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Mpumalanga dive site map
Komati Springs

#1 - Komati Springs

South Africa, Mpumalanga

Komati Springs was once a mine, closed in 1972. The mining process left a large hole and a joining cave system, which has subsequently flooded, giving excellent conditions for all forms of diving. In the open water it reaches 53 meters and the caves have been explored to 186 meters. The surface area of the open hole is approximately 110 meters long and 50meters wide. Please see map. Most of the sides are sheer drops so your buoyancy should be good if you want to dive here. Maximum depth is 55m, depending on rainfall and the water table. The open hole is good for recreational diving, while the adjoining caves are great for exploring or cave training. Diving is good all year round. In summer (Oct - Mar) Komati Springs is about 25°C on the surface, and 20°C at about 30 meters. On the bottom it is 17°C. Visibility is about 10 to 15 meters. In winter (Apr - Aug) the temperature is a constant 17 to 18°C from top to bottom. The visibility can be up to 40 meters. The cave system is much larger, and with 8 interconnecting levels, starting from 9 meters to 186 meters. This is unique to Komati Springs, and an explorers dream! It must be emphasized that under no circumstance should divers enter the caverns or caves unless trained to do so. No site map will be provided until you are not cave qualified. This in order to prevent non-cave divers entering the system. There are Bass and Barbel in the hole. Beware that some of the Barbel like to sleep in the cave, and are quite motionless. Should you prod it to see if it is alive, you will both get the fright of your life as the fish will suddenly shoot off. So we suggest you assume it is in fact alive for both your sakes. Gas Fills can be done locally thru dive shop nearby. Nitrox, Trimix and Argon available. Rebreather friendly, so Sodasorb and pure Oxygen also available. Accommodation is in the form of shady campsites, with electrical outlets available in the ablution block. For students on course there are rooms in the Dive Centre, with full kitchen facilities available. Other activities are possible in the area: Swimming, freediving and bird watching (300+ different species of birds) and an abundance of beautiful flora and fauna. Nestling at the foot of the mountains in beautiful Mpumalanga you will find one of South Africa's little gems – Komati Springs! It is situated 915m above sea level, between Badplaas and Barberton in the beautiful countryside of Mpumalanga. Located about 3 hours from Johannesburg, Komati Springs offers a peaceful weekend or day visit away from the hubbub of modern day life. Its close proximity to the Kruger National Park and various other tourist locations makes it an ideal base for those wishing to explore the area. Entrance to the hole is in the form of steps and a ladder at the bottom. There are platforms at 5 and 10 meters with shotlines for your use. Divers should be aware that there are cave entrances, and the best way to avoid entering one, is toy dive with a buoy line. There are no currents or tides.