Top Scuba Dive Shops in Russia

Ready to check out the best shops in Russia for scuba diving, snorkeling, shore diving, free diving or other ocean activities? Zentacle has 27 dive shops where you can rent equipment, book dives, and get guided tours. Discover hand-curated maps, along with reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. No matter what you're looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best ocean activities in Russia to suit your needs.
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#1 - SCUBAclass

SCUBAclass is a retail dive shop located in Moscow, Russia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Dive Tour Novorossiysk

#2 - Dive Tour Novorossiysk

Dive Tour Novorossiysk is a retail dive shop located in Krasnodar Territory, Russia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
White Seal

#3 - White Seal


Обучение дайвингу и фридайвингу в Санкт-Петербурге клуб «Белый тюлень» проводит с 1996 года. Курсы  дайвинга и фридайвинга проходят по методикам признанных во всем мире систем обучения.  В нашем дайвинг-клубе  за 15 лет  более 2000 человек прошли обучение и было выдано более 2800 сертификатов по различным дайверским и фридайверским специализациям.

Ural Academy of Diving

#4 - Ural Academy of Diving

In our dive center you can get training from a beginner to a PADI professional. Everyone will be able to choose a training program according to their interests.

#5 - Potok

The ParaDive group includes companies, each of which is a leader in its field of activity. All of them are very different, but they are united by the main thing - they offer exceptionally high-quality professional services in the field of outdoor activities that meet the best international standards. Specialized equipment store WORLD OF EXTREME. The first shop in Ryazan for equipment and accessories for spearfishing, diving, freediving, swimming in the pool, relaxing on the beach, paragliding and kitesurfing. In addition, we have an online store on our website. Diving center POTOK - PADI 5* No. S-35080. The diving center offers the widest range of diving courses from beginner to professional, as well as technical diving courses up to deep sea trimix. Training is conducted by highly professional international instructors. The course schedule can be found on our website. Paragliding flight school POTOK - OF SLA of Russia No. 272. The school and club offers a full range of paragliding and paramotor flight training courses from entry level to professional level. Classes are conducted by professional instructors. The schedule and order of the classes can be found on the paragliding section of our website. We are always happy to answer all your questions about the work of the divisions of the group of companies and the types of outdoor activities presented by them in one of our offices or by e-mail. Contact phones: +7(910) 903-16-99. Stages of development of the ParaDive group of companies: Over the years of painstaking selfless work, a small club has become a group of companies widely known in the world industry of diving, spearfishing, paragliding and kites. October 28, 1999 - this date is considered the birthday of the ParaDive group of companies! On this day, the Russian State Public Organization for the Development of Extreme Sports “POTOK” was registered, with areas of activity - scuba diving, paragliding, kites. (registration number - 1382 dated 10/28/1999) (main state registration number - 1036200004719). 2000 - the founders of the organization, instructors of the Underwater Sports Federation of the USSR Andrey and Tatiana Golovin become international instructors of the CPDR CMAS 1*, then 2* (two stars). 2002 - Alena Golovina becomes a PADI, PADIEFR instructor, freediving instructor. 2002 - Andrey and Tatyana Golovin - TDI instructors. Beginning of training in deep-sea technical diving. 2002 - Andrey Golovin - SDI instructor (training of solo divers). 2004 -the flight school was accepted as a member of the United Federation of Ultralight Aviation of Russia, with reg. Number 272. 2004 - the addition of instructors at the flight school - our student Andrei Doronin becomes an instructor. 2004 – PADI International Diving Center No. S-35080 registered. 2005 - Tatiana Golovina - RPF CMAS 2* instructor. 2005 - Andrey Doronin - kitesurfing instructor. 2006 - the beginning of participation in paragliding competitions of the international level of pilots of the flight school "POTOK". 2006 -Andrey and Tatyana Golovin are PADI instructors. 2006 - the POTOK underwater sports team began participating in competitions at various levels. 2007 - the addition of instructors in the dive center, our pupil Natalya Pimenova becomes a PADI instructor. 2007 - PADI dive center № S-35080 "POTOK" was awarded the highest category of the international dive center 5 * (five stars). 2007 - the opening of the first specialized store in Ryazan of equipment, equipment and accessories for spearfishing, diving, freediving, swimming in the pool, relaxing on the beach, paragliding and kitesurfing "World of Extreme". 2007 - a group of companies with a laconic name ParaDive was formed, combining all the above divisions. 2007 – Potok's paragliding team took 2nd place in the Central Asian Championship. 2007 - "FLOW" - admitted to the membership of ROSTO DOSAAF of Russia. 2008 - Andrey Doronin becomes an instructor of the international kite association IKO . Instructor ID: 6133 2008 - Relocation of the specialized store "Mir Extreme" to the place of permanent registration on the street. Yesenin 34.
Dive Club Che

