Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Central

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Central dive site map
Cinnamon Bay

#1 - Cinnamon Bay

St. John, Caribbean

Cinnamon is just a little farther from Cruz bay than Trunk. Crowds are much less and the island is farther from shore than at Trunk. The coral and vegetation is more vivid than Trunk but the fish seem more colorful at Trunk IMO. But, some of the fish are larger at Cinnamon than Trunk. I give the edge to Trunk but find Cinnamon better for those who like larger fish and greater solitude. Especially if you have done Trunk on other trips as I have. Cinnamon is just a little further from Cruz bay than Trunk. I took a taxi after getting off the ferry. Trunk is the taxi stop just before Cinnamon
Cabritehorn Point

#2 - Cabritehorn Point

Virgin Islands, Saint John Island

South side of St John. Very quite area for all divers.