Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone dive site map
Colonial ship wreck

#1 - Colonial ship wreck

Sierra Leone

The colonial ship wreck can only be visited in the mid-tides. Ask the local DM at the Banana-Divers for the current conditions and of course the location (unmarked). There is accommodation nearby at Dalton's Banana Guesthouse. The colonial Ship wreck is a challenging dive and can only be safely and leisurely executed few days in a month when the currents are less powerful in the specific point. I large iron ship is probably one of the first metal vessels that sailed in the region. It lays 100 m off Banana Island and only 400m from Banan-Divers (the scuba diving center of the island). Colonial ship wreck is also known as colonial ship.
Diemermeer shipwreck

#2 - Diemermeer shipwreck

Sierra Leone

Diemermeer shipwrek is an old Dutch East Indiaman wrecked on the Banana Islands in 1747. This is Sierra Leone's most impressive dive site and arguably in of West Africa's best dive site. The name is misleading because it is actually not Spanish but a Dutch ship and despite the 29 large cannons on the sea bed the ship was purely a commercial one carrying pottery between Sri Lanka and Java in the 1700s. On its rout back to Europe it sunk off Banana Island leaving all its pottery cargo on the sea bed. The visibility on the dive site has to be one of West Africa's best exceeding to 10m on average dive. The currents can be an issue especially at the beginning of the dive but an experience dive guide can make them truly insignificant. The site is 20m ride form Banana-Divers. Diemermeer shipwreck is also known as Cannons wreck.
Cape Sierra Leone Lighthouse

#3 - Cape Sierra Leone Lighthouse

Sierra Leone

Lots of parrot fish, lobsters and giant sea hares!! Rocky environment, containing lots of algae and soft corals. Head out through Man of War Bay and head left. Dive on the southern side of the rocky outcrops. Cape Sierra Leone Lighthouse is also known as Aberdeen Light House.