Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Nevada

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Nevada dive site map
Lake Mead

#1 - Lake Mead

Nevada, USA West

Lake Mead has some nice sites!
Lake Mohave

#2 - Lake Mohave

Nevada, USA West

Lake Mohave has some nice sites!
Lake Mead - Wreck Alley

#3 - Lake Mead - Wreck Alley

USA, Nevada

Series of wrecks off of Sentinel Islands East Shore. There is a beer keg buoy about 30 yards of shore at mid point of island. Buoy has a large chain going down to ~70' and is attached to a huge bolder. Running off the rock is a line to several sunken boats. First is a small schooner at about ~120', second is a sail boat at about ~150'. Several others are there to explore as well. Depths are dependent on height of water in Lake Mead which can vary considerably year to year. Easy to find and use routes, but does go off into deeps beyond rec level quickly - ideal for tech training/deco training.