Round Valley Reservoir

New Jersey, USA East
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Round Valley Reservoir

The visibility here is usually good, although the silty bottom stirs up at the slightest touch. The usual diving area has a maximum depth of about 60 ft, although in other spots the reservoir is much deeper. Entry is a short hike down a grassy slope to a pebble beach. There is an underwater training platform, and often you will find an O/W class there. Water temps get up into the high 70's later in the season, although it is chilly below the 30 ft thermocline. The surrounding park is an exceptionally beautiful place, and many people go for swimming, fishing, picnicking, hiking and cycling. Unfortunately, compared to the ocean, Round Valley is a relatively dull dive. Mud, rocks, snails, and a few fish can be found, as well as huge stands of water plants later in the season. NJSCUBA.NET has very detailed info and nice photos on Round Valley. Located by the town of Clinton, NJ in Round Valley State Park. About a 90 minute drive from NYC. About 40 minutes away from another popular local dive, Dutch Springs.
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Carl Blanchard
Carl Blanchard
Oct 3, 2015, 12:00 AM
Round Valley has scuba diving for all levels. The scuba area has a platform at about 20 - 25 feet. You can dive to about 40 feet deep with about 15 to 20 foot visibility. In other areas you can explore foundations of the sunken town from the 1940's. I have seen the church, school and home foundations at the bottom of the lake - begins at about 45 feet and goes all the way down to about 160 feet. You pay by the car load for divers or park going so it is much cheaper than Dutch Springs.
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Jason NYC
Jason NYC
Mar 18, 2005, 12:00 AM
The info above just about covers it so I'll just add a few thoughts. To be honest, if you are desperate to dive or are looking for a cheap place to dive while family members enjoy the park then this is the place. It's certainly not as exciting as Dutch Springs below the water (another local dive spot) but the park is REALLY lovely and it's closer to NYC and it's cheaper than Dutch Springs. Plus, you can bike, hike, and fish if ya like. Great trails! About $7 per car I believe to get into the park. It's a great place to get used to chilly to cold water diving or to use new gear or check out gear before a long trip. Water temps vary drastically with the season and depth. Make sure to check in with the Ranger before you dive to get a permit and a map. C-card and buddy required and so is a dive flag. Watch the silt on the bottom. An underwater platform is located in the dive area for practice. No diving during some months in the winter and the park does have hours that change so be sure to contact the park before you go to be sure they will be open and that diving is allowed. Getting in and out couldn't be easier. Suit up at your car and walk to the water and in ya go. Visibility is surprisingly good.
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