#6 - Dive Club Che


Нескромно заявляем: DIVE CLUB CHE – это лучший дайвинг в Москве! 

А всё потому, что у нас: качественное обучение подводному плаванию по методикам двух самых распространенных ассоциаций – PADI & SDI / TDI; в торговом ассортименте – правильное снаряжение для дайвинга; поездки по всему Миру в самые интересные места; комфортные условия для занятий; тёплая атмосфера и мощный командный дух.

Хотите весело провести время с близкими или серьёзно заняться интересным хобби? Бинго!

Dive Centre Dessa

#7 - Dive Centre Dessa

Then, simultaneously with the foundation in France by Jacques-Yves Cousteau of the International Confederation of Underwater Activities (CMAS) and the Federation of Underwater Sports in the USSR, the Marine Club "Volna" was created at the Moscow Aviation Institute, the successor of which was the club "Dessa". Then the training of scuba divers was carried out according to the DOSAAF system, and the word “comrade” was the accepted address in the country. Now the club "Dessa" is a place where the word "TOVARISCH" has been preserved cleared of political and social husks. In 1994, the dive center "Dessa" received the status of a CMAS dive center, and in 1997. – PADI. In 2004, Dessa received a TDI/SDI dive center license. The club "Dessa" gathered real romantics, people in love with the sea and adventure. Speed ​​swimming, freediving, underwater photography and videography, spearfishing, speleology, technical diving, archaeology, development of new underwater equipment and assistance in the design and testing of serious aviation equipment - two-medium vehicles - this is an incomplete list of club members' activities. We have developed, tested and put into operation: a modular underwater lighting system, an underwater universal video box, an underwater towing vehicle, a cylinder crimping device. Sealed housings have been developed for various underwater devices. Club "Dessa" organized and conducted the first Russian expedition to the island in the westernmost part of the Japanese archipelago (February 2004). The purpose of the expedition was to study the amazing temple complex resting on the seabed, which has analogies with the temple in the high mountain sanctuary of Machu Picchu. Together with the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, underwater archaeological research was successfully carried out in the area of ​​Sochi, as well as research into the waters of the Kerch Strait and the waters of the Gulf of Finland. The purpose of the expedition was to find sunken equipment from World War II. As a result of the search, information on 23 aircraft and more than 50 other sunken objects appeared in the club's archive. As a result of joint research with the Khersones-Tavrichesky Reserve and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the coastal waters of Sevastopol in 2001-2002, an international scientific project was launched, the purpose of which is to create a catalog of archaeological sites of the Black Sea and an underwater archaeological map of the region. This will allow not only to draw important conclusions about the development of navigation from the ancient period to the present day, but also to restore the ancient topography of the Black Sea coast. And this is not a complete list of our achievements in recent years. If you want to know more - come visit us!
Diving Club Akvanavt

#8 - Diving Club Akvanavt


Школа дайвинга Акванавт была основана в 1994 году и все это время обучает всех желающих безопасному освоению подводных просторов морей и океанов!

Ставший более 20 лет назад первым в России дайв-центром PADI, сегодня «Акванавт» является так же первым в нашей стране обладателем категории PADI 5 Star CDC. За приставкой CDC (Career Development Center) скрывается центр профессиональной подготовки в области дайвинга. Сюда можно прийти новичком и закончить обучение инструктором. Здесь кандидаты в инструкторы не только получают квалификацию, но и проходят дополнительную подготовку в рамках специальных семинаров, совершенствуют свое мастерство, приобретают опыт, узнают принципы работы индустрии дайвинга.

