Top Scuba Dive Shops in Tokyo

Ready to check out the best shops in Tokyo for scuba diving, snorkeling, shore diving, free diving or other ocean activities? Zentacle has 36 dive shops where you can rent equipment, book dives, and get guided tours. Discover hand-curated maps, along with reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. No matter what you're looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best ocean activities in Tokyo to suit your needs.
Dive Craps

#1 - Dive Craps

Dive Craps is "PADI5 Star ID Center". That's why you can step up while having fun in the best environment that can be realized. From experience diving to instructor courses are held. A diving expert will guide you through the world of the sea.


Kozushima Diving Shop Of course, you can enjoy the sea of ​​Kozushima through diving! I would like as many people as possible to learn about the unique charms of Kozushima, such as its nature, history, and culture. Please feel free to stop by when you come to the island.
Saito Diving Service

#3 - Saito Diving Service

Saito Diving Service is a resort dive shop located in OSHIMACHO, Tokyo, Japan. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .


SCUBA-JACK is a retail dive shop located in SUGINAMIKU, Tokyo, Japan. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Papalagi Diving School Tachikawa

#5 - Papalagi Diving School Tachikawa

The Paparagi Diving School Tachikawa branch is conveniently located, just a 3-minute walk from JR Tachikawa Station's north ticket gate and a 2-minute walk from Tama Monorail Tachikawa Kita Station. It is also convenient from Hachioji, Kokubunji, Haijima, and Fuchu. Founded in 1986, Paparagi Group is a school with a solid history and achievements, operating 12 stores mainly in Kanagawa and Tokyo. In order for as many people as possible to know the fun of the sea, we are enhancing not only beginners' courses, but also tours and follow-up updates after obtaining a diving license. By all means, let's share the excitement of the underwater world together. Professional staff are waiting for you at any time in the cozy shop.

#6 - Aquavit

Aquavit is a retail dive shop located in MINATOKU, Japan. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Mag Diving School

#7 - Mag Diving School

At Mag Diving School, we offer tour diving guides at various points such as Chiba Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture. A veteran instructor who knows everything from the nearby sea to Izu Oshima, Okinawa, and overseas will guide you through the sea. We also offer overnight tours as well as day trips. Even if you meet each other for the first time, you might be able to become friends by the time you finish the first one by enjoying the sea together! ? Please feel free to contact us first.


We opened as a PADI diving school in April 1993 in Kanagawa Prefecture. In 1997, we received authorization as a 5-star ID center from PADI and became a shop that can hold diving courses from beginner courses to instructor courses. Also, since 2007, we have held snowboard tours, and since 2008, we have started handling his snowboard products, including snowboards, bindings, boots, and clothing. Through sea and mountain adventure sports, we aim to be a shop where as many people as possible can sympathize with the "impression of nature". Hours: 12:00-20:00 Closed: Tuesdays >> Access
Crown Divers

#9 - Crown Divers

Crown Divers is a resort dive shop located in HACHIJOJIMA, Japan. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
The Dive Factory Tokyo

#10 - The Dive Factory Tokyo

The Dive Factory Tokyo is a cdc and retail dive shop located in MINATOKU, Tokyo, Japan. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Papalagi Diving School Shinjuku

#11 - Papalagi Diving School Shinjuku

Shinjuku is the commuting capital of Tokyo, and contains the busiest train station in the world. To the west, there's an office district with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office at its center. To the east, there’s a district with long-established department stores, cinemas and theaters. Shinjuku Gyoen is a park originally built as the garden for the Imperial Household. It is quite famous as a venue for cherry-blossom viewing in March and April. In Shinjuku, many restaurants operate all night, and districts such as Omoide Yokocho (Memory Lane) or Shinjuku Golden Machi have back streets filled with tiny restaurants and bars that reflect each owner’s unique taste and style.
Diving School Noris Tokyo Meguro

