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Manasquan Jetty

#1 - Manasquan Jetty

New Jersey, USA East

Manasquan Jetty is a 5.0-star rated scuba dive and snorkel destination in New Jersey, USA East which is accessible from shore based on 1 ratings.
L Street Beach

#2 - L Street Beach

New Jersey, USA East

Being in the back basin the current is less from tidal changes than in the inlet so you can get in a longer dive. The trade off is there is less to see but it is a good place to practice skills or test equipment. The site is used by some instructors for classes on weekends and can get silted out in the shallows. Best time is early evenings during the week, check the tide tables for high tide. All diving is west of the boat ramp, between the boat ramp and Rt. 35 is a low wall perfect for putting on the tank. Walk down the beach, not the boat ramp! Since you'll be diving next to a boat ramp, in front of a floating fishing pier or west under the sailing school a flag is a must! The second choice for an entry are the steps at the sailing school. In the shallows are sea grasses, as you go deeper (max 20') and under the boat channel it's sand. Things you'll see besides things lost by student divers, fishermen and boaters are the usual Jersey crabs, blueclaws, stone, hermits and horseshoe. Seabass, Sea Robins, Flounder, starfish, some shrimp and the occasional Seahorse. In late summer and into fall we get tropical's, mostly butterflies, some damsels, triggers, small frogfish and I have seen squid. After the dive there is a hose near the boat ramp for washing down boats but it works for divers too. At the west end of the beach near the sailing school is a beach shower but it's not always on and a bathroom that maybe locked if the lifeguard is off duty. If you like this and would like to explore east of the boat ramp contact DiversTwo in Avon about doing the clean-up dive one Saturday morning in October when the USCG closes down all boat traffic. L street beach is located at L street and Rt. 35 on Shark River in Belmar NJ.
The Manasquan Railroad Bridge

#3 - The Manasquan Railroad Bridge

New Jersey, USA East

It offers very easy entry, parking next to the water. Underwater it offers local salt water fish and occasional tropical species Point Pleasant
USS Algol

#4 - USS Algol

USA, New Jersey

Lying upright 14 miles offshore of New Jersey's Shark River Inlet 145 ft (starts at 70 ft, main deck at 110 ft) Intact USS Algol is also known as USS Algol.
The Old Steamboat Pier

#5 - The Old Steamboat Pier

USA, New Jersey, Sandy Hook

You can find a lot of bottles and artifacts in the sand dating back to the 1800's. This location is for the entry point. Park across the street in the parking lot, gear up and walk down the path. Make sure to check the satellite view.