Diving Center Venus

Diving Center Venus

Kastel Stari, Croatia
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+385 99 428 44 00
Kamberovo Setaliste 12, Kastel Stari 21216, Croatia

About Diving Center Venus

Venus Diving Center

The Venus Diving Center has been operating since 2002, starting in Kaštel Štafilić-Resnik. We set off with a small 5-foot dinghy, some diving equipment and a lot of enthusiasm. After 16 years of work, improvement and growth, in 2018, the center was relocated to a much more attractive location, in Kaštel Stari, right by the sea and the Kaštela waterfront, over 200 square meters and with its own pontoon in front of the diving center. The growing number of satisfied customers is such that raising the service to an even greater level was a must.

In 2004, we switched to PADI education and soon joined the largest diving association on the planet. About 70% of all divers in the world are members of the Padi Association.
In 2009, after being in line with PADI standards, we became the “PADI RESORT” and as such, we continue to act today. 

In 2009, we became the AQUA LUNG Center Partner. Aqua Lung is the world’s largest manufacturer of diving equipment and among the highest quality in general. Our dive center is dominated by their diving equipment. 

We purchased a new vessel for the season 2019 with a capacity of 12 divers, a new compressor, and completely refurbished all diving equipment. The diving center space was fully furnished for your comfortable stay …

The Diving Center has its own diving equipment service, authorized by AquaLungMares and SeacSub.

We have to offer 40 dive sites; wrecks, walls, ridges, caverns, caves …

We are constantly improving our training and so our courses keep pace with the times. After elearning, we also introduced touch materials. All the theoretical part (manual, video, quizzes and exam) is loaded from the link on the tablet, smartphone or laptop after purchase.
In this way, the student, before coming to the dive center, does a complete theoretical part with quizzes and exam at the time he wants.

For beginners who want to experience breathing below the surface for the first time and explore the underwater world, it will be an honor and a pleasure to teach them everything for a safe and enjoyable dive …

Diving with Venus means safety, fun and pleasure. Our diving instructors are professional and dedicated to their work and as such, will strive to meet your requirements to make your stay with us unforgettable.


Venus Team Diving Center