Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Christiansted

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Christiansted dive site map
Salt River West Wall

#1 - Salt River West Wall

Virgin Islands, Saint Croix Island

Salt River West Wall is a 3.0-star rated scuba dive and snorkel destination in Virgin Islands, Saint Croix Island which is accessible from shore based on 1 ratings.
String of Pearls

#2 - String of Pearls

Virgin Islands, Saint Croix Island

String of Pearls is a night dive best done on Waxing Crescent, New Moon or Waning Crescent (or on a cloudy night). The string of Pearls are actually shrimp that bioluminesce when mating, giving the appearance of a string of pearls flashing from the bottom up to about 2 feet. The dive typically starts as a night dive exploring the reef and active marine life, then proceeds to a sandy bottom area where all divers turn off all lights, Within a minute, you will see the "string of pearls" start lighting up. If you try to focus farther out, it almost looks like twinkling stars in the night sky.
Swirling Reef of Death

#3 - Swirling Reef of Death

Christiansted, USVI

Despite the name (which we'll explain below) this is a very tame and beautiful tropical reef. The mooring is in 35' of water and sits on a sandy bottom. There are a lot large patch reefs with plenty of fish and other creatures. So the name, years ago there were a couple of 13 year old divers on the boat. They though the name of the dive site, Dan's Reef, was "lame, nobody will remember that", so they were challenged to come up with a better name. You've gotta admit that a t-shirt that says "I survived the swirling reef of death" sells better than "I survived Dan's Reef".