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Kanaloa Aventura S.C

Javea Alicante
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Avenida Paris No 1, Javea Alicante 03730, Spain

About Kanaloa Aventura S.C

  • Jávea is one of the most prestigious tourist destinations in the entire Mediterranean, as well as being the birthplace of many divers, it is considered the pearl of diving in the Valencian Community.
  • It is a coastal enclave in the Marina Alta with a privileged sea, with a fascinating coastline of 25 km, with a green environment and an incomparable landscape, which does not leave indifferent. You have to come to discover it!!
  • The seabed of Jávea is spectacular due to many factors, the geographical location where we are located is exceptional.
  • Both because of the topography of its seabed and because of the life they find in them and because of its waters, the dives in Jávea meet all the expectations of all divers.
  • The magnificent coast formed by coves and cliffs, with two islands; Portixol and Descubridor Island and with four impressive capes, San Antonio, which is a Marine Reserve, San Martin cape, Negro cape and Nao cape, means that there is always the option to choose between a great variety of marine areas and thus enjoy the best diving conditions.
  • As for underwater landscapes, with their arches and backlights they make up incredible rocky, walled, sandy, mixed seabeds, with holes, tunnels, caverns, grottoes and caves that make the characteristics of their seabed ideal for diving practice.

  • Without forgetting the quality of its waters in which its posidonia meadows grow that provide exceptional visibility conditions of transparent waters.
  • With an average annual temperature of 18º and a water temperature that reaches 26º in summer and does not drop below 13º in the coldest months, we practice diving all year round!

  • Life abounds at the immersion points, the landscape and life as a whole give rise to a wonderful underwater spectacle, the diversity of habitats and species is unique in the Mediterranean, in an environment of clean and crystalline waters where benthic algae, corals, meadows Posidonia, colonies of gorgonians, groupers, dentex, moray eels, barracudas, breams, nudibranchs, scorpions, gilthead bream, slippers and a long etc.. according to a representation of most of the dives in Jávea

  • We enjoy diving, helping to conserve and protect it.
  • Let's not stop training and training you.
  • We take care of your finning and your buoyancy.
  • Our briefings and debriefings are participatory, you will learn a lot about good uses and customs and about the species that we will enjoy.
  • Our equipment and materials are new and in perfect condition and the quality of our air is guaranteed.
  • We avoid anchor anchoring.
  • We do not disturb the animals. Touching does not exist in the Kanaloa vocabulary, we enjoy seeing them in their habitat, we do not feed them and we do not chase them.
  • We do not leave waste, nor do we dump waste into the sea.
  • If we find garbage in the sea, we collect it.
  • We also collaborate with various associations, and carry out actions for the dissemination and protection of the marine environment.

In the diving trips that we offer, we return to the sea, in the form of affection, education, knowledge and respect, everything that it gives us.

We take care of all the details, professionalism and safety with warmth and sympathy, we strive to make everything very easy, safe and fun for you, you enjoy, have fun and do ten dives, to make the experience unique!

We work with small groups, so that you are comfortable and have the space you need, for your safety and to be able to give you the best of us!

In Kanaloa there are no words overwhelmed, rushed, crowded, or large group, when it comes to diving in Jávea.

All our trips are from the boat , if you need insurance we will process it at the moment, always accompanied by your instructor, if you need equipment you can rent it in our center, we have dives of all levels, you only need a swimsuit and a towel, we take care of everything else U.S. So you just have to enjoy to the fullest. Live the Kanaloa experience! Live the adventure!

  • We have extensive facilities, designed for all divers, where you will feel like at home and all our equipment and material is new and in perfect magazine condition, we want to give you the best!
  • The center has showers, changing rooms and lockers, an equipment assembly area, a sweetening area and a diver's area, so you can relax and enjoy with your colleagues after our outings. We also offer to store your equipment at no cost.
  • We take care of the bottles and weights and we also have equipment rental, for any element you need.
  • The choice of dives is made daily depending on the state of the sea and the wind, in addition, we go day by day to where the conditions are best, we do not keep schedules and we navigate to all the areas to make the best diving dives in Jávea.
  • As passionate about our profession, we carefully choose the dives for you every day, as we continuously observe how all factors evolve, from visibility and temperature, to currents and locations of different species and marine life.
  • The profile of the dives in Jávea is very broad, we find numerous dives for all audiences, many routes can be combined, suitable for all levels, so we have from magnificent dives for your first dives, to more demanding dives for all levels more technically advanced.
  • We adapt the dives to your needs and to the different levels of diving and we don't look at the clock, our dives are unhurried, longer and it goes without saying that we help you with everything you need, so that you only have to enjoy diving.

Daily departures, choosing the best points in terms of life and weather conditions, lasting 50 minutes underwater.

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