MV Carpe Vita

MV Carpe Vita

Male, Maldives
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(960) 793 7790
H. Coal Field, 1st Floor/B Kalhuhuraa Magu, Male 20085, Maldives

About MV Carpe Vita

great food, even better company and world-class diving adventures in the Maldives with MV Carpe Vita

This beautiful liveaboard offers a select group of divers an exceptional yachting experience, with large, hotel-style staterooms and huge sundeck with sunloungers- the perfect setting to watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean. 

To ensure that every diving safari becomes an incredibly memorable experience, every aspect of MV Carpe Vita's design, itinerary and menu have received detailed attention. The diving, the leisure activities, and comfort found aboard the MV Carpe Vita easily compare to those of any hotel on land.

What you can expect

The M/V Carpe Vita, is 20-passenger, 125-foot wooden-hull safari yacht, along with her 60-foot custom matching dhoni (dive tender), was built by one of the Maldives most accomplished boat builders. It differentiates itself from other liveaboards by providing the best in personalized accommodation.

The MV Carpe Vita has 3 types of cabins. VIP Suites on the Upper Deck, and 2 types of Stateroom on the Main and Lower Decks. The boat is equipped with air-conditioning. For entertainment and activities as well as great diving, the MV Carpe Vita offers karaoke, movies, and audio-video entertainment.

Part of its philosophy is also that even when sailing the hidden corners of the Maldives, good food must not be forgotten

On the MV Carpe Vita evening meals and lunches usually consist of vegetables, rice, pasta, soup, chicken, beef or fish with occasional local specialties offered as additional options. Breakfast is the usual fare of eggs, beef bacon, pancakes, French toast, potatoes, cereal and fruits. If you have any dietary restrictions or requests, please indicate them on your application form.

Please note that specific brands of drinks, dressings and foods are often unavailable in the Maldives and that it can be very difficult for us to find low-fat, gluten-free or soy products, fresh fruit, shellfish and other items common elsewhere. Pork and pork products are not served aboard.

While we will do our best to accommodate your requests, please be realistic and consider bringing some of your own foods if the lack there of may constitute a health risk.

Due to the difficulty of importing alcohol into the Maldives, additional beer or wine or freshly made juices or any hard liquor will be added to your onboard bill.


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