe. Our management but also our highly qualified staff has worked hard year after year to ensure our excellent reputation and growing popularity. Our staff is carefully selected from areas throughout Europe, offering guided tours and instruction in many different languages.

All our excursions are executed from one of our boats. Our 25mtr dive boat was built in 2008, and is specifically designed to accommodate all of our diving programs to include all dive courses. Our boat trip caters not only our divers, but also their friends and family, offering them a relaxed holiday environment in a safe and comfortable way. All our programs are conducted on the same trip therefore all friends and family members can enjoy a one day holiday excursion.

Our 7 meter rib offers scuba diving options that are more challenging to divers. These dives can be specially arranged to meet your individual diving needs within your budget requirements. Our unique dives are organized upon request only.

Scuba Diving equipment sales: Our specialized dive shop offers a wide selection of the internationally renowned scuba diving equipment. You’ll find brand names such as Mares, Cress, Sherwood, Scubapro, Suunto computers and many more at unbeatable prices. Whether you are interested in Scuba diving equipment or Free diving equipment, our very experienced staff will help you purchase the equipment suited to your needs.

Stay Wet Diving Center

#50 - Stay Wet Diving Center


The Stay Wet Diving Center started operating in March 1995 starting with a few certified divers and expanded to one of the best organized diving bases in Crete. 

Recognized by the Greek government, member of the PADI Resort Association and certified by the quality control organization Veritas, it is keeping a high standard of security and service. Only half an hour (20km) west of Heraklion - the capital of Crete - and next to Agia Pelagia, you will find a variety of excellent dive sites with warm and crystal clear water. 

The dive center is equipped with 24 m2 BAUER compressor and complete and latest up-to-date equipment from Aqualung and Cressi.Sub for 30 divers. The tanks can be used for DIN and YOKE versions. We arrange boat dives with Rib-boats with out-board engines who bring our certified divers to the surrounding dive spots. Our shop provides equipment service and sales as well as rental for reasonable rates. 

Qualified technicians formed by Aqualung and Cressi.Sub take care of the maintenance of all our equipment. Of course we are supplied with an emergency kit including oxygen. The team consists of internationally recognized and experienced instructors and divemasters to teach you all level of PADI courses. We can communicate with you in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Greek.

Interdive Diving Club

#51 - Interdive Diving Club

After many years in the commercial diving area, installing offshore cables and pipes, cleaning ship hulls, constructing moorings, salvaging ships etc. we decided to put all our experience in the recreational diving area. But this happened gradually like all good things in life. Working for so long in a very strict and full of hardship environment made as experts in making our little time off intervals really count. First came the place. We chose the small island of Agistri , not only because of its proximity to Piraeus Port but also for the wonderful scenery that provides over and under the sea surface. Here we did all our leisure diving and discovered a lovely cove in Dorousa Island where we prepared our barbeques to add a bit of spender in our lives. Then came the salvaging of Astrolavos . Well now we had the means to invite more friends to join our private paradise, as we like to call Agistri. One thing lead to another and the ideas to create a small diving center and a traditional boat island tour to share with everybody, formed our business. You can hardly call a diving center with a decompression chamber on board our support ship Captain Babis, a boat like Astrolavos and our diving expertise small but we don't like to brag. As we did with our friends we would like to invite you all in our love for diving and the good life. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need us to handle your travel arrangements.

#52 - Amphibious

Amphibious is a retail dive shop located in Cholargos, Athens, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Diving Center Atlantis

#53 - Diving Center Atlantis

Diving Center Atlantis is a resort dive shop located in Rethymno, Crete, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Porto-Heli Scuba Club

#54 - Porto-Heli Scuba Club

Season’s greetings to all our friends around the world, and wishing you all the best for the New Year until we are diving again! In the spirit of Christmas, does anyone know what this wonderful creature is…? 🎄
Navys Waterworld Dive Center

#55 - Navys Waterworld Dive Center

We run daily dive excursions and offer all levels of PADI dive education, from Discover Scuba diving experiences to instructor courses and beyond. Snorkelers are also welcome to join us, as all the dive sites are highly suitable for snorkelers as well as for divers and we run dedicated snorkel safaris daily around the cliffs, headlands and volcanic scenery of our beautiful island. If you want to dive with Nitrox and are Nitrox certified this is available also and free of charge, so you can enjoy the dives even longer.

