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Iles des Arcadins

#1 - Iles des Arcadins


It's beautiful, it's hot! Water is clear and temperature is above 80F degrees, air temperature around 100 degrees (37C +). Scuba equipment and air compressors are very limited in Haiti. Nearest decompression (hyperbaric) chamber is located in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba or Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana. Ask you hotel about Scuba diving facilities and boat availability. Arcadins Islands are 3 small cays 10 miles 90 degrees east of Ile de la Gonave and 5 miles 270 degrees west of Cote de Arcadins (mainland Haiti). Easily accessible from Kaliko beach and Wahoo beach (5 miles away) and Arcahaie (10 miles away). There is a navigation light (lighthouse) on one of the cays. Port-au-Prince is 25 miles south. Iles des Arcadins is also known as Arcadins Islands.