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Regal Sun Shipwreck

#1 - Regal Sun Shipwreck


This ship was sunk by a Missile during the Indo Pak war of 1971. Used to have three masts almost coming up to the surface, but now all have fallen down. It is broken into 2 pieces with a rock in the middle. The ship is listing about 40 deg to port. the front part of the ship is mostly broken up with large plates lying around. Some parts of the bow are still standing. Regal sun is a shipwreck in 20 m of water about 5 km west of Karachi harbour breakwater. You can hire a boat from Keamari to take you there. Hiring cost will be about $60 for 7 hrs. the GPs co ordinates are for the stern which rises to within 8 meteres of the surface. Time to get to the wreck is about one hour