#56 - Diveness



The Dive Center

#57 - The Dive Center

The Diving Centre is a PADI 5 star IDC centre located in East Boldon South Tyneside. We run PADI courses from beginner try dive sessions all the way up to instructor. We have some of the best training facilities in the country with our own on-site heated swimming pool and state of the art classrooms. This enables us to provide the highest levels of training from our team of experienced and passionate instructors. We schedule courses weekly and at convenient times and with our own facilities we can accommodate any ones time schedule. Check out the courses page for full list of courses available. As well as running course we also have a fully stocked retail shop covering all your diving and water sports needs from all the leading manufactures at competitive rates. There is also an online shop with next day delivery. We also have and active and exciting dive scene which is open to divers of all ages and abilities. We organises social events, diving seminars, local diving and trips in the UK and worldwide. Check out our trips page for full details. We are proud to be a PADI award winning dive centre, voted Outstanding Development and Dedication to Diving 2012 by PADI EMEA.
Coral Diving Center

#58 - Coral Diving Center

Coral Diving Center is located in Anissaras Hersonissos, 25 km east-wards from the airport of Heraklion. The area of Anissarasis just before the town of Hersonissos and the Dive Center is located directly on the beach road (Poseidon Street) between the Serita Beach Hotel and Cretan Village Hotel. Coral Diving Center is opened every day between 09.00 h 19.00 h.
Atlantis Oia

#59 - Atlantis Oia

Atlantis Oia is a retail dive shop located in Thira Santorini, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Nima Dive Center

#60 - Nima Dive Center


Nima dive centre is established at Agia Anna beach on Naxos island. Its purpose is to provide unforgettable underwater experiences and to introduce the participants to the beautiful marine life of Naxos island and the surrounding areas. Our very experienced team will be on hand to teach, provide advice and guarantee the safety of all divers that take part whilst ensuring the most enjoyable time underwater. Visit us to begin your diving adventure.

Korinthos Dive

#61 - Korinthos Dive

Discover The Secrets Of Diving And The Underwater World Of The Corinthian Diving Center In Corinth. We Are A Stone'S Throw From The Beach And Close To Suburban Station. So In No Time From The Moment You Decide You'Re Ready To Discover A Fascinating New World And Simultaneously A World Of Calm And Relaxation. We Provide A Full Program Of Educational Seminars For Both Beginners And Advanced, And Of Course The Necessary Diving Equipment. Classes Are Small Groups Of 2-3 People, Or Individually If You Request It. Our Diving Center Is Certified By Padi And Our Educational Programs Are Supported Entirely By It. Our Facilities Are Modern, The Classroom Is Equipped With All The Necessary Media And The Shop Has Everything One Needs To Escape From Everyday Life. Our Prices In Both Training Packages And Equipment Available Are Truly Unbeatable ... The Trainer And Owner Of Dive School Biniaris Dimitris Be Certified And Approved By Both The Greek State And The World Organization Of Padi. Constantly Updated And Trained With A View To Continuous Improvement Of Services. The Training Programs Are Supported Entirely By Padi And The Candidates Are Trained In The Most Modern Way (Audiovisual, Dvd, Cd-Rom).
Crostaceo Dive Center & Watersports Club

#62 - Crostaceo Dive Center & Watersports Club

Crostaceo Dive Center & Watersports Club is a resort dive shop located in Loutraki Korinthias, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Ionian Divers

#63 - Ionian Divers


Ionian Divers

Lefkas Diving Center

#64 - Lefkas Diving Center


Lefkas Diving Center is a 5* PADI dive center offering a full range of courses and fun dives in the sparkling Mediterranean sea.

Lefkas Diving Center is a well-established and highly-reputed center, with 22 years experience in these waters. On site you'll find the perfect pool like conditions in which to master some of the basic diving concepts, before heading off to an inviting shallow reef for an open water adventure. Experienced divers can further their education with a PADI specialty or just enjoy your sport with fantastic drift and night dives or with some underwater photography.

