Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Grant County

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Grant County dive site map
Mt. Storm Lake (Vepco)

#1 - Mt. Storm Lake (Vepco)

West Virginia, USA East

This lake is the cooling "pond" (1,200 acres) for a coal fired electric generating plant. The water temps range from the upper 80s in the summer to the 50s in the winter - provided the generators are pumping. The max depth is around 130 feet if you follow the stream bed, There are several platforms for training and had lines connecting them. Not much for amenities, just a couple of port-a-johns. No local dive shop, so bring everything you need. The parking lot is huge and the entry isn't too bad, down a short path. I've been there several times and the vis wasn't all that great - 10 to 20 feet, but water temps in the winter make up for it! This is an altitude dive for most of us at around 3,200 feet so plan accordingly. US Rt 50 to Mt. Storm, WV WV Rt 42 South to WV Rt 93 about 4 miles WV Rt 93 West to Mt. Storm Lake about 1.5 miles before power plant on left side
Mt. Storm Lake

#2 - Mt. Storm Lake

USA, West Virginia

This is a man made lake which serves as the cooling water for an adjacent coal fired power plant. It has a public boat access which also provides parking and portable restroom facilites for divers. Mt. Storm Lake offers the opportunity to do high altitude diving at its 3,244 ft. elevation and boasts year round diving without ice formation due to its abnormally warm water. Platforms are present at the 25 ft., 50 ft. and 90 ft. levels. See for additional information and map.