Subfarico .C.B

Subfarico .C.B

Ibiza, Spain
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+34 971 337558
Puerto Portinatx s/n San Juan, Ibiza 07810, Spain

About Subfarico .C.B

Located on the same beach as the port of Portinatx, on the north coast of the island of Ibiza, we have extensive and renovated facilities to make your dives more comfortable in the most virgin and unknown area of the island.

All our usual immersion points are located between the Hormigas islands, near Cala San Vicente and the Margaritas islands off Santa Ines, in the area known as Es Amunts, of high ecological value. In total more than 40 diving points for all tastes and levels.

Shallow dives for the newest in quiet coves or beautiful islets, such as the Murada island, one of the best dives on the north coast, in caves, such as the famous cave of light, the columns of Hercules, the caves of Ses Caletes and the blue holes, all suitable for all audiences, without the need for previous experience or training in cave diving.

For the most experienced, the north coast of Ibiza offers endless possibilities. The cathedral in front of the Punta Moscater lighthouse is undoubtedly the jewel of the dives in the Portinatx area but due to its great depth it is only suitable for a few. The balcony of Punta Galera, the Cortados de Punta Xarraco and the beautiful Margaritas islands with their vertical walls, are some of the most popular dive sites on the north coast.

Also every few weeks we make excursions to diving points far from our usual diving area, such as Don Pedro, in front of the city of Ibiza, the Platform in Espardell, in front of Formentera, Es Vedra and the bass known as La Bota, located in front of Cala D'Or, so that you do not miss all the attractions of the waters that surround the island of Ibiza.

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