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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Excellsior Bay

According to the lifeguard I talked to this far beach is the only beach were shore diving is publicly allowed that they knew of. Flags are required, and you are sitting shoulder to shoulder with wind surfers who also use this access. A shallow rocky point comes up and prevents boaters from getting to close to the point. Visibility is roughly 6ft in the summer dropping sometimes to 4ft. But early and late in the year when the water is cold and the wind is down it can get better. This particular beach has a nice assortment of native plants. Parking meters require coins, and the park is relatively safe and heavily used. Bottom is sand. Sunfish and occasional bass are main attractants, occasional musky. This is a fairly typical representative ecosystem for central Minnesota. Close to the cities and definitely public friendly. But I would mention that this lake has had a lot of legislation changes and is under constant change as far as rules go, so I would double check locally before using this at least once a year. It is primarily a shallow dive 10ft or less, it drops off fast out a hundred feet or so from shore, then gets deep 20ft+. Weeds are thick if you plan to move out to the outer edge. For that reason I consider this an ideal snorkeling spot more than diving. Lake Minnetonka depending on its depth fluctuates its position in the top 14 of Minnesota's 10,000+ lakes. Excellsior bay has the largest public park on the lake with two public beaches, the swimming beach is for swimming only, and has a life guard. the far beach on the other side from the point, is the only place were diving is allowed from shore.
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Stephen from MN
Stephen from MN
Mar 20, 2014, 12:00 AM
Vis is improving due to zebra muscles. Winter vis 40-75ft fall vis around 30-40. Summer best is mid week. Friday-Sunday vis drops. This is the best Tonka video I have yet made. Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HuV4wNIGdY
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