Coral Princess Hotel

Cozumel, Caribbean
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Coral Princess Hotel

The Coral Princess provides an excellent set of concrete steps for entering, and their dive shop, Pepe Scuba, will leave tanks out for you day or night, which makes this quite an attractive spot, especially for night diving. It is possible to dive all the way out to the reef a football field away, but the current generally renders this plan futile. It's better just to follow the iron shore south or north, staying shallow, admiring the schools of fish and the excellent sponge growth. There are lots of crevices, small bays, a couple swimthroughs to hide lobster, octopus, moray and little things like Christmas tree worms and juvenile angels constantly take center stage. A very worthwhile dive or snorkel. From the center of San Miguel de Cozumel, head north on the main highway two miles to the Coral Princess hotel, located right on the shore.
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Stephen from MN
Stephen from MN
Aug 20, 2018, 12:00 AM
We stayed at the hotel but it might be possible to get a drink and occupy a beach chair. No access to shore without walking thru front of hotel and right at front desk, thru right door and hallway. Down the stairs and out to pool and ocean side access. Current is typical on main civilized side of island, but current keeps the dead floating algae away which can pile up to a rotting stinking mess on the other side of island and main land. We both day and night snorkeled it. Also was fun to feed fish bread. Due to current, we swam up current and drifted back. A ladder is exit point. Waves were too strong to try climbing out on rocks. Depth is roughly 15ft against the wall entry point dropping off to probably 20-30 ft of featureless sand. All the fish are against the wall, starfish, sea urchins, corals, tiny tropical fish. Swimming around 400 yards towards town yields a shallower sandy spot according to another guest I talked to. Rental snorkeling gear is available at the dive shop which closes around 5pm. Happy hour 2 for one drinks is 5-6pm. There is a bar in the pool with underwater stools. Also a fresh water shower to wash off.. Due to current it's not much of scuba diving and more of a snorkeling spot. Also keep in mind this has rocky reef like shoreline full of life, which is different than shallow sandy shoreline that exists farther down towards town.
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Sharon Hepburn
Sharon Hepburn
Nov 1, 2006, 12:00 AM
We stayed at the Coral Princess and dove here several times. The main attraction is the mini-wall along the shore. The coral and sponge on the wall is so pretty I would have sworn it was a planted garden! Saw all kind of critters, eels, nudibranchs and the usual cast of Caribbean characters - including octopus! Max depth is only about 25 feet. Best thing is to swim against the current on the way out and drift back. The current can range from mild to ripping. Don't overshoot on the way back or you're in for a long, hard swim! Loved coming back from diving at 5:00 in time for Happy Hour! This is also a great snorkel and easy night dive.
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