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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at The Scuba Ranch

A great local dive site near the DFW Metroplex. It is a spring fed 22 acre lake/quarry. Visibility is usually good. It is limited to divers and snorkelers--no boating or fishing. Catfish and perch abound. There are a number of interesting objects to discover underwater--an American Airlines plane, a boat, and an artificial shark are all marked with buoys but there is also a casket that you might just find while out exploring. Air fills on site. Picnic shelters. Camping. Hot showers in a bath house. their website From Dallas: Take Hwy. 80 East to Terrell exit. Once you exit, you will proceed 7 miles passing through the downtown area of Terrell and turn left at the Exxon (429 North). Travel 7 miles to Cedar Grove Road (Cty Rd 346) and tur4n right. Go 1 mile and the gate entrance is on our left. Be sure to look for the Dive Flag sign.
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Todd A.
Todd A.
Jun 12, 2020, 12:00 AM
Spring fed lake that now has aerators installed that are constantly turning over the water which has eliminated the thermocline. Last Sunday (6/7/2020) I was there and went to 51 feet and the temperature registered at 81 degrees. I didn't have to wear a wetsuit at all. There are multiple objects submerged and some are marked with red buoys and some are surprises. There is a Cessna single engine airplane at 20 feet with no doors and no interior that is a cool swim-through. They have two sailboats submerged as well as a cabin cruiser. Also there is a huge metal shark. All the objects are sitting at 20 feet roughly, so they are not difficult to get to for divers of all levels. They have a 'silo' that is sunk into the bottom and you can go inside that and reach 60 feet. The water is pretty clear as far as visibility goes because it is spring fed and also apparently the aerators are helping to clear it even more. They have RV hookups and camping areas as well as some cabins to stay in. We usually try and spend the weekend there when we go. Several dive shops from the DFW area as well as others like Tyler have pavilions next to the lake entry areas where they do the open water checkout for their SCUBA classes. They each also have platforms at 20 feet. They have rentals of equipment as well as tank filling on-site. There are also bathrooms with showers. It is a nice place and they are constantly doing things to improve further.
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Tim #3
Tim #3
May 2, 2009, 12:00 AM
This is nice site for a tuning your skills after a winter off or a few years off. My dive buddy and I enjoy going out for the day just to get away (Since we live in Dallas it isn't far) and hang out and dive. They rent tanks and provide refills. The site has multiple skills platforms along with other sunken items. Since this is a fresh water spring the water is cool to cold so I recommend a wetsuit (even in August). There is a thermal at around 26ft that gets chilly. Highly recommend this site for new divers practicing their skills.
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