Rethimno, Crete
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Plakias Dimos Finika, Rethimno, Crete 74060, Greece

About Dive2gether

Dive2gether Dive center is originally a family business owned by brothers and father Paul, Erik and Rein. 

Dive2gether started 20 years ago as small school. Nowadays Dive2gether grew to one of the biggest diving schools of Greece!

De school is located in Plakias, a village on the southern coast of the Greek island Crete. This amazing area is perfect to experience the dream holiday and make beautiful dives in the Mediterranean sea.

Dive2gether is focused on several core pillars: environmental conservation, education, safety, care and sharing fun with loved ones. Our goal is always the same. We want to exceed expectations!

Since 2016, the center became a “Mare-Mundi Field Station”: a center for marine research and education where recreational divers and snorkellers will be able to learn about the wonders of the aquatic world and its need for protection. We have inhouse biologists which are always available to share their knowledge with everyone. This we do with free presentations twice a week but also with our mb dives where we make you part of our biology department!

The center proudly boasts a big crew of motivated home-grown instructors which are trained well and have experienced our quality as guests too what have motivated and inspired them to become instructors themselves.  

Also, a wide selection of materials which is always well maintained and serviced by our own inhouse service technicians. A custom-built boat, "Philomena", is ready to accommodate divers and non-divers for a comfortable day of boat diving. We drive you to the best dive locations possible on the South Coast of Crete.

The "philosophy" of the center is 2stay and dive 2gether" which starts at the beginning of the day with a warm welcome at the dive center - we'll then spend time packing together with the help of our crew, all the way through our great adventure followed by a return to the center and photo sharing, logging the dives and planning the next great trip.

Unmissable additional opportunities are offered so that your holiday is more than a simple diving holiday: weekly marine biology presentations, weekly night snorkelling, trip to the waterfalls, weekly BBQ and a lot of fun.

Come as a guest, leave as a friend!

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