Divers Academy Athens

#65 - Divers Academy Athens





Dive Code

#66 - Dive Code

Dive Code is a retail dive shop located in Messinia, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Odyssey Diving Club

#67 - Odyssey Diving Club

Odyssey Diving Club is a resort dive shop located in Ithaca, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Searacer Dive Academy

#68 - Searacer Dive Academy

Searacer is located in Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort. We offer you unforgettable experiences in scuba diving and water sports. We provide you everything you’ll need and you just add the fun. You will learn how to waterski, wakeboarding and scuba dive from our best instructors. We are open every day from 9:00am to 20:00pm from Monday to Sunday.
Vasiliadis Diving Club - Thassos

#69 - Vasiliadis Diving Club - Thassos

Vasiliadis Diving Club school is located in Thassos - the bright green island with the dentelated coastline and its rich ancient history - which is the pearl of north Aegean Sea. It is only 12 nautical miles away from the city of Kavala and 6 from the town of Keramoti, with which it is connected daily with ferry boats during summer months. The airport of Kavala ""Great Alexander"" is 10 minutes by car from Keramoti. The school is located in the south of the island, in Potos, one of the best tourirst resorts with nice little taverns and beach bars next to the sandy beaches and crystal clear blue sea.

The training provided in "Vasiliadis Diving Club" school follows the high standards of PADI, the biggest organisation in the world which is based on the efficiency of the diver and has as a primary aim the trainee's safety. Both the staff and the trainees are insured in DAN EUROPE, one of the biggest insurance companied in the field of diving.

Divers are transported with a 10m polyesteric fast boat of Regent Hellas with a 6-cylinder engine of 250hp, 4.2l turbo diesel which transfers us fast and safely to the diving areas.

From March to October we do training and recreational dives daily. We organise trips abroad and in Greece. The most common places we have visited are shipwrecks, underwater caves, walls and coral reefs. Vasiliadis Diving Club has been to many places in Greece, Malta, Israel and Egypt - with the coral reefs, dolphins and te submarine that dives you down to 80 meters deep, Luxemburg - with its underwater city in an artificial dam, a lake in Belgium near Mons, Holland - with the many canals and toulips and Kielo in Northern Germany. All of you who will not have the chance to dive with us will be able to enjoy the clear blue waters and swim or visit some archaeological sites in the area.

During winter our dives take place in the area of Kavala and most specifically in Nea Iraklitsa.

As a school we have undertaken the initiative in cleaning beaches and ports since we believe that nature must be protected and respected.


#70 - ErgoDive

The diving company ERGODIVE Loumis Diving Team has been active in the field of diving work, technical work on ships, fish farms, construction of harbors and buoys, and repairs to dams, pipelines and hydroelectric plants for the last 18 years. Professional training combined with long experience in the field of subsea projects and underwater works make ERGODIVE one of the most reliable and widely recognized diving crews with a number of important projects to its credit. The company was founded in 1999 by the professional diver, Yiannis Loumis, who has many years of experience in projects both in Greece and abroad. Under his guidance, a team of certified divers provides underwater professional services with absolute consistency and dedication. At the same time, the competent administrative staff ensures immediate service to any need, and guarantees the delivery of the project with perfection and without delays. ERGODIVE Loumis Diving Team is in compliance with the strictest safety rules, and has a diving team license from the Ministry of Merchant Shipping and the Port Authority of Porto Helio.
Nero-Sport Diving Center

#71 - Nero-Sport Diving Center

As the only German dive center on the island, we have welcomed you to the small, tranquil village of Limni Keriou in the south-east of Zakynthos for more than 35 years. Situated on the western shores of the Mediterranean, it is the southernmost island of the Ionian Sea and was named "Fiore di Levante" or the Flower of the East by the Venetians.
Dive Easy!

#72 - Dive Easy!


Dive Easy, Corfu, dive everyday. Beginners and experienced divers. Small groups always guided by a certified Instructor (special procedures with children). We also offer PADI diving courses.

Dive sites are chosen depending on weather conditions and divers’ experience. We offer:Try scuba dive for those who want to experience and discover the underwater world (no experience required); wrecks: five ship wrecks to choose from - depths between 8 m to 42 m; walls: many wall dives with different marine life - depths between 6 m till 30 m; reefs: all over the island - starting from 1 m down to 30 m and ideal for every level of experience; caves: different caves for different tastes and levels - depths from 4 m to 30 m; Enriched Air Nitrox: courses and dives. Snorkeling trips also available. We provide the basic equipment.