#12 - Diving School Noris Tokyo Meguro

Special campaign in progress Beginner's license PADI Open Water Diver (OWD) course Important Store response to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection what's new Do you have My Equipment? 👀① Hello! 🌞 Do you have My Equipment? Diving equipment can be roughly divided into two... -2023.02.02 Notice of temporary closure Currently, all Norris stores are closed on Tuesdays, but will be temporarily closed from January 25 (Wednesday) to January 29 (Sunday) for employee training. ... -2023.01.16 AWARE Design in 2023🦈 Hello! 🌞 It's been a long time since the new year has ended... how was everyone's new year? ... -2023.01.12 Customer's voice [Commemorative dive diver certification] 12/11 We will introduce customers who have been certified as divers. * Only customers who have consented to be published are posted. To the following diving scenery (diving blog), that... -2023.01.11 See list of new arrivals diving blog Zushi Diving Tour [Zushi in winter is a sea slug festival! ? let's go! courage… Leader/Report: Takashi Mochizuka Diving data Date: 2023/1/22 (Sun) Destination: Zushi, Kanagawa Prefecture Weather: Sunny Water temperature: 16℃ Point: Koganezaki beach departure... -2023.01.23 Arari Tour [Winter Sea! Excellent transparency! ] 1/21 Lead/Report: Hikaru Ishizaki Diving Data Schedule: Saturday, January 21, 2023 Destination: Arari, Shizuoka Prefecture Weather: Sunny Water Temperature: 16℃ Point: Koganezaki Beach Encounter... -2023.01.22 Osezaki Diving Tour [Fun OW course transparency is also good! ] Leader/Report: Takashi Mochizuka Diving data Schedule: 2023/1/14 (Sat)-15 (Sun) Destination: Osezaki, Shizuoka Prefecture Weather: Rain → Cloudy Temperature: 17℃ Point: Bay... -2023.01.16 Izu Oshima Diving Tour [Happy New Year! … Lead/Report: Hikaru Ishizaki Diving data Schedule: January 6 (Fri)-8 (Sun), 2023 Destination: Izu Oshima, Tokyo Weather: Sunny Water temperature: 16℃ Point: Autumn beach... -2023.01.12 See the list of diving blogs Beginners Know and understand diving!Courses, Fees, Various LicensesTour Let's enjoy an impressive experience!Fun tour scenery of NorrisNORIS tours both domestically and internationally! Enjoy your life after getting a C card! Check the tour schedule! Diving school Norris Tokyo Meguro store in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo I will teach you the fun of diving! More than 1,000 licensed instructors are stationed Accident-free safety track record since opening! Confidence in thorough safety management! Based on the safety management technology that we have accumulated over the 30 years since our founding, only instructors who have passed rigorous in-house training are in charge of the course.
PAPALAGI Diving School Ikebukuro

#13 - PAPALAGI Diving School Ikebukuro

Paparagi Diving School Ikebukuro is the 12th shop that opened in conjunction with Paparagi's 35th anniversary. With good access, a 2-minute walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro Station, you can easily drop in after work or shopping. From PADI beginner license to instructor qualification, and more than 1000 fun dive tours a year, we will fully convey the charm of the sea, so please come and visit us.
OK Marine Pro

#14 - OK Marine Pro

OK Marine Pro is a retail dive shop located in NERIMAKU, Japan. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
M's Diving Adventure

#15 - M's Diving Adventure

M'S Diving Adventure In The Monzen-Nakacho, Koto-Ku, Tokyo, Has Been Approved As A Padi 5 Star · Id Center From The World'S Largest Organization Of Diving Instruction, Issuance Of Gold Card, It Is A Good Shop That Can Instructor Development Course. Our Shop Has Received An Award From Padi In Three Areas Of Environmental Protection Activities To Participate In Education And Community Activities.
Scuba Pro Shop Oimachi

