Monad Shoal (Shark Point)

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20m - open end

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Monad Shoal (Shark Point)

Monad Shoal is a Thresher Shark Paradise. Monad Shoal, also known as Shark Point, has now become a World famous dive site. It is the best place in the world and in the Philippines to see the rare and timid Thresher Sharks! This is actually the place that made diving in Malapascua Island famous, with a sunken coral plateau about 20m deep! Here you have the chance of spotting Thresher Sharks which use Monad Shoal as a cleaning station. These sharks normally live in deep water but come here early in the morning to the cleaning station. It is important to stay as quiet as possible when diving there as the Thresher Sharks are very shy creatures. Sightings are not guaranteed but if you dive there for a few days, you have quite high chances to encounter them several times! If there are no Thresher Sharks in sight, you could also keep your eyes out for the the superb Manta Rays gliding around the reef. Or you could always keep your eyes out for Monad Shoal. It is also a great location for Underwater Macro Photography and for critter lovers! Pygmy Seahorses, various species of Nudibranchs, Mantis Shrimps and so much more! The conditions are generally pretty good with 10m to 15m visibility, however with a maximum depth of 24m and occasionally quite strong currents, Padi Open Water Advanced divers will fully enjoy this wonderful dive! It takes about 30min by boat to reach Monad Shoal from Malapascua Island. This is a dawn dive around 6am!
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Clemens Fabig
Clemens Fabig
Sep 15, 2021, 12:21 AM
No matter of the conditions you can see thresher sharks and white tips on a daily basis. A very healthy reef and other pelagic and makro life (rays etc) are there too
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