Hurghada, Red Sea
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Zahabia Resort, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt

About RedSea-Divers

You can probably guess what's coming... We fought, invested a lot, both materially and emotionally, but in the end, reason has to guide our fortunes. "Redsea-Divers, Annette & Robby" will close on June 30th, 2022 and thus become history. As you can imagine, we didn't take this decision lightly. We have stumbled over the years and still got up again and again. Whether it was the Egyptian revolution, tragic events at the dive center, loss of precious people - we somehow managed it all. Due to the biggest crisis, the Corona Pandemic, you made a significant contribution through your amazing donation activities to our employees being able to bridge the time. For this we can only sincerely thank you on behalf of the staff! Now the next crisis weighs on our shoulders - the Ukraine war with its indirect consequences for people worldwide. Price explosions in many areas of life are not only making the economic conditions in Egypt more and more demanding, but also, with extreme inflation figures in Europe, compelling people to save more and more, understandably, where possible. Added to this is the uncertain political and economic situation in the coming months, maybe years. Will the Ukraine war plunge the people of Africa into a hunger crisis of even greater proportions than the current one? Will inflation reach a dimension that will destroy even more livelihoods in Europe and cause unemployment to explode? Will there be further travel restrictions next fall due to new pandemics? All of these factors are on our minds and of course cannot be answered. Surely we all wish for a more peaceful world without viruses. But the current reality unfortunately does not show any light at the end of the tunnel, so that we cannot do it economically... These 20 years of Redsea Divers have shaped our lives. If you let your mind wander, we remember so many beautiful stories and moments with you as our guests, our divers and most importantly as our friends. We will never forget you and we will never forget Redsea-Divers. We would have loved to spend a few more years with you. However, we don't say "Farewell" but "Goodbye"... and hope to see many of you again at some point, whether above or below the water. Annette & Robbie
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