#16 - Scuba Pro Shop Oimachi

Yokohama Employs Certified "Id Center" 5 Star Padi Diving School Highest Rank Recognized, A Dedicated Pool House, Pool Training Can Be Convinced To Go! Boasts A Network Strongest Winning No.1 Popular Seven Consecutive Years Shop Oimachi That Can Be Licensed, In Professional Journals Diving, Utilizing Shop Futo Located In Front Of The Sea Of ​​Futo Popular Attractions In Izu, The Characteristics Of The Three Stores This It Is A Diving School.
Diving School Marea Shinjuku

#17 - Diving School Marea Shinjuku

Expand The Diving School And Shop 4 Stores Four Stores, In The Okinawa Area In The Kanto Area, Marea Is A Leading Diving School. Ikebukuro Store Will Open In 1998, Open, To The Next Month Shop Miyakojima That Also Accommodation Near The Beautiful Sea To The Expansion Area Then, Naha Three Stores In Yokohama And Nihonbashi Shinjuku Area, Okinawa Area, Kanto I Have Eight Stores In Ginowan, Ishigaki And All. So, You Can Be Able To Use The Store To Customers Through Easy, Enjoy Both The Sea And Diving In The Direction Towards Okinawa Diving In Izu.
Aqua Mate Diving Club

#18 - Aqua Mate Diving Club

Aqua Mate Diving Club is a resort dive shop located in KOZUSHIMAMURA, Japan. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
PAPALAGI Diving School Machida

#19 - PAPALAGI Diving School Machida

Paparagi Diving School Machida Branch is a 3-minute walk from Machida Station on the Odakyu Line. A Paparagi store that operates 12 stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa, and is used by many people from Machida City, Sagamihara, and Hachioji. Beginner license courses, as well as professional courses are held at any time. Experienced staff who teach diving in college circles and high school classes are waiting for you.


SEADIVE is a resort dive shop located in HACHIJOJIMA, Tokyo, Japan. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Diving Pro Shop Pal

#21 - Diving Pro Shop Pal

Sometimes I go out to sea even on weekdays. We will inform you about the business status of the shop on Twitter at any time. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check in advance. In addition , we will basically reply to emails and LINE inquiries on the same day. In the case of LINE, please register as a friend from here first. Thank you.
Ogasawara Diving Center

#22 - Ogasawara Diving Center

Condominium. All rooms are fully equipped with bath, washlet, kitchen, air conditioning, DVD player, refrigerator, microwave, and self-catering utensils. Rooftop panoramic views of Futami Bay. Divers are welcome.


I will show you how to use this site. We introduce step-by-step how to search for tours, check tour details, make inquiries and make reservations, along with explanations for each screen.
Sea Point Tokyo

#24 - Sea Point Tokyo

SEAPOINT will also have the face of the diving company that the shooting of the TV, such as environmental research, and work hard dive. Harsh world of the sea and the world, the great sea, and simply because it is those who know both, and we ensure that it is to offer a fun and safe diving.


Benjamin Reef Is A Diving Shop Located In Arakawa-ku, Tokyo. There Is A Shop In The Middle Of The Newly Opened Monorail Nippori Toneri Liner, So It Is Very Convenient And Easy To Use Mainly For Those Who Live And Work In East Tokyo Such As Bunkyo Ward, Taito Ward, Kita Ward, As Well As Arakawa Ward And Adachi Ward. It's A Shop.

#26 - Coconut

"More than 10,000 people have started diving at the Tokyo head office" Coconut Tokyo head office aims to be the kindest diving school and shop in Japan! Received the Excellence Award for 3 consecutive years from 2020 to 2022, and the Customer Support Award for 2 consecutive years in 2019 and 2018! We received an award from PADI as a diving shop that meets the needs of our customers for various ways of enjoying. In 2018, the cumulative number of beginner diving licenses reached 10,000 at the Tokyo head office alone! did. (As of September 2022, 11,212 people have been certified at one store in Tokyo)
Tears Blue Diving

#27 - Tears Blue Diving

Kozushima has received the blessings of the Kuroshio. Dynamic terrain and gentle white sand. And the blue sea. Kozushima, the island of God that God gave us. Such ... Enjoy the pure white sand and the clear blue Kozushima to your heart's content. Tears Blue will help you.
mic21 Shinjuku

#28 - mic21 Shinjuku

If you need rash guards, snorkel equipment, diving equipment, scuba diving school , marine goods, please leave everything to us! ! The Shinjuku store is extremely convenient and accessible among the diving shops mic21! ! Not only scuba diving equipment, but also marine products are packed ☆ Rash guards, snorkeling (snorkel) equipment, diving equipment, scuba diving school, underwater cameras, video equipment, marine goods, everything is a specialty store! ! Please stop by when you come to Shinjuku!


