Sabang Beach

Philippines, Pacific
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32.8 ft

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach is the site directly in front of the Sabang resorts in Puerto Galera. The entry is complicated by boat mooring and traffic and there is lots of debris in the water, but once you get out to the wrecks, the dive is quite worthwhile. Between the wrecks are many isolated coral bommies and small stretches of reefs. An hour underwater here will deliver most of the usual Pacific marine life and dozens of macro subjects worth photographing. I recommend hiring a guide the first time out to find the highlights of the dive. Rather than driving, taking a boat from the Luzon mainland at Batangas harbor to Puerto Galera is the usual route. There are streets and cars in Puerto Galera and a thriving, if somewhat seamy, nightlife but neither is a necessary part of the adventure.
Ed Kenney
Ed Kenney
Dec 26, 2009, 12:00 AM
Sabang beach is a good place to start exploring the Puerta Galera area. Though the beach area itself may be too busy and hastily developed for many divers' tastes, there are certainly plenty of dive ops to choose from. Atlantis appears to be the best known, but we dove with Asia Divers one beach away, with the only dive pier in the area. It had the most professional dive guides we have seen in the area - always someone available for four dives a day in any weather - beginner guides, intermediate, advanced current, deep wreck, trimix, you name it. Sabang beach has three small shallow wrecks and lots of scattered coral heads and ridges, loaded with typical and cryptic inverts, eels and fish. Close by are even better dives including the world class Canyons and, for nudi hunting, Sinandigan Wall. Muck sites with seahorses and pipefish are less than a half hour away, and during good weather, the crossing of Batangas channel to world class Verde Wall is available.
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