Baby Beach [east side]

Bonaire South, ABC Islands
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Baby Beach [east side]

A 15 knot breeze is typical, and rough surf not uncommon, and lots of little urchins in the walk-in [fall down, cant get up] area, so the entry is a challenge even for the experienced, and should not be done when it's gnarly. Briefly, you will see a gradual slope, mostly coral and gorgonians, looking a bit like a sloping desert sagebrush landscape, to about 65 feet where sand starts. There is no wall, just rises and depressions. You may see black tip reef and nurse sharks, turtles, rays, parrots, porcupines, chub, triggers, etc. Or you may not see much at all. It can be great, or dull here. Ride the current north or south. A typical dive plan is to take the current north from Baby Beach to a concrete pillar that's just south of the Marcultura fence, kadasterpaal pilar. From Kralendijk follow signs southeast toward Sorobon and Lac Bay. When you get to the Sorobon intersection, stay on the main road going to the right, south. Just ahead of you will be a fenced shrimp farm, Marcultura. The dive site is several hundred yards south in a straight section of the road with evidence of vehicles parking mostly on the east side, and not much room to park on the right, west side. If you see the waves crashing and birds flying inverted, just keep driving back around the south end of the island to Sweet Dreams or English Gardens. ;)
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Bas Noij
Bas Noij
Jan 30, 2010, 12:00 AM
Great dive to see some of the bigger stuff but only if you think surf entries (regularly 6-9ft breaking waves) are fun. Not a dive for inexperienced divers and in general a good idea to take a guide with you on your first try.
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