Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Liquica

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Bubble Beach

#1 - Bubble Beach

Timor Lorosae, Pacific

29.3km West of Dili. Find the Indonesian military graveyard for Indonesian soldiers killed during the 24-year occupation and park near the piles of white rocks. To the West there are coral gardens with brain coral formations. To the East, the area is marked by a predominantly sandy bottom with large coral formations. The sandy bottom is covered with small holes where hot water and gas caused by geothermal activity are escaping. A large coral formation to the NE of the entry point holds several Moray eels. The sandy area is often frequented by blue spotted rays. There are no trees near the entry point but 100 - 120 meters to the West there is a large tree with good cover. The entry is straight out from the NW corner of the enclosure. Gradual entry on small rocks and sandy bottom. Occupying 24,000 square kilometers on the eastern half of an island in the Timor Sea between Indonesia and Australia, East Timor has a population of approximately 800,000 people.
Sandy Bottom

#2 - Sandy Bottom

East Timor, West Dili

During the day this site is most interesting in the shallow coral reef. At night though is comes alive with critters. Octopus, pygmy pipehorses, irridescent bobtail squids, all kinds of crustaceans. Most critters are small so look below you in the sand and you will see them coming out to hunt for food. Sandy Bottom is about 45 minutes West of Dili. You have to look carefully on the left of the road until you get to a quarry. Once you are at the quarry entrance look for dirt tracks leading to the beach. You will have to drive through some thickets but will eventually see the beach. The entry is a gradual sandy bottom and is a sandy slope to about 25 meters depth. On the East side of the slope there is a small coral reef in the shallows. Sandy Bottom is also known as Gravel Pit.