Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Bicol

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Red Buoy

#1 - Red Buoy

Philippines, Luzon, Legazpi

This was chosen by the government of Legazpi City Philippines to become a Fish Sanctuary thru the leadership of current Mayor Noel E. Rosal and Company, the Bicol Divers Association, DENR, DA, Small Fishers folk Organization and to her concerned people. Some of my data may not be correct it is subject for correction with the other professional diver. Red Buoy is also known as Pulang Buya.
Toms Reef

#2 - Toms Reef

Philippines, Bicol, Masbate

This is an interesting dive on reef. There are deep cracks in the reef which I have yet to explore (I need a dive Buddy) which look great. Numerous reef critters but net fishing by locals seems to keep the larger fish population down. Masbate looks to me to be completely unexplored by divers, there are no tank filling services on the island but I soon will have a compressor.