Seven Ace We Are Committed To Provide Everyone Can Enjoy Diving Safely With Confidence. Tours And Lectures, But Of Course We Have Received From Any One Person, And Now You Can Enjoy Two Further Value For Money, And Is More Than Three Persons.


To the sea that no one has seen yet This is the only diving shop on Hahajima, which is located 50km south of Chichijima, even though it is called the Ogasawara Islands. I'm doing it quietly.
mic21 Ikebukuro

#31 - mic21 Ikebukuro

The mic21 Ikebukuro branch of the diving shop boasts one of the largest floor areas in Japan, not to mention Tokyo. Let alone diving equipment, wakeboards, snorkeling equipment, and anything else related to sea activities. Diving license acquisition courses and diving tours ( domestic and overseas ) are also being held at any time. Our staff who are well versed in playing in the sea are waiting for you to visit us in the store where it is always summer all year round. If you're looking for gear for diving, snorkeling, or playing in the ocean in Tokyo, head to the Ikebukuro store. At the Ikebukuro store, there are staff members who can speak English, so customers from overseas can shop with confidence.
Fish Island Crew

#32 - Fish Island Crew

I can do it because I specialize in diving school


VELETA DIVING SHOP is a retail dive shop located in KITAKU, Tokyo, Japan. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Diving shop Arabesque

#34 - Diving shop Arabesque

Hachijō is a small volcanic island at the heart of Japan’s Izu Archipelago, located roughly 300km from the main island of Japan. It is part of a long chain of islands starting off the Izu Peninsula and reaching far south in the Pacific Ocean that are all administered by the Tōkyō Metrolopolis, which has earned them the nickname “Tokyo Islands“… Hachijō is a remote subtropical island, yet easily accessible from Tōkyō, either by a 55-minute flight from Haneda Airport or by a 10-hour night-ferry ride from the mainland.
Marine Conductor Escort

#35 - Marine Conductor Escort

We will provide an escort of divers who can play with dolphins. Beginners can also participate with peace of mind. We also hold trial diving tours every day for first-time divers. Please feel free to make inquiries.
Pacifica Diving Center

#36 - Pacifica Diving Center

We went primarily to dive, we were a group of 7. There was no equipment to rent so two of our party couldn't dive. We agreed with the dive shop to dive two days but on the second day the one dive master was apparently ill so we couldn't dive. There was zero interest about our predicament from the staff and no attempt to acquire another dive master even though they knew there was a problem after the first day. The dive boat was totally unfit for purpose and much too small with no facilities for diving, the tanks covered the whole floor and we had to kit up one y one as there was no room, the batmen did nothing, not even collected our fins when we finished our dives. On the last dive the boat left us whilst we were diving as a storm came in and they were worried about capsizing, so we had a longish swim back to shore and a stumble on to the beach with all our diving equipment. The food was a buffet every night in the full board package and was comfortably the worst food I have sampled in Malaysia. The meat consisted mainly of grisle and bone and even at the start f the buffet was already cold. There was minimal choice and the dessert was the same every night - watermelon and either small slices of banana cake or fruit cake. In my room I received electric shocks from the two lamps in the bathroom, the rainshower could not be used unless a button was held continuously in, the hand shower adjustment was broken so it was not possible to raise the height from waist level. To be fair we did manage to negotiate half price for the last dive but it could have resulted in a serious accident. The place caters mainly for local families (with lots of excited young children) and snorkelling.