Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Colima

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Colima dive site map
San Luciano wreck

#1 - San Luciano wreck

Mexico, Central Pacific, Manzanillo Bay

The San Luciano is a 300-foot-long steam vessel, sunk during the hurricane of 1959. This wreck is home of many sea horses and marine sea life. This is a great dive site for snorkelling (the top of the wreck is only 4 ft. beneath the surface). Visibility can range from < 5m upwards to 15 or 20m. The best time to dive here is around 11:00-Noon with clear skies for better light penetration. The site is surrounded by fine sand so silting can be an issue. The San Luciano wreck is located just 50m (300 yards) off shore of La Boquita area (Santiago Bay).
Pena Blanca

#2 - Pena Blanca

Mexico, Central Pacific, Manzanillo Bay

Northernmost point of Santiago Bay (Approx 45 min from La Boquita). Pena Blanca is also known as White Rock.