Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Leiria

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Leiria dive site map

#1 - Leven

Portugal, Costa de Lisboa, Peniche

This is the wreck of the Leven, a 2381 ton steamer constructed in 1889 and sunk in 1905 and dismantled with explosives in this area. It was owned by Ropner & Company. Exposition to the northern waves make it difficult to find good conditions (only if wave height is under 2m and from the SW quadrant). Visibility may range from under 5m to 10m. The wreck is oriented from West to East. The anchor is 3m long but may be difficult to find as it lies on the sand 10m north from the main wreck. Although the wreck itself is worth the dive, it's mainly a muck dive with loads of macro life available to see, namely several dozens of nudibranch species but also octopuses and cuttlefish. A marker buoy is essential and mandatory by Portuguese law. No dive centers operate here so divers must carry their own gear. However there are dive centers in Peniche which rent equipment. 3km north from the town of Peniche, use the road accross the beach to get to the peninsula of Baleal and drive to the northern limit. Park near the chapel. Access is made through the small beach to the south (called "Praia dos Barcos", literally "Boat Beach") and then swimming 100m to North. Leven is also known as Baleal (Norte).