Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Nord-Est Department

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Rock Steps

#1 - Rock Steps


Rock Steps has a good number of hard corals including acropora and brain. One can also find very large barrel sponges at this site. Where many sites in Haiti are sadly lacking in fish, this site is visited by schools of fish. There is often presence of a long shore current and having a boat there to allow for a leisurely drift dive is the best way to go. Named after the rock steps formed naturally on the shore, this site is best accessed by boat from Ft. Liberte but can also be accesses by road. About 20 meters from the turn off to Ft. Liberte from the main highway is a dirt road going East. Take this road and at every crossroads take a right to stay close to the edge of the bay. This will eventually take you to Fort Labouque. From Ft. Labouque, Rock Steps is a considerable walk along the shore. The entry from shore is over a rocky bottom with sea urchins and one must take care in walking over the rocks. It is doable but hiring a boat is the safest method.
Caracol Barrier Reef

#2 - Caracol Barrier Reef


The reef is very interesting as it is cut through by large channels where water movement in and out of the Caracol bay has eroded the reef away. The reef does not have lots of coral growth on it but it attracts fish due to its irregular formation. To get to the Caracol Reef you need to hire a boat from Ft. Lberte town. There are a number of fishermen who will take you for the day for the equivalent of $30-40 USD. From Ft. Liberte and one of the 40hp motors, they can get you to the center of the outer part of the reef in 15-20 min. There you have to do a backwards roll entry as the boat are too small for a giant stride. The return to the boat will require that you hand all your gear to the boat driver and with your fins still on you will have to do a hard fin kick to get back in the boat.