Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Nayarit

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Nayarit dive site map

#1 - Anegados

Mexico, Central Pacific, Puerto Vallarta

Some of its interesting features are: laberinthlike rocks to swim through while seeing schools of fish, an archway covered with corals and sea fans housing all kinds of nocturnal species like squirrel fish, soldier fish and octopi and remains of a shipwreck know only by a few. In the sandy bottom, with some patience and a good eye, there are some interesting symbiotic relationships to observe, like the couples of gobbies sharing a borrow couples of blind shrimp: the gobbie keeps an eye out for potential predators while the shrimp keeps the place clean. There are also important populations of nudibranchs and sea hares. Area of sandy and rocky bottom located between el Morro and the Marietas Islands with a mean depth of 60 to 80 feet.
Las Tres Marietas

#2 - Las Tres Marietas

Mexico, Central Pacific, Puerto Vallarta

Would recommend going with a private or small group instead of on a boat with snorkelers and 15+ divers, and also doing multiple dives along these islands. Can see octopus, many difference species of fish, manta rays occasionally and reef formations. This is an easy dive for the most part. Would recommend for beginning divers. Approx 30km from Puerto Vallarta Las Tres Marietas is also known as Mariettas Islands.