Taba Hilton

Egypt, Middle East
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40ft (unconfirmed)

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Taba Hilton

Right across the Israeli border- which is easy to cross from Eilat- is Taba's Hilton hotel. It is very good value for Hilton, because they had terrorist attacks a few years back. But now it feels extremely safe (your luggage gets screened at check in: a bit odd but understandable). The hotel has nice bungalows facing a white sand beach, and a dive center which is operated on both sides of the border (Israel and Sinai/Egypt). In front of the beach are 3 small reefs, and a local dive master takes you out for up to 3 shore dives a day. It's the red sea, with all its beauty. Even though the site is less spectacular than Dahab etc. it is very easy convenient, and wonderful because there's plenty of time to take pix. Easy relaxed dives. The dive master was also outstanding, pointing to marine life we never would have seen (octopus, sea horses, garden eels etc.). Two minor drawbacks: since it's in the gulf of Aqaba, there aren't many big creatures around. Also, because you are literally swimming at the border of 4 countries (Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan), night dives were not allowed unfortunately. The dive center also operates daily dive trips to Dahab etc. and it's also easy to go on a live-aboard e.g. Sharm El Sheik straight from Taba. Much cheaper and far less crowded than Eilat!
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