Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in St. George

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St. George dive site map
Questelles / New Guinea Reef

#1 - Questelles / New Guinea Reef

St Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean

Access: Drive out Leeward Highway about 20 minutes until you reach the Questelles Police Station. Just after that, and before the Texaco station on right, turn right (towards the water). Keep going downhill until you get to the end of the road, at the beach. The water is about 30 feet from where you park. It is calm 95% of the time. Swim out along the left side of the bay until you feel like going down to have a look. The best diving is at the point, but the current is usually strong there. For advanced divers only from here on. Well before point you'll see permanent mooring for Dive St. Vincent, good local op. Current is rarely strong before that mooring. A current pushing you back towards the beach is no problem: if you get tired of finning, let it take you home. A current pushing you out to sea is more interesting. It may be a back eddy from a flood tide, in which case you can ride it out to the point and get swept around in a big clockwise circle. But if it is an ebb tide, you may be on an unstoppable trip around the point and eventually to the next bay, Campden Park bay. Nothing to do for it but to go. Half hour swim. Once on the shore, you leave your buddy with the gear and hike up to the road and back to where you started. Max current is about 2 knots. We dive from a boat, with a local man following our bubbles. In 200 dives we've seen other divers only 4 times. Pristine coral. VIZ OK, not great. Heavy fishing, so very few large fish, but beautiful small ones and coral. Lots of black coral here. My wife and I moved to the small island of St. Vincent for diving. cheers, and thanks. Elijah Lovejoy