Самая высокая категории в рейтинге PADI для «Акванавта» - это не повод почивать на лаврах. Все направления работы - будь то дайв-туризм, обучение, организация специальных мероприятий, популяризация дайвинга, продажа снаряжения - развиваются и совершенствуются.

За годы работы клуба было обучено более 25 000 человек, подготовлено более 1000 профессиональных дайверов (дайвмастеров и инструкторов подводного плавания).

Впервые задумавшись о погружениях под воду, ты теряешься от того количества вопросов, которые возникают в голове... У кого учиться? Куда поехать и ехать ли? С кем поехать? В чем нырять?

Получив ответы на первые вопросы, ты оказываешься перед новыми... Здесь собраны ответы профессионалов на самые распространенные вопросы новичков и уже опытных дайверов. И если на какой-то вопрос ответа ты не нашел, всегда есть возможность задать его лично, в клубе!


#9 - Ural-Alpha-Diving

This is a close-knit team of true professionals who have tied their fate with professional, military and commercial diving, while having the official status of experts, instructors and diving specialists in accordance with the laws and regulations in force on the territory of the Russian Federation. All employees of "Ural-"A"-Diving" have extensive experience in the state diving and rescue services , the system of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation and the PDSS of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation . Several employees are honorary veterans of the special services. All employees of "Ural-"A"-Diving" were awarded government diplomas and awards.

#10 - RuDIVE


Дорогие друзья!
Мы страстно любим море, дайвинг и людей, обожаем путешествовать и познавать мир. Это помогает нам правильно организовывать самые сложные погружения от Антарктиды до Северного полюса, разрабатывать новые программы путешествий в самые дикие уголки земного шара, запускать новые учебные программы.

Подводный клуб RuDIVE — PADI 5* IDC дайвинг-центр №3564
Школа подводного плавания и клуб предлагают широчайший спектр дайвинг-курсов от начального уровня до уровня инструктора и глубоководных тримикс-курсов. Обучение проводят профессиональные инструкторы высочайшего класса и два курс-директора.

Мы всегда ставили и ставим интересы клиентов превыше всего — и если наши любимые дайверы и туристы довольны, значит, мы работали не зря. Именно это определяет и разнообразие туристических программ, и качество обучения, и уровень безопасности.

В основе деятельности группы компаний RuDIVE лежат международные стандарты качества. Дайвинг-центры и школы работают по стандартам ISO, PADI и ГОСТ. За высокий уровень обучения и туризма группа RuDIVE имеет множество наград и дипломов от международных федераций, операторов и государственных структур.

Мы всегда рады видеть вас в наших дайв-центрах, турагентствах, бассейнах, поездках, на клубных вечерах, кораблях, праздниках, в магазине «Лохматый кашалот» и, конечно, на наших сайтах. Пишите, звоните, приезжайте — помните, что везде, где есть дайв-центры и офисы RuDIVE, вам и вашим друзьям будут очень рады. Увидимся!

Arctic Circle

#11 - Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle PADI Dive Centre is the leading provider of marine ice-diving excursions in Europe, located on the White Sea in Northern Russia, and is a part of the RuDIVE group (the largest diving organization in Russia). The Arctic Circle Dive Centre has a team of professional instructors with many years’ experience of diving in severe Northern conditions, to arrange a safe and qualified diving experience. The Arctic Circle Dive Centre offers a well-established base with comfortable accommodation, a mobile ice camp with warm wooden huts, a large stock of equipment and accessories, exquisite food, traditional Russian beverages and the Russian Banya experience, to provide an unforgettable vacation package. Clear water, vast natural beauty, and an exquisite underwater environment populated by soft coral fields, kelp forests and mussel farms, lure divers and nature lovers from around the world to experience the best diving and natural scenery Russia has to offer.

#12 - Demersus

The dive club "Demersus" bows to the floor and does not tire of thanking for the endless peer diving in the Baltic - the winner of countless film festivals, the great Vadim Malysh!
Space Dive

#13 - Space Dive

Space Dive is a resort dive shop located in Moscow, Russia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Sea Angels

#14 - Sea Angels

We are run the ferry and speedboat trip between Phuket and Phi Phi Island and day trip from Phuket to Phi Phi island, Khai island and Phang Nga bay

#15 - Chernomor

Chernomor is a resort dive shop located in Poselok Vityazevo, Russia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .

#16 - Tortuga


Единственный в Санкт-Петербурге и на Северо-Западе 5 Star IDC Дайв-центр
Свыше 1000 наших выпускников безопасно ныряют по всему миру.
Мы за семейные ценности! Вам не придется выбирать между интересной нырялкой и проведением времени с семьей. У нас для каждого найдется интересное занятие, курс или поездка. 


Planeta Neptun

#17 - Planeta Neptun

The shopping and entertainment complex (SEC) "Planet Neptune", which includes the first oceanarium in Russia, was opened to visitors on April 27, 2006. The complex is located in the center of St. Petersburg at the intersection of Marata and Zvenigorodskaya streets. The historical name of this area - Sementsy - comes from the Semyonovsky Life Guards Regiment, which, on the basis of the Decree of Empress Anna Ioannovna of 1739, owned the territory from Zvenigorodskaya Street to Moskovsky Prospekt. The area bounded by Zagorodny Prospekt, Zvenigorodskaya Street, Obvodny Canal and the Vitebsk Railway was the "parade ground" of the regiment. Semyonovsky parade ground, as it was usually called, until the early 1840s was surrounded by an earthen rampart. On the territory where the Planet Neptune shopping and entertainment center is located, the forage yard of the Semenovsky regiment was located. Semyonovsky parade ground usually served for military exercises and ceremonial reviews. He is also known for the gloomy events that took place here. On December 22, 1849, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky was subjected to a mock death penalty, among the members of the Petrashevsky circle. Here, on April 3, 1881, the people who organized the assassination of Emperor Alexander II were executed. In the mid-1880s, the Semyonovsky parade ground was transferred to the Trotter Horse Breeding Society, then until 1940 there was a hippodrome on this site.
Batiskaf Kaliningrad

#18 - Batiskaf Kaliningrad

Batiskaf Kaliningrad is a retail dive shop located in Kaliningrad, Russia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .

#19 - Aqua-Don

Diving And Spearfishing In Rostov-on-don: Training, Tours, Equipment Sales

#20 - Discavery

Discavery is a resort dive shop located in Anapa, Russia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .

#21 - Nautilus

In our club you will meet experienced and friendly instructors who have trained more than one hundred divers who will gladly share their rich experience with you and help you take your first steps in the underwater world.

#22 - Ultradive

The idea to organize a diving center in Tomsk, for those who like to explore underwater depths, was born during a holiday on the beach. Several enthusiasts decided to create a diving club, with the ability to train people, organize their own trips and make their hobby part of the life of Tomsk citizens, proving that diving can be practiced not only in warm countries. Diving is not just a hobby, but rather a lifestyle. Diving center "Ultradive" is not only a training program or an opportunity to buy equipment for diving, it is primarily a club that unites fans of such exciting pastime as scuba diving. In our dive club is trained by certified instructors on the international PADI system. If you still think that diving in Tomsk is impossible, we invite you to come to "Ultradive" to become a part of our friendly team. With us your knowledge of the underwater world will be as pleasant and safe as possible.
Ocean Planet

#23 - Ocean Planet

Ocean Planet is a retail dive shop located in Samara, Russia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Ufa Diving School

#24 - Ufa Diving School

Ufa Diving School is a resort dive shop located in Ufa, Russia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
PEI APE - Training Center Vega

#25 - PEI APE - Training Center Vega

PEI APE - Training Center Vega is a retail dive shop located in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Dive Academy

#26 - Dive Academy

Dive Center Dive Academy was founded in 1999. Since then, we have been teaching PADI diving and introducing you to the beauty of the underwater world. Here you can try what diving is, take a course , get your first diving certificate and even become a PADI professional! With a PADI diver certificate, you can go to any dive center in the world and take part in exciting dives. During the dives, amateur divers are accompanied by experienced guides who will show you the highlights and help you find your way back. For diving, you do not need to immediately buy a set of equipment: everything can be rented.
Sea Star

#27 - Sea Star

Hello divers and non-divers! We invite you to dive in Anapa on the Black Sea and learn to scuba dive! Our motto is: For more ascents, there must be more dives! Our goal: to introduce as many people as possible to diving !