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Cantera Ferrando

#1 - Cantera Ferrando


Ferrando quarry is a quarry that was closed in 1950 to root constant flooding, this is because it is a few meters (not more than 500) of the Silver River and its estuary. initially install a pipe with a pump to draw water but the water finally finish to win the efforts of the miners. this pipe is now used as a reference for novice divers, so you can use the same stone walls of the same. it is advisable not to go from May to June until November, at the beginning of the summer in the southern hemisphere, as the water temperature is in the order of 12-14 degrees centigrade, which joined almost always wind makes the place very cold. There is something natural fauna, various fish, from which there is more variety of "old water" very friendly local species. the locals are very friendly people. its from a rural road, very near to the "colonia del sacramento" downtown Cantera Ferrando is also known as Ferrando, ferrandito.