Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Comoros

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Masiwa Shipwreck

#1 - Masiwa Shipwreck


The 24m, 2,500-tonne Masiwa sits in sand at a maximum 35m, its mast rising to 12m. A storm has buckled it amidships but it remains upright and in good condition. We descended to the bow, swam back up across the deck to the open holds and wheelhouse and along the starboard side to the propeller. The wreck is colonised by friendly batfish. Lionfish, scorpionfish and red-lipped parrotfish lurk in the shadows. Despite some collapse, a lot of silt and rust, the wreck can still be penetrated. Using a roped pre-set route from the bow to the holds, the lower deck where Denard's men were concealed, the middle deck and bridge, you emerge at the stern. In the hold lurks another Bob, an unfriendly potato bass; there are big moray eels around, and in the bridge the unwary can be showered with tiny urchins knocked loose from the ceiling by their bubbles. Only accessible by boat. Masiwa Shipwreck is also known as The Masiwa.