The Blow Hole

The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
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The floor gradually drops off to 100 feet, lots of corals, fish, etc. Navigate carefully because immediately north of the blow hole is an another cove and it is easy to mistake this cove for the one you went into. It isn't a big deal to go back out of the old cove and enter the right one, but you can't always see the arch until you get all the way into the cove. WATCH YOUR AIR. As always the case when diving Hawaii watch the waves and wind. The visual effect of the arch, both in and out, is quite stunning. There are some little caves in and around the cove that are very interesting; a flashlight is good. On the Big Island, go North on Highway 19 from Kailua Kona about 7 miles to Natural Energy Road (Last road West before the Airport). Drive about 1 mile West to the point where the paved road turns north. Turn South on the Dirt road. Drive (VERY CAREFULLY) about 500 yards to a gate which should be open during the day. Go about 100 yards past the gate and look to the ocean. You will see 3 large lava heads along the ocean. Within the lava heads is a cove with an arch on the ocean side which is partially submerged. There is a nice exit on the South side of the hole right by a rusted piton which is there. Gear up and jump in to the cove. Drop down to the bottom, about 15 feet, and swim out under the arch.
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Mark from Pahoa
Mark from Pahoa
Feb 15, 2013, 12:00 AM
Dived here on a calm day, entered and exited at the toilet bowl. No swell or waves. Parked my two wheel car just after the gate by the sign stating all of the warnings and restrictions. Similar to Honokahau harbor on the bottom. This site is called toilet bowl and at the far north end of the park is an actual ' blow hole' and excellent dive site! Just follow the road north and turn toward ocean at the end. Look for three or four twelve inch diameter white plastic pipes sticking out of the lava by the shore. Very slippery entry over LIMU seaweed growing on rocks. About thirty yards out it starts to drop to 200' plus. Strong currents and a very rough exit should be expected!
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Desert Diver
Desert Diver
Nov 6, 2008, 12:00 AM
Dove here 27 Oct 2008. The Locals call this place TOILET BOWL. I think that's because of the filling and draining of the hole between the arch and shore. Surf was moderate on first dive but started picking up on second dive. DO NOT try to exit the same place you entered the hole. Go south about 40 yards and get out on the point of rocks south of the little inlet. This is best if the surf comes up but be careful as this is for advanced divers only. Lots of fish, saw 2 pair of humu humu (the state fish) lots of butterfly fish and a couple fire angels. Spotted a very large Octopus out and about and played peek-a-boo for about 5 minutes then explored more and found another octo. No eels, so very disappointing. Lots of blue fin swimming by in the 50-60 ft range but didn't go past that as I was diving alone. Coral was in great shape and lots of caves to look into. Lots of locals drive by and go south about 3/4 to a mile and surf. Road is pickup or 4 wheel only! Will dive here again as long as swell is low.
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