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Curacao, ABC Islands
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Playa Hulu

Playa Hulu, also known as Boca Hula, named after the very secluded private beach area. This Curaçao site offers a fairly steep wall encrusted with a large population of healthy mountainous star corals and a variety of colorful sponges. The environment here lends itself to being home an awesome combination of macro life, as well as special stars such as seahorses and frogfish. Playa Hulu, located next to Sponge Forest, is simply just a beautiful boat dive or possibly a shore dive depending on the availability to access this private property.
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Allan Myers
Allan Myers
Dec 21, 2003, 12:00 AM
I did three dives at Playa Hulu during March of 2002. This stretch of Curacao's coast from my memory has four very nice shore dives, Boka Santu Pretu, Boka Pos Spano, Playa Hulu, and Playa Hundu. The one draw back is getting to them... about three quarters of the way to Westpunt just before Lagun there is a small sign for "Santu Pretu and San Nicholas" followed by a dirt road to the left. A hundred feet of so down the road is a chain gate. I have no idea what time or days this chain is lowered. Of the six times I attempted to access this site only on three of those times was the chain lowered. On one of those times, about another hundred feet down the road was a local collecting 5 guilder to access the "park". Money well spent! This is Curacao remoteness at its best! Of the four sites I visited, two (Bokas Santu Pretu and Pos Spano) are easily accessible with a two wheel drive vehicle. However, Playas Hulu and Hundu I would recommend a four wheel drive or at least a vehicle with high clearance. Maps of Curacao indicate at least two routes into Hulu and Hundu, but I was only able to find the one. Playa Hulu has plenty of parking and is identifiable by an abandoned stone shack across from the steps carved in the rocks leading down to the beach. The steps are the only tricky part of the entry for this dive. Very sandy (secluded) beach. The reef is a short kick out and starts quite shallow, about 15 feet. Visibility was excellent on all my dives (100+). Beautiful unspoiled coral and no litter to be seen above or underwater. I saw turtles on two of my dives here. On the first dive we had a school of about 20-30 barracudas that hovered about 20 feet above us the entire dive (eerie!) but cool! I personally like the remote dive sites and this is my favorite of all my Curacao adventures!
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