Toguan Bay

Guam, Pacific
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Toguan Bay

When you enter the water set your compass to the buoy and there will be a ledge with a 6 foot drop off. Just hop in here and descend and head toward the buoy. Along the way the clarity will not be great (due to the water treatment plant). Just keep swimming and eventually it will clear up and you will run right into a reef, do not go around this reef instead swim over it. On the other side of this reef is where you want to end up. Some of the features you will see here include a number of swim throughs (which are really cool). Some of them are extremely large while other you are going to have to squeeze through. The aquatic life is very abundant (we have seen spinner dolphins at this site) as well as lion fish and a huge assortment of reef fish. This is a very easy and very fun dive and the reef is in great shape (due to lack of visitation).<br><br>Please read this article from 2010: Heading south down marine drive (route 1) all the way to the navy base. Take a left at the light. Follow this road for approx 30-40 minutes (you will pass the Spanish bridge) You will head up a large hill and on the way back down there will be a cement sail boat on the right hand side of the road (its about 7 feet tall on its stand). On the other side of the road there is a water treatment plant. There is a sign posted at the site that warns people to not go swimming (disregard this sign) just DO NOT drink any water. There is a little path heading towards the water. You will see the buoy towards the left (this is the site).
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Heath Pope
Heath Pope
Jul 24, 2010, 12:00 AM
For easy dive, easy shore entry. Vis and bottom kind of crappy at beginning but improves once you get away from shore and go left. Really good variety of fish, triggerfish, snapper, butterfly fish, puffers, smaller grouper varieties, crown of thorns, occasional eel and turtle. Very interesting topography with swim throughs.
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Gregory Kazeleski
Gregory Kazeleski
Oct 29, 2009, 12:00 AM
Good site, but some there is trash build up from the locals and run off. Definitely have fresh water available at when you finish your dive to rinse off because the water in a bit 'dirty', or find some ASAP. This site is definitely for the germaphobe.
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