Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Jefferson County

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Jefferson County dive site map
Point Whitney

#1 - Point Whitney

Washington, USA West

A life-encrusted intake pipe extends out, running north-south. You'll find the pipe starting at about 15' and running down to 100 feet, more or less depending on the tides. Look for GPOs under the supports. The start of the pipe is located near the center of the parking area. (There's really two pipes, but one is shorter.) Octopus Gardens Dive Shop has a good map and write-up of this site on. Point Whitney (near the Washington State Shellfish Laboratory) is a fine site on the Hood Canal north of Hoodsport.
Fort Flagler Pier

#2 - Fort Flagler Pier

Washington, USA West

Fort Flagler is great out-of-the-way park for sightseeing, picnicking, and of course diving! The scenic drive, alone, to the park is worth it for a weekend outing from Seattle. For those who brought your Scuba gear, prepare for a fascinating dive. Fish, macro life, plume worms and anemones have engulfed the pilings that march far out into the Admiralty Inlet. As usual, dive on a slack tide. From Seattle, take the Edmonds/Kingston ferry to 104. Continue North through Port Gamble and over the Hood Canal Bridge. In about 5.5 miles, turn right onto 19. After 11.5 miles, turn right again onto 116 and head North to the end of the road, in about 10 miles. You'll then be at the entrance of the park.
Marowstone Point

#3 - Marowstone Point

Washington, USA West

Marowstone Point is a 3.0-star rated scuba dive and snorkel destination in Washington, USA West which is accessible from shore based on 1 ratings.
Wreck of the Comet

#4 - Wreck of the Comet

USA, Washington

Wreck of the Comet lies 30-35 feet deep. Enter on sandy beach south of (quiet) boat launch and proceed east to depth of 25' then turn south to find wreck. Divers may swim above oyster farm nets, but do not touch/disturb farming operation, bounded by rope line. If questioned by farm operators, indicate interest in wreck of the Comet. Easy parking near Ajax Cafe. Stay clear of private oyster farm, do not block drive. Wreck of the Comet is also known as Port Hadlock.