Aquatic World

#73 - Aquatic World


Padi Tec Dive Club in Kefalonia island GREECE

Dive Point

#74 - Dive Point

Dive Point is a retail dive shop located in Stella Village, Crete, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Royal Blue Diving

#75 - Royal Blue Diving

Royal Blue Diving is a retail dive shop located in Creta, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
No Limits Watersports & Dive Centre

#76 - No Limits Watersports & Dive Centre

No Limits Watersports & Dive Centre is a resort dive shop located in Kastro Ilias, Greece. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Skopelos Dive Center

#77 - Skopelos Dive Center

We are "running"a diving business. Scuba diving and snorkeling in Skopelos, is a unique lifelong experience. History, untouched natural environment, rich biodiversity, interesting geological structures and important cultural elements are among a lot of others most important reason to dive with us. Furthermore we offer a combination of warm hospitality, adequate infrastructures and qualitative services. All the above is an ideal mix that offers memorable diving experiences. Our main office and diving base can be found in Skopelos port srtaight out of the ferry embarcation dock. Also we oerate a second base of ''Skopelos Dive Center'' at Panormos bay (Adrina Beach Hotel). Our diving boats might be seen also at Agnontas port, a secondary harbor of Skopelos. We provide Diver level as well as Professional level courses for recreational diving and Emergency First Response education. Ideal for those who wish to learn how to dive safely and responsibly in open waters. Valuable underwater experiences is a must for "Skopelos Dive Center"and we are ready to offer them to all our customers. Our guided dives and tours for snorkeling are the best way to promote an environmental awareness through inwater activities. And this is our "moto".
Sifnos Diving Center

#78 - Sifnos Diving Center

After Considerable Experience In The Egyptian Red Sea , It’S A Great Honor To Open A First Dive Center On Sifnos Island In Greece. According To The World-Class Magazine “National Geographic”, Sifnos Is One Of The Ten Most Charming And Exotic Islands, Included Within The List Of Destinations Such As The Bahamas, Seychelles, French Polynesia, The Netherlands Antilles, Etc.
Sea U

#79 - Sea U

Sea U Dive Resort Is Located At The Hora Of Folegandros Which Is Distinguished For Its Cycladic Character, The Narrow Streets With The White-Washed Houses And The Famous Venetian Castle, Which All Make Part Of Its Exceptional Beauty. Our Dive Center’S Goal Is To Introduce The Visitors Of The Island But Also The Locals To The Wonderful Sea World Of Folegandros. It Is About To Connect The Man And The Sea. Even If You Have Never Put A Diving Mask On Before, You Should Come And Explore With Us The Magical World Of The Bottom Of The Sea And The Blue-Green Water Of Our Island. Capture Beautiful Pictures Of The Aegean Sea Bottom And Swim In The Crystal-Clear Sea Of Folegandros.
Kos Divers

#80 - Kos Divers

Kos Divers diving center founded on 2003 � We are some of the few lucky people who make a job what we love!We are a diving center in Kos, which is one of the Dodecanese islands in Greece. Padi, Technical diving and DAN coursesThe majority of our time is spent on recreational diving courses and fun divesThe last years we try to grow Technical diving running IANTD technical courses and dives.DAN courses and services are also available in Kos divers with the aim of increasing the knowledge and sense of responsibility of recreational divers.In Kos Divers we try to remember why we got into diving and make sure that we keep our enthusiasm for sharing the wonders of the underwater world with others and maybe change their life!
Royal Octopus Dive Center

#81 - Royal Octopus Dive Center


Royal Octopus Dive Centre, formed in 2018, is an official Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) dive centre, located in Kolymbari, just 20 km west of Chania. Our experienced instructors will help you to enter this new world with safety, confidence and FUN. With over 70% of our world's surface being covered with water, learning to dive can introduce you to a whole new life where you can experience the wonders of the underwater world. For those less confident in the water or who would prefer to stay nearer the surface, snorkelling trips are also available. Activities can be arranged for individuals, groups or families and take place at several sites around the beautiful Rodopou Peninsula in the north-west of Crete. All activities and prices include full insurance, equipment, transportation to and from your accommodation and the services of our fully - qualified and highly - experienced instructors. With our brand new SCUBAPRO equipment, PADI accredited courses and friendly staff you will feel totally safe and free to enjoy the undersea world - and just have fun with us.

Dive & Fun IKE

#82 - Dive & Fun IKE